Takayo Fischer

as Okasan in the movie American Geisha

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Real name is Takayo Tsubouchi
Was born at 25 November 1932 (now is 86 years old) in Hardwick, California, USA
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There is the list of movies, where Takayo Fischer was taked part:
1 Love, Older... Hiroshi & Kiyoko movie Love, Older... Hiroshi & Kiyoko 2012 as Kiyoko
2 Moneyball movie Moneyball 2011 as Suzanne - Billy's Secretary
3 Ocha Cups for Christmas movie Ocha Cups for Christmas 2002 as Mrs. Ishikawa
4 Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End movie Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End 2007 as Mistress Ching
5 Showdown in Little Tokyo movie Showdown in Little Tokyo 1991 as Mama Yamaguchi
6 Battle of the Planets movie Battle of the Planets 1978 as Additional Voices
7 The Office movie The Office 2005 as Meredith's Hospital Roommate
8 American Geisha movie American Geisha 1986 as Okasan
9 Americanese movie Americanese 2006 as Keiko Crane
10 Baby Brokers movie Baby Brokers 1994 as Dr. Emily Weiss
11 Based on an Untrue Story movie Based on an Untrue Story 1993 as Mrs. Chau
12 Blood Run movie Blood Run 1994 as Mrs. Yu
13 Bond: Kizuna movie Bond: Kizuna 2017 as Kelly Johnson
14 Broken Hart movie Broken Hart 2009 as Mrs. Yu
15 Cavemen movie Cavemen 2013 as Elderly Japanese Woman
16 Dad movie Dad 1989 as Jake's Nurse
17 Eagleheart movie Eagleheart 2010 as Chinese Manager
18 Internal Affairs movie Internal Affairs 1988 as Mme. Binh
19 Kuraishisu koa: Fainaru fantajî VII movie Kuraishisu koa: Fainaru fantajî VII 2007 as Gillian Hewley
20 Love 10 to 1 movie Love 10 to 1 2009 as Grandma
21 Memoirs movie Memoirs 2013 as Sally Okomoto
22 Memoirs of a Geisha movie Memoirs of a Geisha 2005 as Tanizato Teahouse Owner
23 Model Minority movie Model Minority 2012 as Grandma Reiko Tanaka
24 Only the Brave movie Only the Brave 2006 as Mrs. Nakajo
25 Pacific Heights movie Pacific Heights 1990 as Bank Teller
26 Ravens Watch movie Ravens Watch 2016 as Gladys
27 Running Mates movie Running Mates 2000 as Press #1
28 Silent But Deadly movie Silent But Deadly 2012 as Wang
29 Stand Up for Justice movie Stand Up for Justice 2004 as Senior Ruby
30 Strawberry Fields movie Strawberry Fields 1997 as Takayo
31 The Beast movie The Beast 2007 as Old Woman
32 The Dangerous movie The Dangerous 1995 as Mrs. Seki
33 The Pursuit of Happyness movie The Pursuit of Happyness 2006 as Mrs. Chu
34 Tsuru movie Tsuru 2014 as Mariko Ikeda
35 Uncross the Stars movie Uncross the Stars 2008 as Tina
36 War of the Worlds movie War of the Worlds 2005 as Older Woman
37 Til Death movie Til Death 2006 as Asian Lady
38 7th Heaven movie 7th Heaven 1996 as Sachiko Ishida
39 A Pup Named Scooby-Doo movie A Pup Named Scooby-Doo 1988 as Additional Voices
40 Anger Management movie Anger Management 2012 as Esther
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