Nadine Alari

as Mère Marie-Thérèse in the movie Il suffit daimer

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Real name is Bernadette Nicole Frédérique Bovarie
Was born at 23 February 1927 (now is 91 years old) in Paris, France

Nadine Alari is the daughter of songwriter Suzanne Verger, which allowedher to frequent artists of all kinds at a very early age. In the earlythirties, for instance, she told poems by Jacques Prévert while thepoet was not famous yet. She followed René Simon's drama course anddebuted on the stage by playing sketches in a revue at Agnès Capri'scabaret. Some time later Jacques de Casembroot noticed her andpresented her to filmmaker Henri Calef, which resulted in in animportant role in "Jericho", one of the best post-war films about theFrench Resistance.

In the same field, she played Monique Martin, thedaughter of an ordinary Resistant in "Le Père tranquille", by and withNoël-Noël, a man she had known from her childhood. She made a goodnumber of movies until 1952 but her appearances became more and moresparse because she privileged the theater. On the other hand she was avery active dubber, lending her distinguished voice to such stars asKim Novak, Joan Collins, Elsa Martinelli, Eleanor Parker, MaureenO'Hara, Ava Gardner, Barbara Stanwyck. . .

(the list could go onforever!). And television has kept her very busy as well with aboutseventy TV films, serials or series episodes. One of her most movingrecent performances (at age 78) is the role of Adèle in VincentMonnet's "Adèle et Kamel". .

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There is the list of movies, where Nadine Alari was taked part:
1 Il suffit daimer movie Il suffit daimer 1961 as Mère Marie-Thérèse
2 La plus belle fille du monde movie La plus belle fille du monde 1951 as Marie Charmy
3 Le double assassinat de la rue Morgue movie Le double assassinat de la rue Morgue 1973 as Mme de l'Espanaye
4 Le fauve est lâché movie Le fauve est lâché 1959 as Pierrette Lamiani
5 Le père Goriot movie Le père Goriot 1972 as Mme Claire de Beauséant
6 Le temps du ghetto movie Le temps du ghetto 1961 as Récitante/Narrator (French version)
7 Les dossiers de Me Robineau: Cette mort si proche movie Les dossiers de Me Robineau: Cette mort si proche 1972 as Martha
8 Les mains liées movie Les mains liées 1956 as Marie-Jeanne Jauréguy
9 Rendez-vous au tas de sable... movie Rendez-vous au tas de sable... 2008 as La mere
10 Un peu de soleil dans leau froide movie Un peu de soleil dans leau froide 1971 as Gilda
11 Deux flics sur les docks movie Deux flics sur les docks 2011 as Valérie Cartier
12 Le chevalier dHarmental movie Le chevalier dHarmental 1966 as Duchesse du Maine
13 Les amours des années folles movie Les amours des années folles 1980 as Miss Redge
14 Les brigades du Tigre movie Les brigades du Tigre 1974 as Suzanne Chaumette
15 Les enquêtes Caméléon movie Les enquêtes Caméléon 1987 as Lise Métayer
16 Adèle et Kamel movie Adèle et Kamel 2005 as Adèle
17 Agathe movie Agathe 2003 as Hélène
18 Amour movie Amour 1970 as Constance Vernon
19 Arnaud fait son 2e film movie Arnaud fait son 2e film 2015 as La mère
20 Ars Longa movie Ars Longa 2004 as Claire
21 Caroline chérie movie Caroline chérie 1951 as Charlotte Berthier
22 Christian movie Christian 1989 as Françoise
23 Châteaux et rivières movie Châteaux et rivières 1962 as Récitante/Narrator
24 Compartiment tueurs movie Compartiment tueurs 1965 as Madame Graziani
25 De notre temps movie De notre temps 1962 as Récitante/Narrator
26 Diabolo menthe movie Diabolo menthe 1977 as Mme le Censeur
27 Docteur Teyran movie Docteur Teyran 1980 as Michèle Teyran
28 Flics de choc movie Flics de choc 1983 as Véronique Duvilliers
29 Frontières movie Frontières 1975 as Mme Dornier
30 Jeanne dArc, le pouvoir de linnocence movie Jeanne dArc, le pouvoir de linnocence 1989 as Yvonne d'Aragon
31 Jericho movie Jericho 1946 as Alice Noblet
32 Josepha movie Josepha 1982 as Claude Hermann
33 Ladversaire movie Ladversaire 2002 as La mère de Christine
34 Lespion dormant movie Lespion dormant 1973 as Mme Zlotnik
35 Lhomme de joie movie Lhomme de joie 1950 as Mireille Dalier
36 Linvité du mardi movie Linvité du mardi 1950 as Ginette
37 Lété 36 movie Lété 36 1986 as Suzanne Mercier
38 La garçonne movie La garçonne 1988 as Nadine
39 La mort dIvan Ilitch movie La mort dIvan Ilitch 1974 as Praskovia
40 La nuit de Matignon movie La nuit de Matignon 1982 as Denise
There is the list of interview of Nadine Alari:
  • "Mon Film" (France), 13 August 1952, Iss. # 312, pg. pgs. 7, 8, by: Paule Marguy, "Nadine Alari et les virages glacés"
  • "Mon Film" (France), 15 February 1950, Iss. No. 182, pg. 8-9, by: Paule Marguy, "Nadine Alari n'a qu'un grand amour: la motocyclette"
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