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Real name is Dalila Carmo e Sousa
Was born at 24 August 1974 (now is 44 years old) in Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal
There is some small facts about Dalila Carmo:
  • Dalila has also worked with theatre directors such as Joseph Szajna, Emanuel Demarcy-Mota, Joaquim Benite, Marcia Haufrecht, Jose Martins, Antonio Pires, among others.
  • Did a Marionette's Theater Course in Ballet-Teatro (1992).
  • Studied in New York with Marcia Haufrecht (1996/1997): specialization course about the Method and has been as an observer at the Actors Studio.
  • Did a theater professional course in Ballet-Teatro (1990/1993).
Also look some video clip about Dalila Carmo:
There is the list of movies, where Dalila Carmo was taked part:
41 El tiempo entre costuras movie El tiempo entre costuras 2013 as Elisa
42 Equador movie Equador 2008 as Matilde Albuquerque
43 Fama Show movie Fama Show 2008 as Herself
44 Filha do Mar movie Filha do Mar 2001 as Marta Barquinho
45 Herman 2010 movie Herman 2010 2010 as Herself
46 HermanSIC movie HermanSIC 2000 as Herself
47 Inspector Max movie Inspector Max 2004 as Vera
48 Janela Indiscreta movie Janela Indiscreta 2010 as Herself
49 Jardins Proibidos movie Jardins Proibidos 2000 as São T. da Silva
50 Jet 7 movie Jet 7 1996 as Herself (1998)
51 Jornal Nacional movie Jornal Nacional 1996 as Herself
52 Lux movie Lux 2000 as Herself (2001)
53 Morangos com Açúcar movie Morangos com Açúcar 2003 as Madalena Soares
54 O Beijo do Escorpião movie O Beijo do Escorpião 2014 as Rita Macieira
55 Os Filhos do Rock movie Os Filhos do Rock 2013 as Ana
56 Regards denfance movie Regards denfance 1993 as La femme de chambre / Chambermaid
57 Sedução movie Sedução 2010 as Sofia Almeida
58 Sinais de Vida movie Sinais de Vida 2013 as Dr.ª Alice Borges
59 Sons do Sol movie Sons do Sol 1992 as Piranha Dourada (1992)
60 Só Visto! movie Só Visto! 2013 as Herself
61 Tempo de Viver movie Tempo de Viver 2006 as Bárbara Gomes
62 Todo o Tempo do Mundo movie Todo o Tempo do Mundo 1999 as Rita Gomes
63 Vale Tudo movie Vale Tudo 2013 as Herself
64 Você na TV! movie Você na TV! 2004 as Herself
There is the list of interview of Dalila Carmo:
  • "Correio da Manhã, TV" (Portugal), 12 March 1999, pg. 10-11
  • "Correio da Manhã, TV" (Portugal), 20 November 1998, pg. 6, "Vida de mulher"
  • "A Capital" (Portugal), 28 August 1998, pg. 50, by: Vera Ferreira, "E assim nasceu Maria..."
  • "TV Guia" (Portugal), August 1998, Iss. 1020, pg. 20-21, by: Marta Romão
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