Stella Adams

as The Baby's Widowed Mother in the movie A Baby Did It

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Was born at 24 April 1883 in Sherman, Texas, USA . Died at 17 September 1961, Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA
There is some small facts about Stella Adams:
  • Prolific silent screen comedienne with Al Christie, Mutual,Universal and Fox.
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There is the list of movies, where Stella Adams was taked part:
1 A Baby Did It movie A Baby Did It 1914 as The Baby's Widowed Mother
2 A One Cylinder Courtship movie A One Cylinder Courtship 1915 as Billie's Mother
3 Behind the Screen movie Behind the Screen 1915 as Herself - the Actress
4 Four Queens and a Jack movie Four Queens and a Jack 1913 as Evelyn's Mother
5 Mingling Spirits movie Mingling Spirits 1916 as Mrs. Newlywed's Mother
6 Sing Sinner Sing movie Sing Sinner Sing 1933 as Aunt Emily van Puyten
7 That Doggone Baby movie That Doggone Baby 1916 as Mrs. Parker's Mother
8 The Browns See the Fair movie The Browns See the Fair 1916 as Mrs. Harry Brown
9 The Golden Princess Mine movie The Golden Princess Mine 1913 as The Young Prospector's Mother
10 The Passing Parade movie The Passing Parade 1912 as G. A. R. Bazaar Worker
11 Those Persistent Old Maids movie Those Persistent Old Maids 1914 as Gibby Gabby
12 Where the Heather Blooms movie Where the Heather Blooms 1915 as Mary's Mother
13 A Big Bluff movie A Big Bluff 1928 as Mrs. McGinis
14 A Coats a Coat movie A Coats a Coat 1915 as Mrs. Bates
15 A Full House movie A Full House 1928 as Mrs. McGinis
16 A Gay Deceiver movie A Gay Deceiver 1917 as Her Mother
17 A Leap Year Tangle movie A Leap Year Tangle 1916 as The Principal
18 A Looney Love Affair movie A Looney Love Affair 1915 as Billie's Mother
19 All in the Same Boat movie All in the Same Boat 1915 as Miss Dillpickle
20 Bachelor Mother movie Bachelor Mother 1932 as Mrs. Smith
21 By the Sad Sea Waves movie By the Sad Sea Waves 1916 as Mrs. Stella - the Widow
22 College Cuties movie College Cuties 1930 as Co-Ed
23 Could You Blame Her movie Could You Blame Her 1914 as The Model
24 Cupid Trims His Lordship movie Cupid Trims His Lordship 1916 as Mother
25 Cupids Close Shave movie Cupids Close Shave 1914 as The Woman Barber
26 Dads Masterpiece movie Dads Masterpiece 1916 as Mrs. Morton
27 Double Crossing the Dean movie Double Crossing the Dean 1916 as The Dean of Fudgely Hall
28 Eddies Little Nightmare movie Eddies Little Nightmare 1915 as The Neighbor
29 Eddies Night Out movie Eddies Night Out 1916 as Betty's Mother
30 Fathers Lucky Escape movie Fathers Lucky Escape 1915 as The Actress
31 For the Good of the Cause movie For the Good of the Cause 1915 as Mrs. Newlywed's Suffragette Mother
32 Good Night, Nurse movie Good Night, Nurse 1916 as Stella
33 He Almost Eloped movie He Almost Eloped 1916 as Miss Dillpickle
34 Her Friend, the Doctor movie Her Friend, the Doctor 1916 as Mrs. West
35 Her Friend, the Milkman movie Her Friend, the Milkman 1915 as Mrs. Gray
36 Her Hero Maid movie Her Hero Maid 1916 as The Peach's Mother
37 Her Husbands movie Her Husbands 1914 as Mrs. Smith
38 Her Only Husband movie Her Only Husband 1928 as Mrs. McGinis
39 Her Steady Carfare movie Her Steady Carfare 1916 as Betty's 'Aunt'
40 His Baby movie His Baby 1916 as Undetermined Role
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