Andreia Dinis

as Herself in the movie DeLuxe

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Real name is Andreia Marisa Teixeira Dinis
Was born at 9 December 1977 (now is 40 years old)
There is some small facts about Andreia Dinis:
  • She's graduated in Communications and Cultural Sciences by Lusófona University, Lisbon (1996/2000).
  • Did an actor's course in Oficinactores (2002/2003). 'António Feio (I)' , 'Rui Mendes' and José Fonseca e Costa were some of her teachers.
  • She did some Tv commercials to beers, cellphones and cars.
  • Started her career as a model.
  • Andreia won Miss Teenager contest in 1996 and was a competitor in Miss World in 1999.
  • Girlfriend of Daniel Teixeira.
  • Mother of a girl named Flor, born on October 30th 2010 in Lisbon. Father is Daniel Teixeira.
  • Her mother, Maria da Graça Dinis, died on November 2011.
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There is the list of movies, where Andreia Dinis was taked part:
1 Baía das Mulheres movie Baía das Mulheres 2004 as Bárbara Mascarenhas
2 Apresentação da PSP de Katty Xiomara movie Apresentação da PSP de Katty Xiomara 2006 as Herself
3 Gala da Ficção Nacional movie Gala da Ficção Nacional 2008 as Herself - Audience Member
4 Gala de Natal TVI movie Gala de Natal TVI 2004 as Herself
5 Globos de Ouro 2006 movie Globos de Ouro 2006 2007 as Herself
6 Globos de Ouro 2007 movie Globos de Ouro 2007 2008 as Herself
7 Globos de Ouro 2008 movie Globos de Ouro 2008 2009 as Herself
8 Globos de Ouro 2009 movie Globos de Ouro 2009 2010 as Herself
9 Globos de Ouro 2011 movie Globos de Ouro 2011 2012 as Herself
10 O Fascínio movie O Fascínio 2003 as Myrta
11 A Outra movie A Outra 2008 as Carmo Gomes
12 Boa Tarde movie Boa Tarde 2010 as Herself
13 Chamar a Música movie Chamar a Música 2011 as Herself
14 Cinco Sentidos movie Cinco Sentidos 2011 as Herself (2011)
15 Clube Morangos movie Clube Morangos 2006 as Herself
16 Companhia das Manhãs movie Companhia das Manhãs 2009 as Herself
17 DeLuxe movie DeLuxe 2005 as Herself
18 Episódio Especial movie Episódio Especial 2008 as Herself
19 Fama Show movie Fama Show 2008 as Herself
20 Inspector Max movie Inspector Max 2004 as Constança
21 Mar Salgado movie Mar Salgado 2014 as Helena Amaral
22 Maré Alta movie Maré Alta 2004 as Jeninha
23 Morangos com Açúcar movie Morangos com Açúcar 2003 as Teresa Melo
24 Perfeito Coração movie Perfeito Coração 2009 as Teresa
25 Poderosas movie Poderosas 2015 as Mónica Pereira
26 Querida Júlia movie Querida Júlia 2011 as Herself
27 Queridas Manhãs movie Queridas Manhãs 2014 as Herself
28 Rosa Fogo movie Rosa Fogo 2011 as Anita Fragoso
29 Saber Amar movie Saber Amar 2002 as Miriam
30 Sol de Inverno movie Sol de Inverno 2013 as Ana
31 Só Visto! movie Só Visto! 2013 as Herself
32 Só Visto movie Só Visto 2005 as Herself/Guest
33 Uma Aventura movie Uma Aventura 2000 as Zaida
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