Evelyn Brent

as Sally Ray in the movie Blind Alleys

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Real name is Riggs, Mary Elizabeth
Also known as Betty
Was born at 20 October 1899 in Tampa, Florida, USA . Died at 4 June 1975, Los Angeles, California, USA (heart attack)

Petite, sultry leading lady of the 1920's and 30's, who was born andschooled in Tampa, Florida, until the age of ten when she lost hermother. She moved to New York with her dad and started modelling whilestill in her teens. Her original intention was to go into the teachingprofession. Instead, she became enamored with acting during a schoolvisit to the Popular Plays and Players Studio in Ft.

Lee, New Jersey, aproduction cooperative for distributors World Film, Pathe and Metro. Before long, Evelyn had a job as an extra for $3 a week, using heroriginal name, Betty Riggs. Between 1914 and 1920, she appeared infeatured film roles with stars like 'Olga Petrova (I)' and'John Barrymore (I)' (who hand-picked her as his leading lady for'Raffles' in 1917), then took a sabbatical for health reasons and wentto England. By making the acquaintance of American playwright Oliver Cromwell, shewas able to land a good role in the 'George Bernard Shaw' comedy'The Ruined Lady' on the London stage. This, in turn, led to her beingcast as leading lady in several British films and, in 1922, she evenwent to Spain as star of The Spanish Jade (1922) , distributed inAmerica by Paramount.

Upon her return to the United States in 1924, shewas briefly under contract to Fox, then joined Associated Authors, and,finally, Paramount-Famous Players-Lasky (1926-30). At the height of hercareer in silent films, the dark-haired, aquiline Evelyn became amatinee idol with performances as exotic temptresses and vamps,particularly in films by Austrian director 'Josef von Sternberg' . She was notable as the gangster's moll, Feathers, in Underworld (1927) (the proverbial 'tough broad with the heart ofgold'); and as a self-sacrificing Russian girl in love with an exiledCzarist general ('Emil Jannings' ) in The Last Command (1928) . She had another good part inParamount's first all-talking picture, Interference (1928) , as ablackmailer. While Evelyn's voice proved no detriment to her success in talkingpictures, the declining quality of her films did.

Her Alaskan epic The Silver Horde (1930) , in which she played anotherdisreputable character named Cherry Malotte, was described in criticalreview as 'dull and trivial' (New York Times,October 25). Herperformances as gang molls in Framed (1930) and The World Gone Mad (1933) , and her unlikely mission worker in Madonna of the Streets (1930) , engendered lukewarm write-upslike 'satisfactory' or 'competent', which did nothing to elevateEvelyn's post-Paramount career. By the end of the decade, she had moveddown the cast list from second leads to supporting roles, finallyappearing in westerns and 'quota quickies' for poverty row studios,such as Monogram and PRC. In the 'cheap and cheerful' category, sheseemed to enjoy herself in the Columbia serial Holt of the Secret Service (1941) , as Kay Drew, partner of toughagent 'Jack Holt (I)' . She was memorable, in one of her lastroles, as a one-armed satanist in the eerie 'Val Lewton' horrorflic about devil-worshippers in Greenwich Village, The Seventh Victim (1943) .

After making her last film in 1950, Evelyn found work as an actor'sagent with the Thelma White Agency in Hollywood. After the death of herthird husband, Harry Fox (who gave the Foxtrot its name) in 1959,Evelyn made a final screen appearance as a guest star on "Wagon Train" (1957) . She left the limelight for good in 1960and lived her remaining years in retirement in Westwood Village,California. .

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  • WAMPAS Baby Star of 1923.
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There is the list of movies, where Evelyn Brent was taked part:
1 A Gentleman from Mississippi movie A Gentleman from Mississippi 1914 as Hope Langdon
2 A Night of Mystery movie A Night of Mystery 1928 as Gilberte Boismartel
3 Ellery Queen and the Murder Ring movie Ellery Queen and the Murder Ring 1941 as Nurse holding microscope
4 Holt of the Secret Service movie Holt of the Secret Service 1941 as Kay Drew, R49
5 The Door That Has No Key movie The Door That Has No Key 1921 as Violet Melton
6 The Lure of Hearts Desire movie The Lure of Hearts Desire 1916 as Little Snowbird
7 The Millionaires Double movie The Millionaires Double 1917 as Constance Brent
8 The Shooting of Dan McGrew movie The Shooting of Dan McGrew 1915 as Nell (adult)
9 A Trip Through the Paramount Studio movie A Trip Through the Paramount Studio 1927 as Herself
10 Again... Pioneers movie Again... Pioneers 1950 as Alice Keeler
11 Alias Mary Flynn movie Alias Mary Flynn 1925 as Mary Flynn
12 Arizona Express movie Arizona Express 1924 as Lola Nichols
13 Attorney for the Defense movie Attorney for the Defense 1932 as Val Lorraine
14 Beau Sabreur movie Beau Sabreur 1928 as Mary Vanbrugh
15 Blind Alleys movie Blind Alleys 1927 as Sally Ray
16 Border River movie Border River 1919 as Marie Dubuque
17 Bowery Champs movie Bowery Champs 1944 as Gypsy Carmen
18 Broadway movie Broadway 1929 as Pearl
19 Broadway Lady movie Broadway Lady 1925 as Rosalie Ryan
20 Dangerous Lady movie Dangerous Lady 1941 as Hester Engle
21 Darkened Rooms movie Darkened Rooms 1929 as Ellen
22 Daughter of Shanghai movie Daughter of Shanghai 1937 as Olga Derey
23 Daughter of the Tong movie Daughter of the Tong 1939 as Carney - The Illustrious One
24 Daybreak movie Daybreak 1918 as Det. Alma Peterson
25 Demos movie Demos 1921 as Emma Vine
26 Emergency Landing movie Emergency Landing 1941 as Maude Lambert
27 Fast Company movie Fast Company 1929 as Evelyn Corey
28 Flame of the Argentine movie Flame of the Argentine 1926 as Inez Remírez
29 Fools Gold movie Fools Gold 1919 as Nancy Smith
30 Forbidden Cargo movie Forbidden Cargo 1925 as Polly O'Day
31 Forced Landing movie Forced Landing 1941 as Doctor Vidalek's Housekeeper
32 Framed movie Framed 1930 as Rose Manning
33 Galas de la Paramount movie Galas de la Paramount 1930 as Bedroom Apache - Episode 'Origin of the Apache'
34 Held to Answer movie Held to Answer 1923 as Bessie Burbeck
35 Help! Help! Police! movie Help! Help! Police! 1919 as Marian Trevor
36 High Pressure movie High Pressure 1932 as Francine Dale
37 His Tiger Wife movie His Tiger Wife 1928 as The Tiger Lady
38 Home on the Range movie Home on the Range 1935 as Georgia
39 Hopalong Cassidy Returns movie Hopalong Cassidy Returns 1936 as Lilli Marsh
40 Interference movie Interference 1928 as Deborah Kane
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There is the list of some printed articles of Riggs, Mary Elizabeth:
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