Rita Egídio

as Herself in the movie DeLuxe

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Was born at 21 December 1980 (now is 38 years old) in Lisbon, Portugal
There is some small facts about Rita Egídio:
  • She has 3 boys. The first two are from her first marriage (to Francisco) and the third is from her second marriage (to Ricardo).
  • She is the owner of a company named "Companhia dos Bichos".
  • She's a model and an undertaker.
  • Sons with first husband (Francisco): Francisco and Gonçalo. She was a mother at the age of 19 and 20.
  • Son with second husband (Ricardo): Rodrigo. At that time Rita was 23 years old.
  • Rita won a Golden Medal in a Jiu-Jitsu Competition.
  • She married to Ricardo in Las Vegas.
  • Her father lives in United States. She has two younger half-sisters.
  • Her mother died when Rita was 10.
  • Son with third husband (Luís Viola): Guilherme Filipe born July 14th 2008 in Lisbon.
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There is the list of movies, where Rita Egídio was taked part:
1 Globos de Ouro 2004 movie Globos de Ouro 2004 2005 as Herself
2 Globos de Ouro 2005 movie Globos de Ouro 2005 2006 as Herself
3 Globos de Ouro 2006 movie Globos de Ouro 2006 2007 as Herself
4 Globos de Ouro 2007 movie Globos de Ouro 2007 2008 as Herself
5 5 Para a Meia Noite movie 5 Para a Meia Noite 2009 as Herself
6 Alô Portugal movie Alô Portugal 2008 as Herself (2010)
7 As Tardes da Júlia movie As Tardes da Júlia 2007 as Herself
8 Baía das Mulheres movie Baía das Mulheres 2004 as Daniela
9 Camilo Em Sarilhos movie Camilo Em Sarilhos 2005 as Odete
10 Contacto movie Contacto 2006 as Herself (2007)
11 DeLuxe movie DeLuxe 2005 as Herself
12 Fátima movie Fátima 2006 as Herself (2007-2008)
13 Inspector Max movie Inspector Max 2004 as Cláudia
14 Maré Alta movie Maré Alta 2004 as Ship Passenger
15 Maxmen TV movie Maxmen TV 2006 as Herself
16 Mistura Fina movie Mistura Fina 2004 as Secretary
17 Morangos com Açúcar movie Morangos com Açúcar 2003 as Tourist
18 Novos Malucos do Riso movie Novos Malucos do Riso 2009 as Various Roles
19 Os Malucos do Riso movie Os Malucos do Riso 1995 as Various Roles (2004-2005)
20 Tempo de Viver movie Tempo de Viver 2006 as Renata
21 Você na TV! movie Você na TV! 2004 as Herself
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