Sheena Addison

as Dennis/Denise in the movie D.A.T. Life Decisions After Temptation

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Sheena Addison is an up and coming actress who grew up in WaterburyConnecticut. Sheena started her interest in performing in 2005 whereshe attended Naugatuck Valley Community College. That is where shereceived her Associates degree in Fine Arts Theater. From there shewent on to build her resume and show the world that acting is more thantalent but believing in that talent and perfecting your craft.


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There is the list of movies, where Sheena Addison was taked part:
1 D.A.T. Life Decisions After Temptation movie D.A.T. Life Decisions After Temptation 2016 as Dennis/Denise
2 Restaurant Stakeout movie Restaurant Stakeout 2012 as Restaurant Patron
3 American Jubilee movie American Jubilee 2012 as Bus rider
4 Happy Baby movie Happy Baby 2014 as Mrs. Gracie
5 The Tested movie The Tested 2010 as Choir Singer
6 Being Mary Jane movie Being Mary Jane 2013 as Producer
7 Fatal Attraction movie Fatal Attraction 2013 as Martina Miller
8 My Crazy Love movie My Crazy Love 2014 as Art Party Friend
9 Smash movie Smash 2012 as Theater Goer
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