Samia Akarriou

as Nejma in the movie Lhomme qui brodait des secrets

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Samia Akariou is a Moroccan actress, born in Chefchaouen. She went to the Institute of Dramatic Arts and Cultural Animation(IDAC/ISADAC), Samia Akariou went then to the Dramatic Art Conservatoryin Paris by presenting some theater plays such as "L'adolescenceretardée". In 1992, she participated in a tour in Jordan for aninterpretation of the play "L'enfant de la paix" (Son of peace)attending the Experimental Theater Festival in Cairo. Then, SamiaAkariou presented a kids show called "Litifle" on the TVM.

It is probably for her role in the movie ''Lalla Hobbi '' that SamiaAkariou knew her fame grew, also with her roles in ''Les amis d'hier''(1998), Ali, Rabia et les autres (2000). Recently, she organized a national tour for the play ''Bnat LallaMnana'' which had great success in Morocco. .

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There is the list of movies, where Samia Akarriou was taked part:
1 Lhomme qui brodait des secrets movie Lhomme qui brodait des secrets 2001 as Nejma
2 Ali, Rabiaa et les autres movie Ali, Rabiaa et les autres 2000 as Jamila
3 Au-delà de Gibraltar movie Au-delà de Gibraltar 2001 as La promise du Maroc
4 Le harem de Mme Osmane movie Le harem de Mme Osmane 2000 as Fadila, the bride
5 La mandrágora movie La mandrágora 1997 as Herself
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