Jane (I) Carr

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Real name is Brunstrom, Dorothy Henrietta
Was born at 1 August 1909 in Whitley Bay, Northumberland, England, UK . Died at 29 September 1957, London, England, UK

Jane Carr (b. Dorothy Henrietta "Rita" Brunstrom) was a star of stage,screen and radio. Jane's first husband was James Bickley, a civilengineer, whom she married on 14 September 1931 at the Register Office,Marylebone, London. A London Times article dated 2 December 1936mentioned that at this time she had been "engaged to Major A.

J. S. Fetherstonhaugh, D. S. O.

, M. C. , the only son of Colonel and Mrs. Fetherstonhaugh of The Hermitage, Powick, Worcester. " Her second union,this with John Donaldson-Hudson, took place on 7 January 1943 at theRegister Office, Westminster, when he was 34 and she was 33 years old.

She gave birth to a daughter, Charlotte Donaldson-Hudson before thedissolving of her marriage before the autumn of 1947. CharlotteDonaldson-Hudson was known to retell in careful detail a visit by NoelCoward to her mother's South Audley Street, Mayfair flat aspreparations were being made for the 1950 Festival of Britain. MissHudson recalled Noel Coward as having been a "frequent visitor" to the"well known actress. " In the drawing room were two Bluthner grandpianos and on one of these Mr. Coward composed, "Festival of Britain.

"Jane Carr at the time was a pianist and singer at both Quaglino's(noted for having defiantly remained open during the war amid Luftwaffeattacks) and The Savoy, and would regularly perform the Coward piece atthese. Shortly before her third marriage in 1955 to (Henry J. ) RobertStent, Jane was diagnosed with a terminal illness, which would claimher life in two years. Jane and Robert, the Managing Director of TrustHouse Hotels, purchased a mill on the River Waveny, between Suffolk andNorfolk, England; here the couple would host many of Jane's showbusiness friends, among whom were Michael Denison and Dulci Grey, andJane's closest friend, celebrity interior designer Nina Campbell. .

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There is the list of movies, where Jane (I) Carr was taked part:
1 Annie, Leave the Room! movie Annie, Leave the Room! 1935 as Adrienne Ditmar
2 The Case of Mr. Clare movie The Case of Mr. Clare 1949 as Mary Mandeville
3 36 Hours movie 36 Hours 1953 as Soup Kitchen Supervisor
4 A Night with the Stars movie A Night with the Stars 1950 as Herself
5 Alibi movie Alibi 1942 as Delia
6 Captains Orders movie Captains Orders 1937 as Belle Mandeville
7 Dick Turpin movie Dick Turpin 1935 as Eleanor Mowbray
8 Get Off My Foot movie Get Off My Foot 1935 as Helen Rawlingcourt
9 Hello, Sweetheart movie Hello, Sweetheart 1935 as Babs Beverley
10 Its Not Cricket movie Its Not Cricket 1949 as Virginia Briscoe
11 Its You I Want movie Its You I Want 1936 as Melisande
12 Keep It Quiet movie Keep It Quiet 1934 as Nancy
13 Lady from Lisbon movie Lady from Lisbon 1942 as Tamara
14 Let Me Explain, Dear movie Let Me Explain, Dear 1932 as Mamie
15 Little Miss Somebody movie Little Miss Somebody 1937 as Mrs. Borden
16 Lord Edgware Dies movie Lord Edgware Dies 1934 as Lady Edgware
17 Love Me, Love My Dog movie Love Me, Love My Dog 1932 as The Singer
18 Melody and Romance movie Melody and Romance 1937 as Kay Williams
19 Millions movie Millions 1937 as Jane Rimmer
20 Murder at the Inn movie Murder at the Inn 1934 as Fifi
21 Night Mail movie Night Mail 1935 as Lady Angela Savage
22 Oh No Doctor! movie Oh No Doctor! 1934 as Protheroe
23 On the Air movie On the Air 1934 as Jane Carr
24 Orders Is Orders movie Orders Is Orders 1934 as Patricia Bellamy
25 Sabotage at Sea movie Sabotage at Sea 1942 as Diane
26 Stop the Merry-Go-Round movie Stop the Merry-Go-Round 1952 as Florrie
27 Taxi to Paradise movie Taxi to Paradise 1933 as Claire
28 The Ace of Spades movie The Ace of Spades 1935 as Cleo Despard
29 The Church Mouse movie The Church Mouse 1934 as Miss Sylvia James
30 The Disagreeable Man movie The Disagreeable Man 1953 as Isabel Stroud
31 The Interrupted Honeymoon movie The Interrupted Honeymoon 1936 as Greta
32 The Lad movie The Lad 1935 as Pauline Grant
33 The Lilac Domino movie The Lilac Domino 1937 as Leonie, Andor's other girl
34 The Night Club Queen movie The Night Club Queen 1934 as Bobbie Lamont
35 The Outcast movie The Outcast 1934 as Nancy Acton
36 The Saints Return movie The Saints Return 1953 as Kate Finch
37 The Seventh Survivor movie The Seventh Survivor 1942 as Diane Winters
38 The Triumph of Sherlock Holmes movie The Triumph of Sherlock Holmes 1935 as Ettie Douglas
39 The White Coons Concert Party movie The White Coons Concert Party 1937 as Herself - Monologist
40 Those Were the Days movie Those Were the Days 1934 as Minnie Taylor
The image of Brunstrom, Dorothy Henrietta was on the covers of these magazines:
  • "Radio Pictorial" (UK), 11 June 1937, Iss. 178
  • "Radio Pictorial" (UK), 7 August 1936, Iss. 134
  • "Radio Pictorial" (UK), 8 June 1934, Iss. 21
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