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Real name is Jessica Marie Alba
Also known as Sky AngelAlbz
Was born at 28 April 1981 (now is 37 years old) in Pomona, California, USA

Jessica Marie Alba was born on April 28, 1981, in Pomona, CA, toCatherine (Jensen) and Mark David Alba, who served in the US Air Force. Her mother has Danish, Welsh, German, English, and French ancestry,while her father is of Mexican descent (including Spanish, IndigenousMexican and distant Sephardic Jewish, roots). Her family moved toBiloxi, MS, when she was an infant. Three years later her father'scareer brought the family back to California, then to Del Rio, TX,before finally settling in Southern California when Jessica was nine.

In love with the idea of becoming an actress from the age of five, shewas 12 before she took her first acting class. Nine months later shewas signed by an agent. She studied at the Atlantic Theatre Companywith founders 'William H. Macy' and 'David Mamet (I)' . A gifted young actress, Jessica has played a variety of roles rangingfrom light comedy to gritty drama since beginning her career.

She madeher feature film debut in 1993 in Hollywood Pictures' comedy Camp Nowhere (1994) . Originally hired for two weeks, she got herbreak when an actress in a principal role suddenly dropped out. Jessicacheerfully admits it wasn't her prodigious talent or charm thatinspired the director to tap her to take over the part--it was herhair, which matched the original performer's. The two-week jobstretched to two months, and Jessica ended the film with an impressivefirst credit. Two national TV commercials for Nintendo and J.

C. Penneyquickly followed before Jessica was featured in several independentfilms. She branched out into TV in 1994 with a recurring role inNickelodeon's popular comedy series "The Secret World of Alex Mack" (1994) . She played aninsufferable young snob, devoted to making life miserable for the thetitle character, played by 'Larisa Oleynik' . That same year, shewon the role of "Maya" in "Flipper" (1995) and filmed the pilotfor the series.

She spent 1995 shooting the first season's episodes inAustralia. An avid swimmer and PADI-certified SCUBA diver, Jessica wasdelighted to be doing a show that allowed her to play with dolphins. The show's success guaranteed it a second season, which she alsostarred in. Her involvement in the show lasted from 1995 to 1997. In 1996 she appeared in Venus Rising (1995) as "Young Eve".

Thenext year she appeared on "The Dini Petty Show" (1989) , aCanadian talk show, and spoke about her role in "Flipper" and hergeneral acting career. She began working on P. U. N. K.

S. (1999) (V) , featuring 'Randy Quaid' , in 1998. Inearly 1998 she appeared in "Brooklyn South" (1997) as "Melissa". That same year she was in two episodes of "Beverly Hills, 90210" (1990) as "Leanne" and in two episodes of "Love Boat: The Next Wave" (1998) . She appeared in "Teen Magazine" in 1995 and various European magazinesover the following years.

More importantly, she was featured in theFebruary 1999 issue of "Vanity Fair" magazine. She also had major rolesin two movies that year: Never Been Kissed (1999) and Idle Hands (1999) . In 2000 she had roles in Paranoid (2000/I) and starred in the sci-fi TV series "Dark Angel" (2000) , gaining worldwide recognition. Her first starring role in a major studio film was the Honey (2003) , Universal Pictures' contemporary urban drama thatgrossed over $60 million worldwide. She has since made over 25 featurefilms that have earned a combined box-office total of over $800million, including comedies and dramas, from gritty independents tomajor studio blockbusters.

In 2005 she starred opposite'Bruce Willis' and an all-star cast in the provocative andcritically acclaimed Sin City (2005) , directed by'Robert Rodriguez (I)' and 'Frank Miller (V)' . She nextstarred as Sue Storm--"The Invisible Girl"--in Marvel'saction-franchise blockbuster Fantastic Four (2005/I) , which wasreleased by 20th Century-Fox in July 2005 and became a worldwidebox-office success with over $300 million in revenue. Jessica was part of 'Garry Marshall' 's all-star ensemble romanticcomedy, Valentine's Day (2010/I) , which broke box-office recordswith the largest opening on a four-day President's Day weekend inhistory. She starred opposite 'Casey Affleck' and'Kate Hudson (I)' in director 'Michael Winterbottom' 'scontroversial screen adaptation of The Killer Inside Me (2010) ,based on 'Jim Thompson (I)' 's novel, as well as Robert Rodriquez's Machete (2010) . She co-starred in the third installment of thehit "Meet the Parents" franchise Little Fockers (2010) , as wellas the 4D family adventure Spy Kids: All the Time in the World in 4D (2011) , marking herthird of five collaborations with Robert Rodriguez.

Jessica was part ofan all-star voice cast for The Weinstein Company's animated adventure, Escape from Planet Earth (2013) , also featuring'Sarah Jessica Parker' , 'Brendan Fraser' and'James Gandolfini' . She appeared in the comedy A. C. O. D.

(2013) , which premiered atthe Sundance Film Festival and starred 'Adam Scott (I)' ,'Jane Lynch (I)' and 'Amy Poehler' . She made a cameoappearance in Machete Kills (2013) and co-starred in RobertRodriquez's highly-anticipated, star-studded sequel Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (2014) . That year she had a fullslate of acting projects, including the period drama Dear Eleanor (2016) "; The Englishman (????) opposite'Pierce Brosnan' and 'Salma Hayek' ; the IFC parodymini-series "The Spoils of Babylon" (2014) , produced by Funny orDie, with a stellar cast including 'Will Ferrell (I)' ,'Kristen Wiig' , 'Tobey Maguire' , 'Michael Sheen (I)' and'Tim Robbins (I)' ; and Stretch (2014) , co-starring'Patrick Wilson (I)' , 'Chris Pine (I)' , 'Ray Liotta' ,'Ed Helms' and 'Brooklyn Decker' . Jessica has received Golden Globe and People's Choice Award nominations,was voted TV Guide readers' Breakout Star of the Year, and won FavoriteTV Actress at the 2001 Teen Choice Awards for "Dark Angel. " She won theNickelodeon Kids' Choice Award for Favorite Female Actress for herperformance in "Fantastic Four" and an MTV Movie Award for SexiestPerformance in "Sin City.

" She received another Teen Choice Award forChoice Movie Actress in a Horror/Thriller for The Eye (2008) andwas honored by the Young Hollywood Awards as Superstar of Tomorrow in2005. She has received ALMA Awards for her performances in "Dark Angel"and "Machete," as well as a Fashion Icon in 2009. .

There is some small facts about Jessica Alba:
  • Older sister of 'Joshua Alba' .
  • (2001) Was #1 on Maxim's Hot 100 Babe List.
  • Her father's family is Mexican, while her mother has Danish, Welsh, German, English, Scottish, Scots-Irish (Northern Irish), and French ancestry. A DNA test taken on the television series "Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates, Jr." (2012) described Jessica as being of 72.7% European, 22.5% Native (Indigenous Mexican, including Mayan), 2% Sub-Saharan African, 0.3% Middle Eastern/North African, and 0.1% South Asian, ancestry, with an additional 2.4% for which there was no match. Her father's direct matrilineal line was also traced to distant Sephardi Jewish ancestry.
  • (February 2002) Was voted the fifth Sexiest Female Star for 2002 in a poll. Also, formerly engaged to 'Michael Weatherly (I)' .
  • Her show "Dark Angel" (2000) was canceled after two seasons on Fox.
  • Vote #4 in the Top 10 Sci-Fi Babes in 2002 for her role as Max in "Dark Angel" (2000) .
  • Loves to play golf.
  • (June 2002) Voted in at #6 in FHM's Sexiest Girls of 2002 poll, American edition.
  • Graduated high school at age 16.
  • Has a tattoo of a daisy with a ladybug on it on the back of her neck.
  • Her second cousin is skateboarding legend 'Steve Alba' (aka "Salba").
  • Broke off her long engagement to co-star 'Michael Weatherly (I)' ("Dark Angel" (2000) ) in 2003 but has reconciled recently.
  • She co-starred in one episode of "Dark Angel" (2000) with her brother, 'Joshua Alba' , which was titled "Dark Angel" (2000) {...and Jesus Brought a Casserole (#1.20)} . He played, Krit, one of her X-5 brothers who wanted to help destroy "Manticore" in the Season 1 finale.
  • Mentioned in 'D12' 's song, "My Band".
  • Was "Punk'd" (2003) on the 'Ashton Kutcher' -hosted MTV show in 2003. 'Dax Shepard' showed up fully nude at a clothing store Jessica was patronizing, following Miss Alba around the store and exposing his "business" to the blushing actress as she tried to shop for clothes. Jessica was a good sport after being informed it was all a practical joke, taped for the popular hidden- camera show.
  • Though it is common for actresses and female pop stars to strip down to various states of undress for magazine layouts and movie/TV scenes, she has stated that she is a very modest girl and would never do a nude scene or pose topless in a magazine. She has posed for men's magazines fully dressed, however.
  • Ranked #12 in Stuff magazine's "102 Sexiest Women in the World" (2002).
  • Said once in an interview that she began preparing her own meals as a child to control her weight and maintain her health. She said the food her family prepared led to weight problems for them, so she avoided that.
  • After graduating from high school, she studied with 'William H. Macy' and his wife, 'Felicity Huffman' , at 'David Mamet (I)' 's Atlantic Theater Company.
  • Named one of "50 Most Beautiful People" by People Magazine. [2005]
  • Had asthma as a child.
  • She wanted to become an actress at the age of five.
  • Became anorexic the same year she had a kidney infection (2001).
  • Has two pug dogs, named Nancy and Sid.
  • Named #5 on the Maxim magazine Hot 100 of 2005 list.
  • Ranked #3 on E! Television's 2006 101 Sexiest Celebrity Bodies.
  • She and 'Hayden Christensen' visited Bellevue hospital and spent time with little children, bringing them Christmas cheer while filming Awake (2007) . .
  • Ranked and Voted #1 by's Top 99 Most Desirable Women of 2006.
  • Threatened to sue Playboy Magazine for using her picture on the cover of the March 2006 issue without her permission. She said it misled people to believe she appeared nude in the magazine, which she did not. 'Hugh M. Hefner' apologized for the confusion and made a charity contribution on her behalf, to the satisfaction of all parties.
  • On E's "101 Sexiest Bodies", she was placed at 3rd, behind 'Brad Pitt' in 2nd and 'Angelina Jolie' in 1st.
  • Playboy magazine named her among its 25 Sexiest Celebrities, and the Sex Star of the Year in its March 2006 issue, on whose cover she appeared. Alba was involved in a litigation against Playboy for its use of her image (from a promotional shot for Into the Blue (2005) ) without her consent, which she contends gave the appearance that she was featured in the issue in a "nude or semi-nude pictorial." However she later dropped the lawsuit after receiving a personal apology from Playboy owner 'Hugh M. Hefner' , who also agreed to make donations to two charities that she has supported.
  • Despite her Mexican ancestry, she isn't fluent in Spanish. She hardly understands anything in that language.
  • Named #22 in FHM's "100 Sexiest Women in the World 2005" special supplement (2005).
  • Was featured as #5 in Maxim Magazine's "Hot 100 of 2002" supplement. (2002).
  • Named #2 on Maxim Magazine's "Hot 100 of 2006" supplement (2006).
  • Loves to cook. Her specialty is chicken enchiladas and homemade tortillas.
  • Loves Harley Davidson motorcycles.
  • Named #3 in FHM magazine's "100 Sexiest Women in the World 2006" supplement. (2006).
  • Went to strip clubs as a part of her research for her character in Sin City (2005) . However, she said that it didn't help because all the pro-strippers were doing "is trying to get tips".
  • Regularly goes to watch NBA player 'Baron Davis (I)' when he plays in Los Angeles as her boyfriend, 'Cash Warren' , is a close friend of Davis.
  • The bra that she wore in Sin City (2005) drew a winning bid of $1,025 in an eBay auction.
  • Named #2 on Maxim Magazine's "Hot 100 of 2007" supplement (2007).
  • Was ranked #2 on Maxim Magazine's "Hot 100" of the year lists, two years in a row. (2006 and 2007).
  • Named the "Sexiest Woman Celebrity" by Victoria's Secret. (2007).
  • Grew up in same town as 'Gilbert J. Menchaca' .
  • Learned how to play the violin for her role in The Eye (2008) .
  • Voted #1 as the most sexy woman in the world by the Norwegian FHM in 2006 and 2007.
  • Mentioned in 'Ashley Tisdale' 's song "He Said She Said".
  • Her father was a pro-circuit tennis player before joining the Air Force.
  • She has the Sankskrit word for "lotus" tattooed on the inside of her wrist.
  • Her maternal grandfather was a Marine NCO for thirty years, serving in the Pacific during WWII, and later as Asst. Drum Major for the United States Marine Band.
  • Good friends with 'Lindsay Lohan' , 'Eva Longoria' , 'Eva Mendes' and 'Kate Hudson (I)' .
  • Started training in dance and Tae Bo two months prior to the start of scheduled filming on Honey (2003) (July 2002).
  • Frightened of flying birds.
  • Voted in at #1 in FHM's Sexiest Girls of 2007 poll, Latvian edition.
  • Named #4 on Empire Magazine's 100 Sexiest Movie Stars. (2007).
  • In 2007, Forbes Magazine estimated her earnings for the year to be $9 million.
  • Has co-starred with actor 'Sean Whalen (I)' in Never Been Kissed (1999) and Idle Hands (1999) but has never appeared on screen with him.
  • Her parents were only 20 when she was born.
  • (2008) Paid $4,050,000 for a 4,686-square-foot house in Beverly Hills, California.
  • Daughter-in-law of 'Michael Warren (I)' .
  • Married her husband,'Cash Warren' , at a private ceremony on May 19th, 2008. Even her closest friends were not invited.
  • Ranked #34 on the Maxim magazine Hot 100 of 2008 list.
  • Ranked #2 on Wizard magazine's "Sexiest Women of TV" list (March 2008).
  • Gave birth to her daughter Honor Marie Warren, with husband 'Cash Warren' , via natural delivery, at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles (7 June 2008).
  • Named to GQ Magazines' 25 Sexiest Women in film of all time.
  • Has portrayed a character named Sam or Samantha in four different movies.
  • Returned to work 4 months after giving birth to her daughter Honor to begin filming An Invisible Sign (2010) .
  • Is mentioned in 'Eminem' 's song "We Made You".
  • Born at 1:51 PM (PDT).
  • Was considered to replace 'Emily Blunt' in Iron Man 2 (2010) but the role went to 'Scarlett Johansson' .
  • Was ranked #34 on Maxim magazine's Hot 100 of 2010 list.
  • Her nude scene in Machete (2010) was fake. She actually wore underwear that were later digitally removed. Alba has stated that she would never do a nude scene and in fact has a "no nudity" clause as a standard part of all of her contracts.
  • Appeared twice on the cover of GQ magazine: April '05 and June '07.
  • Ranked #54 in Men's Health 100 Hottest Women of All Time (2011).
  • Returned to work 7 months after giving birth to her daughter Haven to begin filming A.C.O.D. (2013) .
  • Was 1 month pregnant with her daughter Haven when she completed filming from Escape from Planet Earth (2013) .
  • Co-founder, with 'Christopher Gavigan' , of "The Honest Company", which makes chemical-free products, like diapers.
  • Jessica Alba is a close friend with Italian actor 'Andrea Logiudice' . They met during the Venice Film Festival in 2002.
  • Had a body double for her sex scenes in The Sleeping Dictionary (2003) .
  • (April 2008) Los Angeles, California
  • 'Taryn Dakha Malco' has served as her body double for numerous films, including Fantastic Four (2005/I) , Good Luck Chuck (2007) , The Eye (2008) , The Love Guru (2008) and Machete (2010) .
  • (May 19, 2008) Married her boyfriend of 3 years 'Cash Warren' following a 5-month-long engagement.
  • Gave birth to her 1st child at age 27, a daughter Honor Marie Warren on June 7, 2008. Child's father is her husband, 'Cash Warren' .
  • Gave birth to her 2nd child at age 30, a daughter Haven Garner Warren on August 13, 2011. Child's father is her husband, 'Cash Warren' .
  • Godmother of 'Kyle Newman (I)' & 'Jaime King' 's son James.
  • Ranked #8 on Maxim's "Hot 100" of 2014 list.
  • Johnny Depp is her favorite actor.
  • Daughter Haven got her name from being born still in the Amniotic sac.
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1 17th Annual GLAAD Media Awards movie 17th Annual GLAAD Media Awards 2006 as Herself
2 2005 MTV Movie Awards movie 2005 MTV Movie Awards 2005 as Herself - Presenter
3 2007 Taurus World Stunt Awards movie 2007 Taurus World Stunt Awards 2007 as Herself
4 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer movie 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer 2007 as Invisible Woman/Susan Storm
5 AFIs 10 Top 10: Americas 10 Greatest Films in 10 Classic Genres movie AFIs 10 Top 10: Americas 10 Greatest Films in 10 Classic Genres 2008 as Herself
6 Escape from Planet Earth movie Escape from Planet Earth 2013 as Lena Thackleman
7 Fantastic Four Video Diary Tour movie Fantastic Four Video Diary Tour 2005 as Herself
8 How to Make Love Like an Englishman movie How to Make Love Like an Englishman 2014 as Kate
9 MTV Movie Awards 2005 Pre-Show movie MTV Movie Awards 2005 Pre-Show 2005 as Herself
10 MTV Movie Awards 2010 Pre-Show movie MTV Movie Awards 2010 Pre-Show 2010 as Herself
11 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards 03 movie Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards 03 2003 as Herself
12 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards 05 movie Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards 05 2005 as Herself
13 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards 06 movie Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards 06 2006 as Herself
14 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards 07 movie Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards 07 2007 as Herself
15 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards movie Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards 2001 as Herself
16 Secrets of New York Fashion Week movie Secrets of New York Fashion Week 2015 as Herself
17 Spy Kids: All the Time in the World in 4D movie Spy Kids: All the Time in the World in 4D 2011 as Marissa Wilson
18 The 2005 Billboard Music Awards movie The 2005 Billboard Music Awards 2005 as Herself
19 The 59th Annual Golden Globe Awards movie The 59th Annual Golden Globe Awards 2002 as Herself - Presenter: Best Actor in a Supporting Role in a Series, Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television
20 The 63rd Annual Golden Globe Awards movie The 63rd Annual Golden Globe Awards 2006 as Herself - Presenter: Best Actor in a Supporting Role in a Series, Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television
21 The 78th Annual Academy Awards movie The 78th Annual Academy Awards 2006 as Herself - Co-Presenter: Best Sound Mixing
22 Al rojo vivo con María Celeste movie Al rojo vivo con María Celeste 2002 as Herself
23 Buzz: AT&T Original Documentaries movie Buzz: AT&T Original Documentaries 2007 as Herself
24 Ellen: The Ellen DeGeneres Show movie Ellen: The Ellen DeGeneres Show 2003 as Herself
25 Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. movie Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. 2012 as Herself
26 Late Show with David Letterman movie Late Show with David Letterman 1993 as Herself
27 Live with Regis and Kathie Lee movie Live with Regis and Kathie Lee 1988 as Herself
28 RuPauls Drag Race movie RuPauls Drag Race 2009 as Herself - Guest Judge
29 The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson movie The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson 2005 as Herself - Guest
30 The Oprah Winfrey Show movie The Oprah Winfrey Show 1986 as Herself - Guest
31 The Rosie ODonnell Show movie The Rosie ODonnell Show 1996 as Herself - Guest
32 The Showbiz Show with David Spade movie The Showbiz Show with David Spade 2005 as Herself
33 The Spoils of Babylon movie The Spoils of Babylon 2014 as Dixie Melonworth
34 The Tonight Show with Jay Leno movie The Tonight Show with Jay Leno 1992 as Herself
35 The Wendy Williams Show movie The Wendy Williams Show 2008 as Herself - Guest
36 101 Sexiest Celebrity Bodies movie 101 Sexiest Celebrity Bodies 2005 as Herself - Place #2
37 2001 ALMA Awards movie 2001 ALMA Awards 2001 as Herself
38 2006 ALMA Awards movie 2006 ALMA Awards 2006 as Herself
39 2006 MTV Movie Awards movie 2006 MTV Movie Awards 2006 as Herself - Host
40 2007 ALMA Awards movie 2007 ALMA Awards 2007 as Herself
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There is the list of some quotes of Jessica Alba:
  • I'm really good at being sarcastic with guys. That's the best way to hang out with them, because that's what guys like. They don't want the quiet, prissy little things.
  • I like Spongebob Squarepants. He's goofy, like me.
  • [July 2004] I just don't have a great feeling about what we're doing in Iraq. I don't know why we're there. Didn't we just give the power back over there? Why are we still there?
  • [on racial stereotyping] My father is Mexican and very dark; my mother is very fair. I used to always get [script] breakdowns for things like Maria, the janitor's daughter who hangs around with white kids. I was born in the United States. I never thought about it until the industry made me think about being a Latin girl. It seemed like such a bizarre thing.
  • Men are much bigger divas than women. When I used to do the action scenes in "Dark Angel" (2000) I would have to play it rough. If you hit an actress accidentally, she would usually take it on the chin and say, "Don't do that again." But with the guys, they would put ice on it, take a 20-minute break and ask for X-rays. It was unbelievable. I would tell them, "Come on, man, get over it." That's actors for you.
  • There is always an unspoken problem about casting Latina actresses. I have heard 'Jennifer Lopez (I)' talk about how it was for her, always being up for the role of the Latina chick.
  • What happens when the looks fade?. If I don't establish myself as someone who can act a part rather than look the part, I will soon be finished.
  • I love listening to 'Coldplay' . But sometimes I listen to it too much and it depresses me. I call it a "reflective" mood.
  • The most important thing I have learned in life was that being a teenager wasn't forever. I had a hard time being a teenager.
  • I don't hang out with the Hollywood cool people. I'm not out trying to make friends with people because they're famous.
  • I have my own spiritual thing, but am not part of an organized religion. I think religion is very special and individual to each person.
  • I don't need to be in the press or seen. Just because I'm not in magazines or because I'm not in a movie doesn't mean I'm going away. It just means I have some sense of integrity.
  • Living in L.A., everyone likes to mold you and change you. I don't care about fame, I don't care about being a celebrity. I know that's part of the job, but I don't feed into anyone's idea of who I should be.
  • I used to come to Beverly Hills for auditions as a kid and think, "Why don't I live here? Why don't I drive that car?"
  • I wasn't given a whole lot in my life. I was on the bottom of the class system. But I got wisdom. I never just did what people told me. I questioned everything. When I look back, it is really no surprise that I started working at 12.
  • From a very early age, I remember thinking that adults were always acting like assholes. I couldn't understand why I had to respect them. My pre-school teacher forced me to write right-handed when I was left-handed. I didn't get why I had to change. Nobody could give me a reason. I have had a big problem with authority ever since.
  • [Being raised by young parents] We all grew up together. My parents were so young. My dad hates it when I talk about our past, about not having things, living with grandma, wearing thrift-store clothes, cutting coupons.
  • [on learning Spanish] I have a great accent because I grew up hearing it in the neighborhood. But I have no idea what I'm saying.
  • [on growing up in L.A.] I never really belonged anywhere. I wasn't white. I was shunned by the Latin community for not being Latin enough. My grandfather was the only one in our family to go to college. He made a choice not to speak Spanish in the house. He didn't want his kids to be different.
  • It's not always so great to be objectified but I don't feel I have much of a choice right now. I'm young in my career. I know I have to strike when the iron is hot. I look forward to the day when I can do a small movie and act and it's not about me wearing a bathing suit or chaps.
  • One of the reasons why I chose not to be a devout Christian is because a lot of people gave me a lot of grief for just being a woman and made me feel ashamed for having a body because it tempted men. I didn't understand what that meant because I was like, "God created this . . ." That was a hard time in my life.
  • I just didn't like the damsel-in-distress thing. I could relate to young girls wanting to see her take care of herself. And because I'm so good at action, I talked the writer and producer and director into throwing together a little fight sequence. It ended up taking three more weeks to shoot it. But at least I'm not tied up and asleep until my knight in shining armor comes and saves me. So I thought it was cool.
  • My whole life, when I was growing up, not one race has ever accepted me. So I never felt connected or attached to any race specifically. I did grow up in a Mexican-American culture, but my mom [who's of French and Danish descent] was there the whole time. I mean, I had a very American upbringing, I feel American, and I don't speak Spanish. So, to say that I'm a Latin actress, OK, but it's not fitting; it would be insincere. If you're going to look genetically, I'm actually less Latin than 'Cameron Diaz' , whose father is from Cuba. But she's not getting called a Latin actress because she's got blond hair and blue eyes.
  • The movies that I do are usually physically demanding in one way or another. It's a good way to keep your health on track. Especially when you've been on-set for 14 hours, it's nice to relieve that stress in another way than having to rely on a big meal and wine.
  • Thank you to the fans. I do movies for you. Practice safe sex and drive hybrids if you can.
  • My first kiss was when I was 7, and it was scandalous because he was 10! I only did it so he would pick me on our neighborhood baseball team. And at the time, I thought it was great, but then it sucked because he didn't even pick me!
  • Men's magazines have nipples so why don't women have a magazine where men show their penises? There's Playgirl but not a fashion magazine like Elle. If there was a magazine like that I'd buy it. Nudity's not a big deal to me . . . I've said I won't go naked in any of my movies, because I don't want to. But that doesn't mean I don't want to see other people strip off!
  • It's porn [Good Luck Chuck (2007) ]. There were all these actresses who got conned into being completely naked. Some were strippers, probably. But every day when I was done, I ran away. I was like, "Bye". As long as they didn't disrespect me, I could give a rat's butt.
  • It's probably the most influential thing that I've ever had. Thank god for "Dark Angel" (2000) . Getting a blessing by 'James Cameron (I)' to star in his first television show. Really, the first thing he did after Titanic (1997) was hire me.
  • To me, box office is the most important thing. If the movie makes money, then I'm fine.
  • My theory is that if you look confident, you can pull off anything - even if you have no clue what you're doing.
  • When I went blonde for Sin City (2005) three years ago, I swear I've never had more male attention. I'd go to a bar and all these Arab Princes and much older men would want to buy me a drink - I'm talking guys in their 80s!
  • There's this mentality that you need the big dress and the big day - the day every girl gets to be a princess. I didn't agree with any of that. This tradition of obeying your husband like he's your king? It's a load of crap. Love and honor, yes. But you should love and honor yourself too, and all your friends.
  • [on 'Lindsay Lohan' ] She's really nice. We hang out and chat for hours about girl stuff.
  • No, I'll never do a nude scene. I can act sexy and wear sexy clothes but I can't go naked. I come from a very Catholic family so it wasn't seen as a good thing to flaunt yourself like that. I can handle being sexy with clothes on but not with them off.
  • [on 'James Cameron (I)' ] There's nobody like him, and we're all blessed to have him be one of the best directors in our lifetime.
  • Avatar (2009) is incredible, just incredible. I love what Jim ['James Cameron (I)' ] is doing for the environment, just in what his movie says about taking care of and trying to save our planet. It's such a beautiful message.
  • I'm a total nerd at heart. If I'm not working I spend the whole day in my pajamas. I've never been desperate to be out there at parties, or to be playing the dating game.
  • Pregnancy was the most incredible experience I've ever had. So I'll take the stretch marks. I'll take the sagging boobs. I'll take the cellulite I can never get rid of.
  • My mom grew up around a huge family, and they always wanted more kids, and I was like, 'Why don't you just adopt?' I'm totally inspired. If you have the love, and the capacity to love children, you should just adopt. And I plan on doing it.
  • I love 'Kate Winslet' , she has a beautiful body, as does 'Monica Bellucci' , 'Beyoncé Knowles' , 'Jennifer Lopez (I)' , 'Jessica Biel (I)' , 'Scarlett Johansson' . There are so many gorgeous girls out there.
  • I've bought 70 percent of my house off Craigslist! I've found so many things: couches, tables, lamps. I love the idea of recycling furniture and there being a history there.
  • [on her daughter] I'm very strict with her. When it's time for her to eat, whether she's hollering or whatever, it's time to eat. She gets a time out if she cries for no reason. So then she stops because she doesn't want a time out.
  • [on having more children] Yeah, I think so, it's the best thing ever. So, having more kids, I can wrap my head around it.
  • No, I'll never do a nude scene. I can act sexy and wear sexy clothes but I can't go naked.
  • [on 'Lindsay Lohan' ] The fact that she can poke fun at herself - she's a brilliant actress. Mean Girls (2004) is a classic. It's so good. How can you ever forget that? I think people should probably focus more on someone's career and maybe less on someone's personal circumstances. It's nobody's business. Everyone goes through their own thing.
  • [on herself after childbirth] My breasts are saggy, I've got cellulite, my hips are bigger... every actress out there is more beautiful than me.
  • [on the criticism she received on her acting career] I know I haven't been swimming in the deep end with some of the movies I've done. I wasn't trying to. I knew what they were.
  • When I read the script for Machete (2010) , I was uncomfortable with the sexual content. I got really nervous even talking about it.
  • I wish I was more educated but I make do with the tools I was given in life.
  • [on being a parent] It's the best of life. Honor walks and talks, has a lot of opinions.
  • Honor is so beautiful and I feel so enriched by being part of her life. She's my main priority now and I want to give her the best life possible. Before she was born I was totally focused on my career, but now with Cash and our daughter I feel that I'm building a wonderful family. I would like to have more children at some point.
  • We didn't plan on starting a family so soon but when it happened we realized what a beautiful moment it was. We're a lot closer. The beauty of marriage and having a family is knowing you're sharing everything with someone else and are committed to being part of each others lives. Cash and I understand that and together with our daughter, we want to have a wonderful life.
  • Oddly, I think I'm a little more wild and free since I had Honor because once she's in bed all my mom friends come over and we have dance parties at my house. It's really dorky and I probably wouldn't have done that before. But no, I don't go out. I hang out with my friends and I'm pretty chilled.
  • [on being criticized by 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007) director 'Tim Story (I)' ] - [The director told me] 'It looks too real. It looks too painful. Can you be prettier when you cry? Cry pretty, Jessica'. He was like, 'Don't do that thing with your face. Just make it flat. We can CGI the tears in'. I'm like, 'but there's no connection to a human being'. And then it all got me thinking: 'Am I not good enough? Are my instincts and my emotions not good enough? Do people hate them so much that they don't want me to be a person? Am I not allowed to be a person in my work?' And so I just said, 'Fuck it - I don't care about this business anymore.'
  • I don't do nudity. I just don't. Maybe that makes me a bad actress. Maybe I won't get hired in some things. But I have too much anxiety.
  • I can't ever get down to the weight I was before I had Honor [her first child]. My body's just different. The jeans just sort of zip up differently, and things hang differently.
  • (on physical attraction fading and personality being more important in relationships): The physical is so fleeting anyway. And when you're in a relationship, the physical lasts for, maximum, two years. And then you don't care how attractive you are to that person - if they drive you nuts, they drive you nuts.
  • (on expecting her second child) The nursery isn't ready. It's not even close, but I'm accumulating things. In the beginning the baby stays with me in the room, so you don't need the nursery ready so soon. We're remodeling our house, so it's going to take a few months. I'm really taking my time.
  • I was a child actor and it worked for me, given the circumstances I was in, but I'm lucky enough to give my daughter and my second baby a completely different life and an education that I never had the opportunity to have. When they're done with college, if they want to get into the arts, that's fine. I think you will be a better artist the more life experience you have, but I wouldn't encourage them to work in this type of environment as children.
  • It's hard. On the weekends is when my husband and I make a concerted effort to just not email or text, but really spend our time with our daughter and be completely, 100 percent focused on her. During the week, it's here and there, depending on if I am busy with meetings or not. It is tough, because I do care about my career. I do have that, but she's my number one priority. If she's not doing okay, nothing matters.
  • It feels like you're really officially, really truly a mom when you have two kids. [With] one kid you're a mom for sure, but two takes it to another level.
  • [on chipping her front tooth while filming Good Luck Chuck (2007) ] I chipped my front tooth doing a kiss with 'Dane Cook' and he chipped his bottom tooth. We were doing this comedic Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005) love scene, and we were slamming into walls and breaking things and tumbling over couches and stuff. At one point, he slammed my head into a picture frame and, while my head was smacking into the wall and breaking the picture, his teeth slammed into my teeth. Now I have a bond on my tooth and, when I take it off, I look like 'Jim Carrey' in Dumb & Dumber (1994) . I look really silly. I guess I'd be perfect for a sequel. I can definitely take the bond off of my tooth and throw people off a bit. I get to take this thing off and be somebody else for a little while. It's like a disguise.
  • I don't have to be a boss; I don't have to be a wife; I don't have to be a sister. It's been liberating to be able to play someone who's a badass or promiscuous because that's the opposite of who I am. It's like a drug.
  • [on her 'new approach' to acting] I've played a lot of leading-lady types; they were sweet, aspirational, not terribly complicated people. I need to make sure I had staying power, so I went after tentpole movies that were going to be big and global. I really just want to work with directors who I think are cool, and on movies that I think are fun and characters that I think are interesting, whether that's an indie or a big movie.
  • Everybody is beautiful, and there are so many different types of beauty and ideas of beauty - it really comes down to confidence.
  • I share the same advice that my mom gave me - stay hydrated and sleep well. And that being a beautiful person on the inside is what matters.
  • [on Johnny Depp] I have a huge fat crush on him. Of all the men in this business, he is my favorite. Wow! I presented at the Golden Globes. I saw him, made eye contact with him and forgot all my lines.
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