Lissi Alandh

as Hulda in the movie 91:an Karlsson muckar (tror han)

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Real name is Lissi Sofia Holmquist
Was born at 29 December 1930 in Skön, Västernorrlands län, Sweden . Died at 3 August 2008

Little known outside her country, Lissi Alandh was - for four decades -a faithful road companion of the Swedish theater, cinema andtelevision. Rather unsurprising considering that she had dreamed ofbeing an actress since she was a little girl. She of course went todrama school, took lessons from such famous teachers as Manja Benkowand 'Willy Koblanck' and finally graduated from the Royal DramaticTheater. As of 1949, she interpreted dozens of plays, appearedregularly in TV films and TV shows while getting more or less developedparts in a motley series of films, from children's movies ("PippiLangsrumpf", "Hoppa högst") to the typical sexploitation flicks of the1960s and 70s ("Camilla", "Kyrkoherden", "Midsommardansen") to classicsof the Swedish screen such as Alf Sjöberg's "Fröken Julie" (1951), inwhich, although aged only 21 she play's Julie's .

. . mother; IngmarBergman's 1953 "Gyklarnas afton" and 1963 "Tystnaden" (her mostdifficult role, by her own admission); Mai Zetterling's "Älskande par"(1964) and "Nattlek" (1966). But, always full of life, healthy andshapely, she could not be content with being a good actress, she wasalso a good singers. She indeed played in revues on stage and in nightclubs.

She also performed more than one entertaining number on thesmall screen. All in all it can be said that Lissi Alandh's careerepitomizes the Scandinavian spirit, swinging between two extremes, thedepression inherent in the never-ending Winters (Bergman's "Tystnaden")to the exhilaration generated by the splendor of the short Summer (therevue "Fun In"). .

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There is the list of movies, where Lissi Alandh was taked part:
1 91:an Karlsson muckar (tror han) movie 91:an Karlsson muckar (tror han) 1959 as Hulda
2 Karin Månsdotter movie Karin Månsdotter 1954 as Mistress in Prologue
3 När syrenerna blomma movie När syrenerna blomma 1952 as Lena i Härsikeby
4 Sverige åt svenskarna movie Sverige åt svenskarna 1980 as The secret weapon
5 Ursula - Flickan i Finnskogarna movie Ursula - Flickan i Finnskogarna 1953 as Gerslög
6 Åsa-Nisse i popform movie Åsa-Nisse i popform 1964 as Expedit i hattaffär
7 Barabbas movie Barabbas 1953 as Prostitute
8 Blyg och ensam movie Blyg och ensam 1958 as Madge
9 Carmilla movie Carmilla 1968 as Hostess
10 Den hårda leken movie Den hårda leken 1956 as Sally, waitress
11 En skärgårdsnatt movie En skärgårdsnatt 1953 as Birgitta
12 Flamman movie Flamman 1956 as Fransiska's work collegue
13 Flicka med melodi movie Flicka med melodi 1954 as Lizzie Bjelvenryd
14 Friaren som inte ville gifta sig movie Friaren som inte ville gifta sig 1977 as Gypsywoman
15 Fröken Julie movie Fröken Julie 1951 as Countess Berta, Julie's mother
16 Förtrollad vandring movie Förtrollad vandring 1954 as Waitress
17 Gatan movie Gatan 1949 as Woman at Restaurant
18 Gycklarnas afton movie Gycklarnas afton 1953 as Theatre Actress
19 Henrik IV movie Henrik IV 1964 as Dolly Bolster
20 Herr Arnes penningar movie Herr Arnes penningar 1954 as Fish Worker
21 Hoppa högst movie Hoppa högst 1989 as Lärarinnan
22 Hoppsan! movie Hoppsan! 1955 as Lillan Persson-Quist
23 Ingen mans kvinna movie Ingen mans kvinna 1953 as Judith Henriksson
24 Komedi i Hägerskog movie Komedi i Hägerskog 1968 as Sandra
25 Kyrkoherden movie Kyrkoherden 1970 as Mrs. Paular
26 Loffe på luffen movie Loffe på luffen 1949 as Bridesmaid
27 Lång-Lasse i Delsbo movie Lång-Lasse i Delsbo 1949 as Unmarried woman interrogated by Landgren
28 Mannekäng i rött movie Mannekäng i rött 1958 as 'Peter' Morell
29 Marianne movie Marianne 1953 as Elisabeth
30 Midsommardansen movie Midsommardansen 1971 as Helena
31 Miss and Mrs Sweden movie Miss and Mrs Sweden 1969 as Mrs. Binn
32 Mord, lilla vän movie Mord, lilla vän 1955 as Girl at the travelling agency
33 Nattlek movie Nattlek 1966 as Melissa
34 Någon att älska movie Någon att älska 1968 as Anne
35 Ogift fader sökes movie Ogift fader sökes 1953 as Sippi
36 P & B movie P & B 1983 as Mrs. Persson
37 Pappa varför är du arg? Du gjorde likadant själv när du var ung movie Pappa varför är du arg? Du gjorde likadant själv när du var ung 1968 as Rosa Liebeling
38 Picassos äventyr movie Picassos äventyr 1978 as Woman in Bed
39 Ratataa eller The Staffan Stolle Story movie Ratataa eller The Staffan Stolle Story 1956 as Flicka i baren
40 Räkan från Maxim movie Räkan från Maxim 1980 as Madame Virette
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