Ellina Adel

as Patient in the movie My vesely, schastlivy, talantlivy!

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Was born at 26 September 1976 (now is 42 years old) in Dnepropetrovsk Oblast, Ukrainian SSR, USSR [now Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, Ukraine]

Ellina was born in Ukraine, near Dnepropetrovsk. At the age of 9 she gotthe dream to become an actress. After graduating High School, Ellinamoved with her mom to Moscow to study acting. Unfortunately, because ofher Ukrainian accent, she didn't pass the entrance audition.

Unphased, Ellina decided to work on her accent, and meanwhile took aposition at "Mosfilm" cinema studio. While there, she worked withfamous directors Vladimir Menshov and Alexander Mitta, among others, intheir respective filming and production crews. Simultaneously, shesuccessfully auditioned for several acting roles, including: A. Surin'sfilm "My vesely, schastlivy, talantlivy!" (We are Cheerful, Happy,Talented!), G. Bezhanov's film "Gde nakhoditsya novelette?" (Where isEnohp located?), and as "Girlfriend" in E.

Tsiplakova's movie short"Grazhdanin Ubegayuschiy. "Soon thereafter, Ellina was invited by V. Mazhurin to work as a playactor in Moscow 's "Musical Theater for Kids," organized by"Moscontsert. " Ellina's work at the theater continued for two years. From 1990 to 1994 Ellina studied at the Russian Academy of Theater Arts(formerly GITIS).

While studying there, she also played a role in E. Ginzburg's movie "Prostodushniy" and a main role in R. Liblik's film "ASilhouette in the Window across the Street". Additionally, she performed as an entertainer in A. Mironov's "Festivalof Actor's Song", and performed as a singer in popular televisionprograms "Before 16 and Older" and "Morning Star.

" After graduatingfrom the academy, Ellina accepted an invitation from MelbournEntertainment ( Australia ) and worked there for several months. Returning to Moscow in 1995, she acted in V. Vinokur's "Moscow Theaterof Parody" and acted as the "Red Hat" character in the TV mini series"V Gostyah u Scazki. " In 1995, Ellina had the privilege of working withone of her favorite directors, T. Keosayan, as an actress in a musicvideo for singing artist I.

Allegrova. The mid 1990s were difficult, empty years for Russian cinematography;big movies were dead and TV soap operas hadn't shown up yet. Despitethe downturn, Ellina was fortunate to earn a role in the 1996television season of the program "Hidden Camera" (Skritaya Kamera). Thefollowing year, American impresario G. Belenky offered her a role in aUS tour called "New Show.

" The show took Ellina to the US in January of1998. As prospects of Russian Cinema were slim, Ellina remained in Americaafter the tour and continued working in the entertainment industry. Twoyears later, she again became a student and studied Cinema Arts at LAVC(Los Angeles Valley College). Four years of the study led to her A. A.

Diploma in Cinema Arts. Since then Ellina has acted in many commercialsand industrial/educational films. Her movie/television roles include"Born into Mafia" by V. Versace, "The Secret of the Ruby Scorpion" byM. Wike, "A Playhouse of Blood" by S.

Oakley, "Russian Redneck" (TVSeries) by Peter Zhmutski. Currently, Ellina works as an actress injoint projects between the US and Check-Republic. These projects bringshort live events, plays, and entertainment to different countriesaround the World. Ellina is married and has one child. .

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There is the list of movies, where Ellina Adel was taked part:
1 My vesely, schastlivy, talantlivy! movie My vesely, schastlivy, talantlivy! 1986 as Patient
2 A Silhouette in the Window Across the Street movie A Silhouette in the Window Across the Street 1994 as Irina
3 Addicted to Blood movie Addicted to Blood 2011 as Carol
4 Born Into Mafia movie Born Into Mafia 2007 as Waiter
5 Prostodushnyy movie Prostodushnyy 1994 as Madlen
6 Remarkable Power movie Remarkable Power 2008 as Shopper
7 The Secret of Ruby Scorpion movie The Secret of Ruby Scorpion 2007 as Clerk
8 The Russian Redneck movie The Russian Redneck 2007 as John's Sister
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