Jill (I) Adams

as Sally Smith in the movie Brothers in Law

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Real name is Jillian M. M. Siggins
Was born at 22 July 1930 in London, England, UK . Died at 13 May 2008, Clareance, Portugal (cancer)
There is some small facts about Jill (I) Adams:
  • Raised in England.
  • A former model.
  • Daughter of the Irish-American silent film actress 'Molly Adair' and the New Zealand-born Arthur Siggins, a former member of the Rhodesian police.
  • Had one child, daughter Louise, with husband Peter Haigh.
  • Had one child, daughter Tina, with husband Jim Adams.
  • Began as an artist in England before becoming a model. In later years (1996) she returned to Portugal to be near her family and began painting again, focusing on animals, sea and landscapes, florals and whimsical character.
  • In the early 70s, she, her husband 'Peter Haigh' and her two children moved to the Algarve, in Southern Portugal, where they ran a small hotel for several years in the village of Albufeira. After her divorce, she continued with a restaurant career.
  • Her modeling career began by happenstance. Employed as an assistant sketch artist at the department store Mr & Mrs Jones, Jill stepped in as a model when someone failed to show.
  • Educated at home by a governess until the age of nine, Adams later attended Sherfield School, in Hampshire.
  • First husband, Jim Adams, was a US Navy Junior Officer. The marriage, which produced a daughter, was short-lived.
  • Was an artist and window dresser before becoming a model.
  • The only girl of four children, her father, Arthur James Siggins, was a member of the Rhodesian mounted police before turning writer. He authored such African wildlife-themed books as "Man-Killers I Have Known" and "Shooting with Rifle and Camera". He met Jill's mother, silent actress 'Molly Adair' while she was filming The Blue Lagoon (1923) in Tanganyika (now Tanzania).
  • (2008) Has been living in southern Portugal (The Algarve) for many years.
Also look some video clip about Jill (I) Adams:
There is the list of movies, where Jill (I) Adams was taked part:
1 Death Over My Shoulder movie Death Over My Shoulder 1958 as Evelyn Connors
2 Forbidden Cargo movie Forbidden Cargo 1954 as Michael's Dance Partner
3 Privates Progress movie Privates Progress 1956 as Prudence Greenslade
4 The A-B-Cs of Love movie The A-B-Cs of Love 1953 as Herself - Tap Dancer
5 Whats a Carry On? movie Whats a Carry On? 1998 as Policewoman Harrison
6 Brothers in Law movie Brothers in Law 1957 as Sally Smith
7 Carry on Constable movie Carry on Constable 1960 as WPC Harrison
8 Count of Twelve movie Count of Twelve 1955 as Wendy Graves (episode "The Count of Twelve")
9 Crosstrap movie Crosstrap 1962 as Sally
10 Doctor at Sea movie Doctor at Sea 1955 as Jill
11 Doctor in Distress movie Doctor in Distress 1963 as Genevieve
12 Dust in the Sun movie Dust in the Sun 1958 as Julie Kirkbridge
13 One Jump Ahead movie One Jump Ahead 1955 as Judy
14 One Way Out movie One Way Out 1955 as Shirley Harcourt
15 Out of the Clouds movie Out of the Clouds 1955 as Bit Part
16 Promise Her Anything movie Promise Her Anything 1965 as Mrs. B.M. von Crispin
17 The Black Knight movie The Black Knight 1954 as Extra
18 The Comedy Man movie The Comedy Man 1964 as Jan Kennedy
19 The Constant Husband movie The Constant Husband 1955 as Joanna
20 The Green Man movie The Green Man 1956 as Ann Vincent
21 The Love Match movie The Love Match 1955 as Clarrie
22 The Scamp movie The Scamp 1957 as Julie Cunningham
23 The Yellow Teddy Bears movie The Yellow Teddy Bears 1963 as June Wilson
24 The Young Lovers movie The Young Lovers 1954 as Judy
25 Value for Money movie Value for Money 1955 as Joy
26 Educated Evans movie Educated Evans 1957 as Gloria
27 Film Fanfare movie Film Fanfare 1956 as Herself
28 My Pal Bob movie My Pal Bob 1957 as Jill
29 No Hiding Place movie No Hiding Place 1959 as Peggy Dawson
30 The Adventures of Aggie movie The Adventures of Aggie 1956 as Pam
31 The Flying Doctor movie The Flying Doctor 1959 as Mary Meredith
32 The Vise movie The Vise 1954 as Wendy Graves
33 White Hunter movie White Hunter 1957 as Tracey Allen
34 Wideawake movie Wideawake 1957 as Shelley Stayman
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There is the list of some printed articles of Jillian M. M. Siggins:
  • "Picturegoer" (UK), 22 May 1954
The image of Jillian M. M. Siggins was on the covers of these magazines:
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