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Real name is Annie May Busch
Was born at 18 June 1891 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia . Died at 19 April 1946, San Fernando Valley, California, USA (pneumonia)

Mae Busch can certainly claim career versatility, having successfullyplayed 'Erich von Stroheim' 's mistress, 'Lon Chaney' 'sgirlfriend, 'Charley Chase (I)' 's sister,'James Finlayson (I)' 's ex-wife and 'Oliver Hardy' 's wife!She was born in Melbourne, Australia, in 1891; her parents were in thetheater and when she was six years old the family moved to the US,arriving in San Francisco in 1897 before moving to New York. It isclaimed Mae was placed in St. Elizabeth's Convent in New Jersey untilat least the age of 12, when she joined her parents in vaudeville aspart of the Busch Devere Trio (New York press articles confirm Mae asbeing part of the group in early 1908). Her big break came in March1912 when she replaced 'Lillian Lorraine' in the lead role in theBroadweay play "Over the River", with 'Eddie Foy' .

She continuedin this role until the end of the season, when she joined one of'Jesse L. Lasky' 's touring "girl" shows, where she stayed untilsigned by 'Mack Sennett' for his Keystone Pictures in 1915. As shewas performing on Broadway at the same time as "The Agitator" wasfilming in California, the claim that this was her first film isincorrect. Similarly, there is no evidence that she knew'Mabel Normand' prior to arriving in Los Angeles in 1915. In Hollywood things didn't begin so well for Mae.

In order to get work,she falsely claimed to have lived in Tahiti and to be able to swim anddive. A high dive she took while filming The Water Nymph (1912) resulted in an injury and her returning to her parents in New York. Itwas only then when working in the theater again that she developed intoleading-lady status. Mae returned to Hollywood, and Keystone, in 1915. However, herfriendship with Mabel ended abruptly when she was "caught" withSennett, Mabel's fiancé, and Mae was forced to leave Keystone.

Over theyears she had substantial roles in quite a few films, such as vonStroheim's The Devil's Passkey (1920) and Foolish Wives (1922) . Although 1927 was the year of her firstmovie with 'Stan Laurel' and Hardy, it wasn't until Unaccustomed As We Are (1929) that she first played Mrs. Hardy,the role that she will always be remembered for. She was Mrs. Hardyagain in Their First Mistake (1932) , Sons of the Desert (1933) , Oliver the Eighth (1934) and The Bohemian Girl (1936) .

She also appeared in other Laurel andHardy pictures but not as Mrs. Hardy, such as 'Charlie Hall (I)' 'swife in Them Thar Hills (1934) , and she only flirted with Hardyin Tit for Tat (1935) . Mae's Hollywood career lasted 30 years; she worked with many of theleading directors, actors and actresses of the time. After a longillness she died in 1946, aged 54. She was cremated and her ashesremained in a cardboard box at the Motion Picture Country Home Hospitalfor over 20 years until a proper internment and plaque was provided.


There is some small facts about Mae Busch:
  • Known as "The Versatile Vamp" during the silent era.
  • Her ashes weren't claimed until the 1970s by members of the "Way Out West Tent."
  • Her star number at the Hollywood Walk of Fame is 7047.
  • Best remembered for her work in various 'Stan Laurel' and 'Oliver Hardy' comedies, especially when playing Hardy's shrewish wife.
  • Was valued by early directors for her expert skill at "crockery throwing."
  • Several years after her death she would gain extra fame when 'Jackie Gleason (I)' frequently referred to her as "The ever-popular Mae Busch".
  • She was educated in the US at a New Jersey convent.
  • Aunt of 'Brenda Scott' .
  • Financially supported her father Frederick Busch until his death.
  • In the 1920s, she lived in Hollywood at the Hillview Apartments at what is now 6533 Hollywood Boulevard. The building survives and has been restored but is not available to the public.
  • Daughter of Frederick William Busch and Elizabeth Maria Lay.
  • Buried in the Chapel of the Pines, Los Angeles, CA.
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There is the list of movies, where Mae Busch was taked part:
1 A Bath House Blunder movie A Bath House Blunder 1916 as Mlle. De Floto - Swimming Instructor
2 A Human Hounds Triumph movie A Human Hounds Triumph 1915 as The Farmer's Daughter
3 Fatty and the Broadway Stars movie Fatty and the Broadway Stars 1915 as Herself - Keystone Performer
4 Hogan, the Porter movie Hogan, the Porter 1915 as Indignant Guest in Hallway
5 Mabel and Fattys Married Life movie Mabel and Fattys Married Life 1915 as Woman in Black
6 Nellie, the Beautiful Cloak Model movie Nellie, the Beautiful Cloak Model 1924 as Polly Joy
7 Screen Snapshots, Series 3, No. 15 movie Screen Snapshots, Series 3, No. 15 1922 as Herself
8 Screen Snapshots, Series 4, No. 7 movie Screen Snapshots, Series 4, No. 7 1923 as Herself
9 The Purchase Price movie The Purchase Price 1932 as Queenie - Girl on Train
10 Zwei Ritter ohne Furcht und Tadel movie Zwei Ritter ohne Furcht und Tadel 1932 as 1 Short
11 1925 Studio Tour movie 1925 Studio Tour 1925 as Herself
12 A Favorite Fool movie A Favorite Fool 1915 as The Farmer's Daughter
13 A Mans Man movie A Mans Man 1929 as Violet
14 A One Night Stand movie A One Night Stand 1915 as The Actress
15 A Parisian Scandal movie A Parisian Scandal 1921 as Mamselle Sari
16 A Rascals Foolish Way movie A Rascals Foolish Way 1915 as May - the Million Dollar Heiress
17 A Tribute to the Boys: Laurel & Hardy movie A Tribute to the Boys: Laurel & Hardy 1992 as Mrs. Hall/Mae/Lottie Hardy
18 A Woman Who Sinned movie A Woman Who Sinned 1924 as Mrs. Hillburn
19 Alibi movie Alibi 1929 as Daisy Thomas
20 Ambroses Sour Grapes movie Ambroses Sour Grapes 1915 as Walrus's Sweetheart
21 Because He Loved Her movie Because He Loved Her 1916 as The Cashier
22 Beloved movie Beloved 1934 as Marie
23 Better Late Than Never movie Better Late Than Never 1916 as The Art Studen't Sweetheart
24 Black Butterflies movie Black Butterflies 1928 as Kitty Perkins
25 Blondie Johnson movie Blondie Johnson 1933 as Mae
26 Bread movie Bread 1924 as Jeanette Sturgis
27 Broken Barriers movie Broken Barriers 1924 as Irene Kirby
28 Brothers Under the Skin movie Brothers Under the Skin 1922 as Flo Bulger
29 Camille of the Barbary Coast movie Camille of the Barbary Coast 1925 as Camille Balishaw
30 Cheating Blondes movie Cheating Blondes 1933 as Mrs. Jennie Carter
31 Chickens Come Home- movie Chickens Come Home- 1931 as Ollie's Old Flame
32 Come Clean movie Come Clean 1931 as Kate
33 Cross My Heart movie Cross My Heart 1946 as Juror
34 Dance of the Cookoos movie Dance of the Cookoos 1982 as Mrs. Hardy
35 Dance, Girl, Dance movie Dance, Girl, Dance 1933 as Lou Kendall
36 Daughter of Shanghai movie Daughter of Shanghai 1937 as Lil
37 Defenders of the Law movie Defenders of the Law 1931 as Mae Ward - Undercover Policewoman
38 Doctor X movie Doctor X 1932 as Cathouse Madame
39 Easy to Take movie Easy to Take 1936 as Relative
40 Fangs of the Wild movie Fangs of the Wild 1939 as Mae Barton
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There is the list of some quotes of Mae Busch:
  • [asked, later in her life, why she was so broke considering how much money she made in her long career] What became of my money? Well, I was not used to wealth when the studios began dumping it into my lap. The dollars slipped through my fingers like sand and went to pay for automobiles, houses and one great item--clothing.
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