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Charlene Amoia grew up in Buffalo, New York, relocating to Las Vegas atthe age of 15. She would later move to Los Angeles to pursue her loveof acting. Amoia enjoyed a successful modeling career, and appeared in manycommercials, before she landed a part on popular soap "Port Charles". The part on the daytime drama led to guest appearances in the likes of"Joey", "Girlfriends", "Nip/Tuck", "90210" and "The Young & TheRestless", in which she played the recurring role of Anna Schick.

Amoia is perhaps best known for playing the recurring role of Wendy thewaitress on the hit sitcom "How I Met Your Mother". Though originallyinitially hired to only play Wendy in one episode, the character was sopopular with audiences that the role was upped to recurring. In addition to a recent recurring role on "Days of Our Lives", Amoia hasappeared in several recent feature films including "Seven Pounds"(2008) with Will Smith, "American Reunion" (2012) with Jason Biggs,Mena Suvari and Thomas Ian Nicholas, and "The Longer Day of Happiness"(2012). The actress, seen as Diana Coto on TV drama "Switched at Birth", starredin writer/director Mark Phinney's 2013 film "Fat", which premieredSeptember 2013 at the Toronto International Film Festival. .

There is some small facts about Charlene Amoia:
  • It was originally planned that Wendy the waitress would only appear in one episode of "How I Met Your Mother" but the producers like Amoia so much that the character was upped to recurring.
  • Got her start in modeling by working as a Nine West shoe model, before landing a TVC.
  • Was raised in Buffalo but moved to Las Vegas at the age of 15.
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There is the list of movies, where Charlene Amoia was taked part:
1 Dancing on the Cusp of Midnight movie Dancing on the Cusp of Midnight 2005 as Mary
2 Global, Inc. movie Global, Inc. 2006 as Mary - The American People
3 The Young and the Restless movie The Young and the Restless 1973 as Anna Schick
4 TMI Hollywood movie TMI Hollywood 2012 as Herself - Sketch Actor
5 A Demon Within movie A Demon Within 2016 as Julia Larsen
6 Alabama: American Farewell Tour movie Alabama: American Farewell Tour 2003 as Texas Beauty (segment "When It All Goes South")
7 American Reunion movie American Reunion 2012 as Ellie
8 Amy Coyne movie Amy Coyne 2006 as Bride
9 Authors Anonymous movie Authors Anonymous 2014 as Eudora
10 Blood Reaper movie Blood Reaper 2004 as Kristi
11 Complete Guide to Guys movie Complete Guide to Guys 2005 as Shirley
12 Fat movie Fat 2013 as Jill
13 Grown Men movie Grown Men 2005 as Waitress
14 Held for Ransom movie Held for Ransom 2000 as Student #1
15 HR movie HR 2014 as Dana Arty
16 I Am Death movie I Am Death 2013 as Megan
17 Live-Evil movie Live-Evil 2015 as Deputy Hancock
18 Loveseat movie Loveseat 2013 as Ashley
19 Not a Stranger movie Not a Stranger 2016 as Carol
20 Only in Hollywood movie Only in Hollywood 2002 as Coby's Girlfriend
21 Pure Love movie Pure Love 2015 as Eve
22 Rogue 379 movie Rogue 379 2006 as Nadia
23 Seven Pounds movie Seven Pounds 2008 as Woman in Diner
24 Sniper: Special Ops movie Sniper: Special Ops 2016 as Janet
25 Tangy Guacamole movie Tangy Guacamole 2003 as Irene
26 The Christmas Pageant movie The Christmas Pageant 2011 as Margaret
27 The Longer Day of Happiness movie The Longer Day of Happiness 2012 as Cheryl
28 The Love Within movie The Love Within 2006 as Meg
29 The Waystation movie The Waystation 2016 as Amanda
30 Vitals movie Vitals 2015 as Dr. Jane Carson
31 90210 movie 90210 2008 as Miss Wells
32 Bones movie Bones 2005 as Annie Wachlin
33 Castle movie Castle 2009 as Ana Marie
34 Creating Americas Next Hit Television Show movie Creating Americas Next Hit Television Show 2004 as Madison Hartman #1
35 Criminal Minds movie Criminal Minds 2005 as Nancy
36 Days of Our Lives movie Days of Our Lives 1965 as Nurse Katie
37 Del Weston on Film movie Del Weston on Film 2013 as Guest- Herself
38 Dexter movie Dexter 2006 as Young Woman
39 Drop Dead Diva movie Drop Dead Diva 2009 as Lonna Wycott
40 Eastwick movie Eastwick 2009 as Nurse #1
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  • "" (USA), 24 October 2011, by: Natalia Diaz, "5 Questions with Actress Charlene Amoia"
  • "The Morton Report" (USA), 15 October 2011, by: Emmie Scott, "There Is No Straight Path: Life and the Crooked Road to Stardom According to Charlene Amoia"
There is the list of some quotes of Charlene Amoia:
  • I think the biggest thing is there's going to be no's - a lot of them and all the time. There's going to be parts that your heart's set on and it's just not going to go your way. The no's don't mean anything, you just have to look for the next yes.
  • I really feel like I have a director's eye, so I think it's really just about finding the right project.
  • I am pretty proud of sending myself out to LA and pursing this career, not having a clue what I was doing or knowing anybody at all. I have always had the belief system that if you go after something and people believe that you can attain it, it is possible.
  • I love acting in all of its mediums, so I'm just happy to get a job whenever I can! It's thrilling every single time. Whether its TV or film, whatever it may be, as long as I love the character, it doesn't really make a difference to me!
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