Beverly Archer

as Ms. Clark in the movie The Mommies

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Was born at 19 July 1948 (now is 70 years old) in Oak Park, Illinois, USA
There is some small facts about Beverly Archer:
  • Attended San Francisco State University and UC Santa Barbara where she majored in drama.
  • Her father was an executive for the telephone company, Pacific Bell.
  • Is a graduate of Alverno Heights High School in Sierra Madre, California.
  • She is a clay artist.
  • Wrote one episode on the classic show "Mama's Family" (1983) .
  • Based her "Mama's Family" (1983) Iola Boylan Character accent on Comedian Legend and Co Star 'Vicki Lawrence' accent.
  • Mostly known for playing Iola Boylan on "Mama's Family" (1983) and Gunny Bricker on Major Dad.
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There is the list of movies, where Beverly Archer was taked part:
1 The Adventures of Pollyanna movie The Adventures of Pollyanna 1982 as Angelica
2 The Brady Bunch Movie movie The Brady Bunch Movie 1995 as Mrs. Whitfield
3 Walking to the Waterline movie Walking to the Waterline 1998 as Pam Whitman
4 Aaahh!!! Real Monsters movie Aaahh!!! Real Monsters 1994 as Library Monster
5 Tiny Toon Adventures movie Tiny Toon Adventures 1990 as Nurse Kleinerman/Miss Heberly #1
6 American Film Institute Comedy Special movie American Film Institute Comedy Special 1987 as Mom Henderson (segment "Blue Suits")
7 CBS Galaxy movie CBS Galaxy 1977 as Herself - Guest
8 Going Home movie Going Home 2000 as Miss Myrtle
9 Project: ALF movie Project: ALF 1996 as Dr. Carnage
10 The Christmas Wish movie The Christmas Wish 1998 as Miss Enid Cook
11 The Couch Trip movie The Couch Trip 1988 as Mrs. Guber
12 Vice Versa movie Vice Versa 1988 as Mrs. Luttrell
13 ABC Weekend Specials movie ABC Weekend Specials 1977 as Ms. Greenfield
14 ALF movie ALF 1986 as Mrs. Byrd
15 Clueless movie Clueless 1996 as Mrs. DeMichael
16 Comedy Factory movie Comedy Factory 1985 as Miss. Karp
17 Disneyland movie Disneyland 1954 as Angelica
18 Duckman: Private Dick/Family Man movie Duckman: Private Dick/Family Man 1994 as Lady Calowina Worthington-Ford
19 Family Ties movie Family Ties 1982 as Sue Barker
20 Full House movie Full House 1987 as Ms. Twitchel
21 Grace Under Fire movie Grace Under Fire 1993 as Alice Dailey
22 It Takes Two movie It Takes Two 1982 as Beatrice
23 Love & War movie Love & War 1992 as Technician
24 Major Dad movie Major Dad 1989 as Gunnery Sgt. Alva 'Gunny' Bricker
25 Mama Malone movie Mama Malone 1984 as Iris
26 Mamas Family movie Mamas Family 1983 as Iola Lucille Boylen
27 Married with Children movie Married with Children 1987 as Miss Hardaway
28 Rugrats movie Rugrats 1990 as Librarian
29 Spencer movie Spencer 1984 as Miss Spier
30 The Fall Guy movie The Fall Guy 1981 as Nurse Dievel
31 The George Wendt Show movie The George Wendt Show 1995 as Eleanor
32 The Mommies movie The Mommies 1993 as Ms. Clark
33 The Nancy Walker Show movie The Nancy Walker Show 1976 as Lorraine
34 The Young and the Restless movie The Young and the Restless 1973 as Shirley Sherwood
35 Vicki! movie Vicki! 1992 as Herself
36 Weve Got Each Other movie Weve Got Each Other 1977 as Judy Hibbard
37 What a Dummy movie What a Dummy 1990 as Mrs. Fine
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