Laura Adriani

as Martina Bardelli in the movie Un angelo allinferno

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Was born at 4 April 1994 (now is 24 years old) in Rome, Lazio, Italy
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There is the list of movies, where Laura Adriani was taked part:
1 Un angelo allinferno movie Un angelo allinferno 2013 as Martina Bardelli
2 Caravaggio movie Caravaggio 2007 as Costanza 12 years
3 MultipleX movie MultipleX 2013 as Clelia
4 Piazza Giochi movie Piazza Giochi 2010 as Aurora Coscarello
5 Tutta colpa di Freud movie Tutta colpa di Freud 2014 as Emma
6 I Cesaroni movie I Cesaroni 2006 as Miriam Di Stefano
7 Lola & Virginia Live Action movie Lola & Virginia Live Action 2011 as Lola
8 Provaci ancora prof! movie Provaci ancora prof! 2005 as Sabrina
9 Solo per amore movie Solo per amore 2015 as Arianna Mancini
10 Un caso di coscienza movie Un caso di coscienza 2003 as Sara
11 Viky TV (2009) movie Viky TV (2009) 2009 as Viky
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