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Real name is Jennifer Ann Agutter
Was born at 20 December 1952 (now is 66 years old) in Taunton, Somerset, England, UK

Jenny Agutter was born on December 20, 1952, in Taunton, Somerset,England, UK. The daughter of an army officer, she spent her childhoodtraveling and living in different countries. Her film career began atthe age of 12 in East of Sudan (1964) , which was quicklyfollowed by "Disneyland" (1954) {Ballerina: Part 1 (#12. 19)} and "Disneyland" (1954) {Ballerina: Part 2 (#12.

20)} , and A Man Could Get Killed (1966) . Other films and televisionappearances in her early career include Gates to Paradise (1968) , Long After Summer (1967) (TV) , Star! (1968) , I Start Counting (1970) , The Great Inimitable Mr. Dickens (1970) (TV) and "BBC Play of the Month" (1965) {The Wild Duck (#6. 7)} . In 1970, she appeared in what was her real big break as a child star: The Railway Children (1970) , as "Bobbie".

The next year,Hollywood called and she spent several years there, appearing in suchworks as "BBC Play of the Month" (1965) {The Cherry Orchard (#7. 4)} , Walkabout (1971) and The Snow Goose (1971) (TV) with'Richard Harris (I)' , for which she received an Emmy Award. Shealso appeared in the critically acclaimed A War of Children (1972) (TV) and Shelley (1972) (TV) . In 1976, Jenny really came to the attention of US film audiences withher starring role in the science-fiction classic Logan's Run (1976) with 'Michael York (I)' . Though not acritical favorite, it was a huge box-office success and spawned atelevision series.

She also starred alongside'Richard Chamberlain (I)' in a well-received made-for-TV versionof the famous Dumas tale The Man in the Iron Mask (1977) (TV) and turned in a solid performance in the WW II thriller The Eagle Has Landed (1976) with 'Michael Caine (I)' and'Donald Sutherland (I)' . The next year, she starred in'Peter Shaffer' 's weighty Equus (1977) as "Jill Mason",alongside 'Richard Burton (I)' . Among her other TV and film workduring the 1970s were Dominique (1979) , "BBC2 Playhouse" (1973) {School Play (#6. 1)} and The Riddle of the Sands (1979) . In 1981, she played "Desdemona" opposite 'William Marshall (I)' in The Tragedy of Othello, the Moor of Venice (1981) (V) .

OtherShakespeare performances include "King Lear", Love's Labour's Lost (1985) (TV) as "Rosaline" for the BBC and Romeo & Juliet (1993) (TV) as "Lady Capulet". During the innumerous films and television series, including Sweet William (1980) , "Beulah Land" (1980) , The Survivor (1981) , Amy (1981) and one of the films forwhich she is most fondly remembered, An American Werewolf in London (1981) . She also appeared in This Office Life (1984) (TV) , Secret Places (1984) , Silas Marner: The Weaver of Raveloe (1985) (TV) , Dark Tower (1989) , Miss Right (1982) and King of the Wind (1990) . In the 1990s, she concentrated mainly on television, with roles in "TECX" (1990) ; Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less (1990) (TV) ; "Red Dwarf" (1988) ; "The All New Alexei Sayle Show" (1994) ; "The Buccaneers" (1995) ; "And the Beat Goes On" (1996) ; September (1996) (TV) with 'Edward Fox (I)' ,'Michael York (I)' , 'Virginia McKenna' and'Jacqueline Bisset (I)' ; "A Respectable Trade" (1998) with'Warren Clarke (I)' , 'Anna Massey (I)' and'Richard Briers' . Her theatrical films during this period included Darkman (1990) with 'Liam Neeson' ; and Blue Juice (1995) with 'Sean Pertwee' , 'Ewan McGregor' and 'Catherine Zeta-Jones' .

She also appeared as "Mrs. Bruce" intwo feature-length episodes of the popular ITV series "Bramwell" (1995) in which she starred with'Jemma Redgrave' . She has also made several guest appearances inTV shows such as Le nain rouge (1998) ; "Boon" (1986) ; "The Equalizer" (1985) with 'Edward Woodward' ; "The Twilight Zone" (1985) ; "Magnum, P. I. " (1980) and "The Six Million Dollar Man" (1974) .

Jenny has been married to Johan Tham since the late 1980s. They have oneson Jonathan, born in 1990, and live in Cornwall, England, UK. Herparticular love is charity work for The Diabetic Association and NCHAction for Children - a charity which provides home and other help forhomeless children - with which she has been involved for five years. .

There is some small facts about Jenny Agutter:
  • Has acted in three different versions of "The Railway Children": "The Railway Children" (1968) , The Railway Children (1970) , "Masterpiece Theatre" (1971) {The Railway Children (#30.5)} ).
  • Husband is Swedish and a hotelier. They met at an arts fair.
  • She once spent a night sleeping rough in London to highlight the plight of the homeless.
  • In the late 1980s, along with fellow Brit performers 'Judy Geeson' , 'Ian McKellen' , 'Timothy Dalton (I)' and 'Olivia Hussey' , she volunteered teaching Shakespeare to children at a school in Watts, Los Angeles.
  • Gave birth to her first child at age 38, a son Jonathan Tham on December 25, 1990. Child's father is her husband, Johan Tham.
  • She was awarded the OBE (Officer of the Order of the British Empire) in the 2012 Queen's Birthday Honours List for her charitable services.
  • (June 2012) London, England: Actress
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There is the list of movies, where Jenny Agutter was taked part:
1 50 Films to See Before You Die movie 50 Films to See Before You Die 2006 as Herself
2 Amazon Women on the Moon movie Amazon Women on the Moon 1987 as Cleopatra (segment "Antony & Cleopatra Promo")
3 Amore, piombo e furore movie Amore, piombo e furore 1978 as Catherine Sebanek
4 Captain America: The Winter Soldier movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier 2014 as Councilwoman Hawley
5 Jenny Agutter: A Charmed Career movie Jenny Agutter: A Charmed Career 2006 as Herself
6 Late Flowering Love movie Late Flowering Love 1981 as Joan Hunter Dunn (segment "A Subaltern's Love-Song")
7 The 35th Annual Golden Globe Awards movie The 35th Annual Golden Globe Awards 1978 as Herself - Presenter
8 The 36th Annual Golden Globes Awards movie The 36th Annual Golden Globes Awards 1979 as Herself - Accepting Award for Best Actress in a TV-Series- Drama
9 The 49th Annual Academy Awards movie The 49th Annual Academy Awards 1977 as Herself - Audience Member
10 The 59th Annual Academy Awards movie The 59th Annual Academy Awards 1987 as Herself - Audience Member
11 The Grand Knockout Tournament movie The Grand Knockout Tournament 1987 as Herself
12 Agatha Christies Poirot movie Agatha Christies Poirot 1989 as Adela Marchmont
13 Antiques Roadshow movie Antiques Roadshow 1979 as Herself - Interviewee
14 Children in Need movie Children in Need 1980 as Herself - On Strictly Come Dancing & Sister Julianne
15 Clapper Board movie Clapper Board 1972 as Roberta 'Bobbie' Waterbury
16 Joe Bobs Drive-In Theater movie Joe Bobs Drive-In Theater 1987 as Joanne Simpson
17 Shakespeare: The Animated Tales movie Shakespeare: The Animated Tales 1992 as Hermione
18 The Twilight Zone movie The Twilight Zone 1985 as Morgan Le Fay (segment "The Last Defender of Camelot")
19 A Dream of Alice movie A Dream of Alice 1982 as Alice
20 A Look Into the 23rd Century movie A Look Into the 23rd Century 1976 as Jessica
21 A Man Could Get Killed movie A Man Could Get Killed 1966 as Linda Frazier
22 A Pocketful of Posies movie A Pocketful of Posies 2001 as Narrator
23 A War of Children movie A War of Children 1972 as Maureen Tomelty
24 Alexander Graham Bell movie Alexander Graham Bell 1965 as Grace Hubbard
25 Amy movie Amy 1981 as Amy Medford
26 An American Werewolf in London movie An American Werewolf in London 1981 as Nurse Alex Price
27 At Dawning movie At Dawning 2002 as Escaping woman
28 Behind the Scenes: Agatha Christies Poirot movie Behind the Scenes: Agatha Christies Poirot 2006 as Herself
29 Beware the Moon: Remembering An American Werewolf in London movie Beware the Moon: Remembering An American Werewolf in London 2009 as Herself
30 Blue Juice movie Blue Juice 1995 as Guinevere/Mary Fenton
31 Burke and Hare movie Burke and Hare 2010 as Lucy
32 Celebrity Naked Ambition movie Celebrity Naked Ambition 2011 as Herself
33 Childs Play 2 movie Childs Play 2 1990 as Joanne Simpson
34 Dark Tower movie Dark Tower 1989 as Carolyn Page
35 Darkman movie Darkman 1990 as Burn Doctor
36 Dominique movie Dominique 1979 as Ann Ballard
37 East of Sudan movie East of Sudan 1964 as Asua
38 Empire Movie Awards 2005 movie Empire Movie Awards 2005 2005 as Herself
39 Equus movie Equus 1977 as Jill Mason
40 Freddie as F.R.O.7. movie Freddie as F.R.O.7. 1992 as Daffers
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There is the list of some quotes of Jenny Agutter:
  • [on living and working in Los Angeles] Los Angeles is like a desert. The only thing that exists is the work you do. You have that sense of living a precarious existence.
  • To make films is as boring as watching paint dry. You usually have to do tiny bits here and there. You go off waiting for lighting, you come back - the energy dies. You hope you can find someone who can keep it going.
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