Kieu Chinh

as Sister Thieu in the movie Message from Nam

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Was born at 1939 (now is -0 years old) in Hanoi, Vietnam
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There is the list of movies, where Kieu Chinh was taked part:
1 Cocaine: One Mans Seduction movie Cocaine: One Mans Seduction 1983 as Mrs. Marchais
2 Journey from the Fall movie Journey from the Fall 2006 as Ba Noi (Grandmother)
3 21 movie 21 2008 as Chinese Woman
4 21 and a Wake-Up movie 21 and a Wake-Up 2009 as Mamason
5 A Yank in Viet-Nam movie A Yank in Viet-Nam 1964 as Kieu Chinh
6 Catfish in Black Bean Sauce movie Catfish in Black Bean Sauce 1999 as Thanh
7 City of Angels movie City of Angels 1998 as Asian Woman
8 Cover Girls movie Cover Girls 1977 as Chinese Model
9 Cowboy Up movie Cowboy Up 2001 as Dr. Gayle
10 Doat hon movie Doat hon 2014 as Shaman Linh
11 Face movie Face 2002 as Mrs. Liu
12 First Daughter movie First Daughter 1997 as Grandma
13 Fly Away Home movie Fly Away Home 1981 as Anh
14 Gleaming the Cube movie Gleaming the Cube 1989 as Madame Trac
15 Green Dragon movie Green Dragon 2001 as Kieu
16 Hamburger Hill movie Hamburger Hill 1987 as Mama San
17 Message from Nam movie Message from Nam 1993 as Sister Thieu
18 My Husband Is Missing movie My Husband Is Missing 1978 as Lu-An
19 Operation C.I.A. movie Operation C.I.A. 1965 as Kim-Chinh
20 Pearls of the Far East movie Pearls of the Far East 2011 as Kieu
21 Riot movie Riot 1997 as Mrs. Lee (segment "Gold Mountain")
22 Tempted movie Tempted 2003 as Kehau
23 The Bakery movie The Bakery 1990 as Mrs. Minh
24 The Children of An Lac movie The Children of An Lac 1980 as Thuy
25 The Hostage Heart movie The Hostage Heart 1977 as Flor Aquino
26 The Joy Luck Club movie The Joy Luck Club 1993 as Suyuan - The Mother
27 The Letter movie The Letter 1982 as Chinese woman
28 The Return of Mickey Spillanes Mike Hammer movie The Return of Mickey Spillanes Mike Hammer 1986 as Sai Luhn
29 Trade of Innocents movie Trade of Innocents 2012 as Voice Actor
30 Vietnam, Texas movie Vietnam, Texas 1990 as Mallan
31 Welcome Home movie Welcome Home 1989 as Leang
32 Whats Cooking? movie Whats Cooking? 2000 as Grandma Nguyen
33 Awake movie Awake 2012 as Mrs. Do
34 Cagney & Lacey movie Cagney & Lacey 1981 as My Linh
35 Chicago Hope movie Chicago Hope 1994 as Mrs. Mai Ying Wang
36 China Beach movie China Beach 1988 as Trieu Au
37 Cybill movie Cybill 1995 as Herbalist
38 Disneyland movie Disneyland 1954 as Phoen Yann
39 Dynasty movie Dynasty 1981 as Sister Agnes
40 ER movie ER 1994 as Mrs. Chen
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