Peggy Dunne

as Detective Migliore in the movie Windfall

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There is the list of movies, where Peggy Dunne was taked part:
1 The Young and the Restless movie The Young and the Restless 1973 as Evelyn Newsome
2 A Taste of Romance movie A Taste of Romance 2012 as Customer #2
3 Color Me Olsen movie Color Me Olsen 2007 as Glitter Woman
4 Common movie Common 2013 as Agnes
5 Eyes of the Prey movie Eyes of the Prey 1992 as Alex Tallman
6 On the Revolutions of Heavenly Spheres movie On the Revolutions of Heavenly Spheres 2007 as Marie Feinova
7 One Time Session movie One Time Session 2003 as Mrs. Garner
8 Prison Break: The Final Break movie Prison Break: The Final Break 2009 as Guard
9 Reflections of a Life movie Reflections of a Life 2006 as Betsi
10 Suburban Cowboy movie Suburban Cowboy 2015 as Charlie
11 Voro movie Voro 2011 as Kim
12 90210 movie 90210 2008 as Proctor
13 Aquarius movie Aquarius 2015 as Jacy
14 Bones movie Bones 2005 as Mrs. Block
15 Castle movie Castle 2009 as Mrs. Heller
16 Criminal Minds movie Criminal Minds 2005 as Linda Grunwell, M.E.
17 Dateline NBC movie Dateline NBC 1992 as Herself
18 Days of Our Lives movie Days of Our Lives 1965 as Cleveland Nurse
19 Dragnet movie Dragnet 2003 as Terry - Coronor's Investigator
20 Drive movie Drive 2007 as Female Officer
21 Eastwick movie Eastwick 2009 as Ellen
22 ER movie ER 1994 as Sylvia
23 Greys Anatomy movie Greys Anatomy 2005 as Louise
24 Invasion movie Invasion 2005 as Dottie Petrie
25 Just for Kicks movie Just for Kicks 2006 as Edie Fleishman
26 Justified movie Justified 2010 as Trisha Browning
27 Las Vegas movie Las Vegas 2003 as Judy
28 Legends movie Legends 2014 as Woman
29 Medium movie Medium 2005 as Shopper
30 Mind of Mencia movie Mind of Mencia 2005 as Sheila
31 Passions movie Passions 1999 as Lab Tech
32 Prison Break movie Prison Break 2005 as Motor Pool CO
33 Rosewood movie Rosewood 2015 as Mrs. Block
34 Strong Medicine movie Strong Medicine 2000 as Marta Jefferson
35 Tell Me You Love Me movie Tell Me You Love Me 2007 as Paula
36 The Event movie The Event 2010 as Surgeon #1
37 The King of Queens movie The King of Queens 1998 as Ellen
38 The New Normal movie The New Normal 2012 as Technician
39 The Nine movie The Nine 2006 as Intake Nurse
40 The West Wing movie The West Wing 1999 as DOE Spokeswoman
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