Nevin Akkaya

as Fatma Basar Gün in the movie Ayrilsak da beraberiz

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Was born at 1919 in Istanbul, Turkey . Died at 5 April 2015, Istanbul, Turkey
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There is the list of movies, where Nevin Akkaya was taked part:
1 Ayrilsak da beraberiz movie Ayrilsak da beraberiz 1967 as Fatma Basar Gün
2 Izmirin kavaklari: Çavdarli Murat movie Izmirin kavaklari: Çavdarli Murat 1966 as Elif
3 7 evlât iki damat movie 7 evlât iki damat 1973 as Necmiye
4 Aptal asik movie Aptal asik 1988 as Ceylan'in Annesi
5 Ask firtinasi movie Ask firtinasi 1972 as Semiha
6 Atesli çingene movie Atesli çingene 1969 as Gelincik
7 Bataklik bülbülü movie Bataklik bülbülü 1973 as Zeynep
8 Benim gibi sevenler movie Benim gibi sevenler 1978 as Zehra
9 Bitirimler sosyetede movie Bitirimler sosyetede 1973 as Peri
10 Casus Kiran - 7 canli adam movie Casus Kiran - 7 canli adam 1970 as Feri
11 Deli Ferhat movie Deli Ferhat 1974 as Sevgi
12 Dil yarasi movie Dil yarasi 1984 as Orhan'in Babaannesi
13 Dilâ Hanim movie Dilâ Hanim 1978 as Dila Hanim
14 Dostlar sagolsun movie Dostlar sagolsun 1983 as Fahriye
15 El kapisi movie El kapisi 1975 as Elvan
16 Güllü Geliyor Güllü movie Güllü Geliyor Güllü 1973 as Güllü
17 Iliski movie Iliski 1983 as Murat'in Annesi
18 Itham ediyorum movie Itham ediyorum 1972 as Fatma Pinar
19 Kader ayirsa bile movie Kader ayirsa bile 1968 as Ayse
20 Kaderim kanla yazildi movie Kaderim kanla yazildi 1973 as Emine
21 Kozali gelin movie Kozali gelin 1972 as Arzu
22 Kursun Memed movie Kursun Memed 1971 as Matmazel Betty
23 Metres movie Metres 1983 as Nurten
24 Ruya gibi movie Ruya gibi 1971 as Fatma
25 Sampiyon movie Sampiyon 1970 as Emel Sayin
26 Sekerpare movie Sekerpare 1983 as Letafet
27 Sevenler ölmez movie Sevenler ölmez 1970 as Nevin
28 Siyah eldivenli adam movie Siyah eldivenli adam 1973 as Hülya
29 Talihsiz yavrum movie Talihsiz yavrum 1974 as Süheyla
30 Topal movie Topal 1973 as Zühre
31 Tövbekar movie Tövbekar 1977 as Ipek
32 Uyaniklar dünyasi movie Uyaniklar dünyasi 1985 as Ayse'nin Ablasi
33 Vurgun movie Vurgun 1973 as Gönül
34 Yasamak ne güzel sey movie Yasamak ne güzel sey 1969 as Mualla May
35 Yilmayan seytan movie Yilmayan seytan 1973 as Sevgi
36 Zalim movie Zalim 1973 as Ayse
37 Çesme movie Çesme 1977 as Ceylan'in Annesi
38 Çöl kartali movie Çöl kartali 1972 as Hacer
39 Duvardaki kan movie Duvardaki kan 1986 as Hayriye Hanim
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