Ghadah Al-Akel

as Laura in the movie Jan Tenner - Artefakt der Macht

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Was born at 9 May 1965 (now is 53 years old) in Göttingen, Lower Saxony, Germany
There is some small facts about Ghadah Al-Akel:
  • She is the German voice-actress / dubbing-voice of 'Kellie Shanygne Williams' ("Family Matters" (1989) ) 'Jennifer Lopez (I)' , 'Sasha Alexander (II)' ("NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service" (2003) ), 'Eliza Dushku' ("Tru Calling" (2003) ), 'Michelle Rodriguez (I)' ("Lost" (2004) ) and 'Kyra Sedgwick' ("The Closer" (2005) ).
Also look some video clip about Ghadah Al-Akel:
There is the list of movies, where Ghadah Al-Akel was taked part:
1 Jan Tenner - Artefakt der Macht movie Jan Tenner - Artefakt der Macht 2001 as Laura
2 Die Richterin movie Die Richterin 1990 as Kerstin
3 Il piccolo popolo movie Il piccolo popolo 1990 as Isa
4 Zwei Wochen Chef movie Zwei Wochen Chef 2007 as Olga
5 A.S. movie A.S. 1995 as Carla
6 Arme Millionäre movie Arme Millionäre 2005 as Lilo Gabriel
7 Bibi Blocksberg movie Bibi Blocksberg 1994 as Schubia Wanzhaar
8 Praxis Bülowbogen movie Praxis Bülowbogen 1987 as Kyra Baslik
9 Rosa Roth movie Rosa Roth 1994 as Tomba
10 Schloss Einstein movie Schloss Einstein 1998 as Karin Feilke
11 Unser Lehrer Doktor Specht movie Unser Lehrer Doktor Specht 1992 as Krankenschwester
12 Wolffs Revier movie Wolffs Revier 1992 as Anka Przeky
13 Zappek movie Zappek 1995 as Tamara Burlakova
14 Zwei Halbe sind noch lange kein Ganzes movie Zwei Halbe sind noch lange kein Ganzes 1993 as Bobby (1993)
There is the list of some articles of Ghadah Al-Akel:
  • "Berliner Morgenpost" (Germany), 9 May 2004, by: Alexander Uhl, "Die Stimmen der Stars: Brad Pitts deutsche Zunge"
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