Mary Ainslee

as Marian Potter-Potter in the movie Earl of Puddlestone

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Real name is Florence Steigler
Was born at 12 October 1914 in Norfolk, Virginia, USA . Died at 2 November 1991, New York City, New York, USA (stroke)
There is some small facts about Mary Ainslee:
  • Never fully recovered from a stroke she suffered in the 1980s.
Also look some video clip about Mary Ainslee:
There is the list of movies, where Mary Ainslee was taked part:
1 Earl of Puddlestone movie Earl of Puddlestone 1940 as Marian Potter-Potter
2 Some More of Samoa movie Some More of Samoa 1941 as Nurse/Curly's Blonde
3 Flagpole Jitters movie Flagpole Jitters 1956 as Mary
4 Harvard, Here I Come! movie Harvard, Here I Come! 1941 as Phyllis
5 He Cooked His Goose movie He Cooked His Goose 1952 as Belle
6 Hokus Pokus movie Hokus Pokus 1949 as Mary
7 Ill Never Heil Again movie Ill Never Heil Again 1941 as Princess Gilda
8 In the Sweet Pie and Pie movie In the Sweet Pie and Pie 1941 as Taska Jones
9 Mad Youth movie Mad Youth 1940 as Marian Morgan
10 Missing Daughters movie Missing Daughters 1939 as Showgirl
11 Pest Man Wins movie Pest Man Wins 1951 as Party Guest
12 Pride of the Bowery movie Pride of the Bowery 1940 as Elaine
13 Sailors on Leave movie Sailors on Leave 1941 as Sadie
14 Sis Hopkins movie Sis Hopkins 1941 as Vera De Vere
15 The Spider Returns movie The Spider Returns 1941 as Nita Van Sloan
16 Three Blonde Mice movie Three Blonde Mice 1942 as Second Blonde
17 Triple Crossed movie Triple Crossed 1959 as Belle
18 When the Daltons Rode movie When the Daltons Rode 1940 as Minnie
19 Hey Moe, Hey Dad! movie Hey Moe, Hey Dad! 2015 as Various characters
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