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Also known as Shen

Shena Adl showed her passion for theatre during elementary school whenshe auditioned in a competitive after-school acting class. She waschosen and by the age of 11, she made her debut on stage in the musical"Grease. " It was there that the over-whelming response of many in theaudience convinced her mother to enroll her in a professional actingschool. And it was those long dedicated hours of driving and patiencefrom her mother that led Shena to where she is today.

And since then,she has never stopped acting. Her love and dedication for theatre artsonly grew stronger. Two years later, she won the three year chorusaward and decided to stop singing and composing, (at a young age shestarted playing the piano and composing songs without ever having aninstructor) and to focus more on acting. She also graduated high schoola year early in order to have more time for acting. Her decision showedto be successful when she won in a talent competition in the theatricaldivision in San Diego.

There she earned numerous contracts, which ledher to Starr in a number of national commercials. Although she receiveda full scholarship to USC, and majored in Biology, she always worked asan actor. She worked on two major theatre productions in college aswell. When she graduated college, she was ranked top 3% in the countryoff of her records but never worked in the Biological field. She hasalways been an artist mastering the craft of acting and has not settledfor anything else.

Strongly educated in Theatre and Biology, Shena hasalways focused only on acting and hopes to continue to receive theopportunity to share her talent. .

There is some small facts about Shena Adl:
  • Biologist.
  • Is a trained dancer and singer.
  • Is a golf player, has hit a hole-in-one record 242 yards.
  • Raised in Strasbourg, France and Lower Saxony, Germany.
  • The first and only recognized actress fluent in Azerbaijani.
  • During college she was a Cancer Researcher for two years.
  • Speaks several languages fluently.
  • Is of Azerbaijani ancestry.
  • Is a fan of Steven Spielberg films, including Munich which is her favorite of all time.
  • As a child collected comic items and still has a collection of cards and comic books.
  • Was at the Screen Actors Guild when she received notice of Michael Jackson being at UCLA medical center and immediately arrived at the scene to pay her respect to the Jackson family on their loss. He was an inspiration to her success and career growing up.
  • Signed and got her first television contract with no agent, manager or parent.
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There is the list of movies, where Shena Adl was taked part:
1 Damagh be sabke irani movie Damagh be sabke irani 2006 as Herself
2 Dr Awkward movie Dr Awkward 2013 as Student
3 Fractured movie Fractured 2015 as Barbara
4 Paid in Full movie Paid in Full 2015 as Lexus
5 Penumbra movie Penumbra 2015 as Party Guest
6 Slammed! movie Slammed! 2016 as Sara Mitchell
7 The Deported movie The Deported 2009 as Doctor's Office Patron
8 The Undershepherd movie The Undershepherd 2012 as First Baptist Church Member
9 Entourage movie Entourage 2004 as Elevator Girl
10 ER movie ER 1994 as Paramedic
11 The Tyra Banks Show movie The Tyra Banks Show 2005 as Herself
There is the list of some quotes of Shena Adl:
  • Acting is my therapy.
  • I am fortunate enough to say that Michael Jackson crossed my path numerous times growing up and I learned from him that true talent comes from the heart and no one can take that away, but today I'm devastated that the King of Pop has been taken away from us.
  • There is something about a room painted with dark walls and red velvet chairs and bright lights shining on a stage that creates an emotion for me I can not describe with words.
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