Ali Ahn

as Tess Chang in the movie Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

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There is the list of movies, where Ali Ahn was taked part:
1 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit movie Law & Order: Special Victims Unit 1999 as Tess Chang
2 Equity movie Equity 2016 as Julie
3 H.M.S.: White Coat movie H.M.S.: White Coat 2010 as Autum
4 In The Waiting Room movie In The Waiting Room 2009 as Beth
5 Liberal Arts movie Liberal Arts 2012 as Vanessa
6 Lost Cat Corona movie Lost Cat Corona 2015 as Edie
7 That Simple movie That Simple 2006 as Beth
8 The Girl in the Book movie The Girl in the Book 2015 as Sadie
9 Benders movie Benders 2015 as Angie
10 Billions movie Billions 2016 as Carly
11 Black Box movie Black Box 2014 as Tinker
12 Blue Bloods movie Blue Bloods 2010 as Ella Ryu
13 Louie movie Louie 2010 as Wanda
14 Nurse Jackie movie Nurse Jackie 2009 as Young Administrator
15 Odd Mom Out movie Odd Mom Out 2015 as Jillian
16 The Path movie The Path 2016 as Nicole
17 Ugly Betty movie Ugly Betty 2006 as Fiona
18 White Collar movie White Collar 2009 as Agent Watson
19 Zero Hour movie Zero Hour 2013 as Emily
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