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as Sarah Ellis in the movie Circles of Deceit: Dark Secret

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Real name is Imogen Holly Aird
Was born at 18 May 1969 (now is 49 years old) in Aldershot, Hampshire, England, UK

Holly Aird was born in Aldershot, Hampshire on the 18th May, 1969. Sheshowed a huge interest in ballet so she started to attend a local danceschool. At the age of nine, young Holly was picked out by a castingdirector to star in "The History of Mr. Polly" (1980) .

Her first acting appearance went well, and she began getting even moreroles, such as The Tale of Beatrix Potter (1982) (TV) and "The Flame Trees of Thika" (1981) . It was around the time that Holly was filming "The Flame Trees of Thika" (1981) that her parents divorced butthey stayed good friends and were always supportive in her pursuit offame. Holly is one of only a few actresses who manage the difficult transitionfrom child/teenage actor to adult actress. She is now most well-knownas "Nancy Thorpe/Garvey" in "Soldier Soldier" (1991) and, morerecently, for her role as forensic pathologist, "Frankie Wharton", inthe BBC series, "Waking the Dead" (2000) , which she left at theend of season four to concentrate on her family. Her personal life certainly hasn't been easy.

Holly married actor'James Purefoy' but they divorced in 2002, only a few years afterthe birth of their son, Joseph Purefoy, who suffered from a rare blooddisease which had both mum and dad at his bedside in the hospital. Joseph has now recovered and Holly has had a second child, NellyMerritt, with her second husband, 'Toby Merritt' , after meetinghim on the set of "Waking the Dead" (2000) 's second season. .

There is some small facts about Holly Aird:
  • At age nine, Aird was discovered by a casting director while at ballet school. She has been acting ever since.
  • Has two children: son Joseph Jock Purefoy (born January 1997) and daughter Nelly Rose Merritt (born December 2004).
  • (2004) Lives in West London
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There is the list of movies, where Holly Aird was taked part:
1 Circles of Deceit: Dark Secret movie Circles of Deceit: Dark Secret 1995 as Sarah Ellis
2 The Tale of Beatrix Potter movie The Tale of Beatrix Potter 1982 as Young Beatrix
3 15: The Life and Death of Philip Knight movie 15: The Life and Death of Philip Knight 1993 as Karen Painter
4 Carry on Columbus movie Carry on Columbus 1992 as Maria
5 Dreaming of Joseph Lees movie Dreaming of Joseph Lees 1999 as Maria
6 Fever Pitch movie Fever Pitch 1997 as Jo
7 Intimate Relations movie Intimate Relations 1996 as Deirdre
8 Losing It movie Losing It 2006 as Nancy MacNaughton
9 Miss Marple: They Do It with Mirrors movie Miss Marple: They Do It with Mirrors 1991 as Gina Hudd
10 Page Eight movie Page Eight 2011 as Anna Hervé
11 Possession movie Possession 2002 as Ellen Ash
12 Rules of Engagement movie Rules of Engagement 1997 as Dawn Boll
13 Scenes of a Sexual Nature movie Scenes of a Sexual Nature 2006 as Molly
14 Secret Life movie Secret Life 2007 as Emma
15 Secrets movie Secrets 1982 as Wendy Ansell
16 Spiders Web movie Spiders Web 1982 as Pippa Hailsham-Brown
17 The Criminal movie The Criminal 1999 as Det. Sgt. Rebecca White
18 The Happy Valley movie The Happy Valley 1987 as Juanita Carberry
19 The Theory of Flight movie The Theory of Flight 1998 as Julie
20 Affairs of the Heart movie Affairs of the Heart 1983 as Rosemary Bonamy
21 Casualty movie Casualty 1986 as Laura Merriman
22 Chain movie Chain 1990 as Vicky Elliott
23 Double First movie Double First 1988 as Ellen Hobson
24 Dressing for Breakfast movie Dressing for Breakfast 1995 as Carla
25 GMTV movie GMTV 1993 as Herself
26 Have Your Cake and Eat It movie Have Your Cake and Eat It 1997 as Allie Gray
27 Historys Mysteries movie Historys Mysteries 1998 as Narrator
28 Hope It Rains movie Hope It Rains 1991 as Jace Elliott
29 Identity movie Identity 2010 as Tessa Stein
30 Inspector Morse movie Inspector Morse 1987 as Angie Hartman
31 Jackanory Junior movie Jackanory Junior 2007 as Herself - Storyteller
32 Kavanagh QC movie Kavanagh QC 1995 as Judy Simmons
33 Law & Order: UK movie Law & Order: UK 2009 as Julia Mortimer
34 Loose Women movie Loose Women 1999 as Herself
35 Masterpiece Contemporary movie Masterpiece Contemporary 2008 as Anna
36 Material Girl movie Material Girl 2010 as Caroline
37 Midsomer Murders movie Midsomer Murders 1997 as Claire Powell
38 Modern Times movie Modern Times 1995 as Herself - Narrator
39 Monday Monday movie Monday Monday 2009 as Alyson
40 Mother Love movie Mother Love 1989 as Emily
There is the list of some articles of Holly Aird:
  • "Sunday Times Magazine" (UK), 12 August 2001, by: Kathy Brewis, "New Brits on the Lot"
  • "The Independent-London" (UK), 10 March 2001, Iss. PSA-2802, by: Fiona McClymont, "How do I look? The parent trap: Interview: Holly Aird"
  • "Red" (UK), February 2001, pg. 154, by: Lorien Hayes, "Inside the Mind of Holly Aird"
There is the list of some quotes of Holly Aird:
  • This business (acting) is hard enough, without having to compete about the way that you look.
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