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as Avis Langley in the movie Beyond

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Was born at 8 November 1882 in Champaign, Illinois, USA . Died at 11 June 1966, Oxnard, California, USA

Silent-screen actress Ethel Clayton was a convent-educated girl fromChampaign, IL, who sought work as a stage actress after finishing hereducation. She secured small parts here and there, but hit the big timewhen she went to work for the Frawley Organization, which had severaltouring stock companies. She got small parts at first but then begangetting bigger ones until finally she was getting star billing. Howver,the advent of motion pictures soon piqued her curiosity, and a visit toa film studio aroused her interest even more.

Producer'Siegmund Lubin' offered to star her in one of his productions,she consented--"just this one, though"--and made her film debut in "TheGreat Divide". However, after she saw the completed film, she consentedto do another, The Lion and the Mouse (1914) , and soon she hadgiven up the stage altogether in favor of pictures. It was thebeginning of a career that lasted more than 30 years and comprised morethan 180 films. Her last one was The Perils of Pauline (1947) ,in which she had an uncredited bit part, after which she left thescreen. She died in Oxnard, CA, in 1966.


There is some small facts about Ethel Clayton:
  • Sister of 'Donald Clayton' .
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There is the list of movies, where Ethel Clayton was taked part:
1 Here Comes the Bride movie Here Comes the Bride 1915 as Reed's Stenographer
2 His Soul Mate movie His Soul Mate 1915 as Nellie - the Stenographer
3 Men, Women, and Money movie Men, Women, and Money 1919 as Marcel Middleton
4 More Deadly Than the Male movie More Deadly Than the Male 1919 as Helen O'Hara
5 The Accusing Finger movie The Accusing Finger 1936 as Undetermined Role
6 The Buccaneer movie The Buccaneer 1938 as Woman Selecting Perfumes
7 The Gamblers movie The Gamblers 1914 as Catherine Spencer Darwin
8 The Last Rose of Summer movie The Last Rose of Summer 1912 as Ethel Boradon
9 The Major and the Minor movie The Major and the Minor 1942 as Cadet Ball Guest
10 The Orgy movie The Orgy 1915 as Nan Fuller - Pemberton's Ward
11 The Price of Possession movie The Price of Possession 1921 as Helen Carston
12 The Princess from Hoboken movie The Princess from Hoboken 1927 as Mrs. O'Brien
13 The Princess on Broadway movie The Princess on Broadway 1927 as Mrs. Seymour
14 The Scarf Pin movie The Scarf Pin 1913 as Mary Forrest - the Wife
15 The Thirteenth Commandment movie The Thirteenth Commandment 1920 as Daphne Kip
16 The Volunteer movie The Volunteer 1917 as Herself, Cameo Appearance
17 Young Mrs. Winthrop movie Young Mrs. Winthrop 1920 as Constance Winthrop
18 A City Sparrow movie A City Sparrow 1920 as Milly West
19 A Daughter of Eve movie A Daughter of Eve 1914 as Janet Dayton
20 A Day of Havoc movie A Day of Havoc 1915 as Estelle Adair
21 A Deal in Oil movie A Deal in Oil 1913 as Ethel Hammond - Harry's Sweetheart
22 A Hero Among Men movie A Hero Among Men 1913 as Ethel Menten
23 A Lady in Love movie A Lady in Love 1920 as Barbara Martin
24 A Romance of the Coast movie A Romance of the Coast 1912 as Ethel Drayton
25 A Soul Without Windows movie A Soul Without Windows 1918 as Hopama
26 A Woman Went Forth movie A Woman Went Forth 1915 as Ethel Rogers
27 A Womans Way movie A Womans Way 1916 as Marion Livingston
28 Ambush movie Ambush 1939 as Bank Customer
29 An Irish Girls Love movie An Irish Girls Love 1912 as Kathleen
30 Art and Honor movie Art and Honor 1913 as Grace Hawkins
31 Artists and Models Abroad movie Artists and Models Abroad 1938 as Woman
32 Beyond movie Beyond 1921 as Avis Langley
33 Beyond the Blue Horizon movie Beyond the Blue Horizon 1942 as Guest at Chase's Residence
34 Beyond the Wall movie Beyond the Wall 1916 as Helen Carlton/Virginia Carlton
35 Blonde Trouble movie Blonde Trouble 1937 as Townswoman
36 Bulldog Drummonds Peril movie Bulldog Drummonds Peril 1938 as Minor Role
37 Bulldog Drummonds Revenge movie Bulldog Drummonds Revenge 1937 as Minor Role
38 Cafe Society movie Cafe Society 1939 as Woman
39 Call of the Circus movie Call of the Circus 1930 as The Woman
40 Can a Woman Love Twice? movie Can a Woman Love Twice? 1923 as Mary Grant
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