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as Willa in the movie Beyond

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Dilan Gwyn was born in Stockholm, Sweden. She graduated High School, andthen left Sweden to attend The University of Sorbonne in Paris to studyFrench. After that she relocated to London where she lived and workedfor a short time. As most have actors/actresses have done, she made thedecision to locate to the U.

S. where more work is available. When shemoved to America she attended The A. A. D.

A. in both L. A. and New YorkCity. She has a varied background in athletic activities that if she sodecides will enable her to act and do her own stunt work.


There is some small facts about Dilan Gwyn:
  • Her father is Orhan Kotan. He is a Kurdish writer, poet and journalist.
  • Dance Training in Grade School.
  • Speaks four languages. Swedish (native), English (fluent), Turkish (fluent), French (conversational),.
  • Athletic skills include a green belt in Karate, Indoor Hockey. Also trained in hand to hand Stage Combat and Fencing.
Also look some video clip about Dilan Gwyn:
There is the list of movies, where Dilan Gwyn was taked part:
1 Black Coffee movie Black Coffee 2011 as Vanessa
2 Dracula Untold movie Dracula Untold 2014 as Governess
3 Heretiks movie Heretiks 2016 as Alice Langley
4 K7 movie K7 2015 as Marian
5 Plastic Films movie Plastic Films 2012 as Erica
6 Shoo bre movie Shoo bre 2012 as Zeynep
7 Snöänglar movie Snöänglar 2008 as The Friend
8 The Delivery movie The Delivery 2011 as Young Ruth
9 There where Atilla passes... movie There where Atilla passes... 2016 as Asya
10 Beyond movie Beyond 2016 as Willa
11 Da Vincis Demons movie Da Vincis Demons 2013 as Yana
12 Gomorron movie Gomorron 1992 as Herself
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