Kaira Akita

as Keisha in the movie Max Lucado 3:16: Stories of Hope

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There is the list of movies, where Kaira Akita was taked part:
1 Max Lucado 3:16: Stories of Hope movie Max Lucado 3:16: Stories of Hope 2007 as Keisha
2 Everything I Did Wrong in My 20s movie Everything I Did Wrong in My 20s 2014 as Valerie
3 Little Britain USA movie Little Britain USA 2008 as Lesbian College Student
4 Baby Mamas Club movie Baby Mamas Club 2010 as Jade Fox
5 Choices movie Choices 2005 as Teresa Avery
6 Grapes on a Vine movie Grapes on a Vine 2008 as Jordan Prescott
7 Guh-Lade movie Guh-Lade 2011 as Jennifer
8 Infameous (My soul to keep) movie Infameous (My soul to keep) 2014 as Dovie
9 Madeas Family Reunion movie Madeas Family Reunion 2006 as Receptionist
10 Not Another Black Movie movie Not Another Black Movie 2012 as Ashley
11 One Missed Call movie One Missed Call 2008 as Jewel
12 Only When It Snows movie Only When It Snows 2008 as Gloria
13 Road Trip: Beer Pong movie Road Trip: Beer Pong 2009 as Amy
14 Shake movie Shake 2013 as Tanya
15 The Family That Preys movie The Family That Preys 2008 as Robin
16 Why Did I Get Married? movie Why Did I Get Married? 2007 as Keisha
17 Drop Dead Diva movie Drop Dead Diva 2009 as PTA President
18 High Rise movie High Rise 2009 as Jolynn Littlefield
19 House of Payne movie House of Payne 2006 as Karen
20 Meet the Browns movie Meet the Browns 2009 as Robin
21 Rule Hollywood movie Rule Hollywood 2006 as Herself
22 Somebodies movie Somebodies 2008 as Diva
23 Templeton Pride movie Templeton Pride 2011 as Lady J
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