Diana Chaves

as Herself in the movie DeLuxe

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Real name is Diana Morais Rosado Quintela Chaves
Also known as FN baby
Was born at 11 July 1981 (now is 37 years old) in Lisbon, Portugal
There is some small facts about Diana Chaves:
  • Sister of Sara Chaves.
  • Gave birth to her first child, a girl named Pilar, on February 10, 2012. Father is football player César Peixoto.
  • Supports Sporting CP.
Also look some video clip about Diana Chaves:
There is the list of movies, where Diana Chaves was taked part:
1 Coração DOuro: O Lançamento movie Coração DOuro: O Lançamento 2015 as Herself
2 Gala do 15º aniversário da TVI movie Gala do 15º aniversário da TVI 2008 as Herself
3 Globos de Ouro 2010 movie Globos de Ouro 2010 2011 as Herself (Presenter)
4 Globos de Ouro 2014 movie Globos de Ouro 2014 2015 as Herself - Presenter
5 Minutos Mágicos movie Minutos Mágicos 2010 as Herself - Special Guest
6 Gala de Natal SIC movie Gala de Natal SIC 2010 as Herself
7 Globos de Ouro 2008 movie Globos de Ouro 2008 2009 as Herself
8 Globos de Ouro 2009 movie Globos de Ouro 2009 2010 as Herself
9 Globos de Ouro 2011 movie Globos de Ouro 2011 2012 as Herself
10 Globos de Ouro 2012 movie Globos de Ouro 2012 2013 as Herself
11 Globos de Ouro 2013 movie Globos de Ouro 2013 2014 as Herself
12 Mau Mau Maria movie Mau Mau Maria 2014 as Victoria
13 Morangos com Açúcar: Ao Ritmo da Amizade movie Morangos com Açúcar: Ao Ritmo da Amizade 2007 as Susana
14 1ª Companhia movie 1ª Companhia 2005 as Herself
15 5 Para a Meia Noite movie 5 Para a Meia Noite 2009 as Herself
16 A Outra movie A Outra 2008 as Vera Sousa Lima
17 A Última Ceia movie A Última Ceia 2010 as Herself
18 Anjo da Guarda movie Anjo da Guarda 2008 as Herself
19 As Tardes da Júlia movie As Tardes da Júlia 2007 as Herself (2007)
20 Boa Tarde movie Boa Tarde 2010 as Herself
21 Casos da Vida movie Casos da Vida 2008 as Drª Laura Ribeiro
22 Chamar a Música movie Chamar a Música 2011 as Herself
23 Clube Morangos movie Clube Morangos 2006 as Herself
24 Companhia das Manhãs movie Companhia das Manhãs 2009 as Herself
25 Coração dOuro movie Coração dOuro 2015 as Jessica Silva
26 DeLuxe movie DeLuxe 2005 as Herself
27 Episódio Especial movie Episódio Especial 2008 as Herself
28 Fama Show movie Fama Show 2008 as Herself
29 Grande Tarde movie Grande Tarde 2014 as Herself
30 Ilha dos Amores movie Ilha dos Amores 2007 as Mónica Machado da Câmara
31 Jornal Nacional movie Jornal Nacional 1996 as Herself
32 Laços de Sangue movie Laços de Sangue 2010 as Inês Nogueira
33 Lua Vermelha movie Lua Vermelha 2010 as Carolina
34 Mesmo a Tempo movie Mesmo a Tempo 2010 as Herself (2010)
35 Morangos com Açúcar movie Morangos com Açúcar 2003 as Susana Lopes
36 O Formigueiro movie O Formigueiro 2009 as Herself (2009)
37 Oito e Oitenta movie Oito e Oitenta 1990 as Herself
38 Passadeira Vermelha movie Passadeira Vermelha 2013 as Herself
39 Podia Acabar o Mundo movie Podia Acabar o Mundo 2008 as Cláudia Botelho de Sousa (2008-2009)
40 Querida Júlia movie Querida Júlia 2011 as Herself
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