Maria Alba

as Princess Nadji in the movie Chandu on the Magic Island

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Real name is Maria Casajuana
Was born at 19 March 1910 in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain . Died at 26 October 1996, San Diego, California, USA (Alzheimer's disease)
There is some small facts about Maria Alba:
  • Spanish-born actress and dancer who appeared in American films between 1927 and 1935.
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There is the list of movies, where Maria Alba was taked part:
1 Chandu on the Magic Island movie Chandu on the Magic Island 1935 as Princess Nadji
2 Charros, gauchos y manolas movie Charros, gauchos y manolas 1930 as Spanish artist
3 Dr. Terrors House of Horrors movie Dr. Terrors House of Horrors 1943 as The Transmigration Subject (segment "The Panther Men of Zuma")
4 A Girl in Every Port movie A Girl in Every Port 1928 as Chiquita
5 Almost Married movie Almost Married 1932 as Mariette
6 Blindfold movie Blindfold 1928 as Pepita
7 Camino del infierno movie Camino del infierno 1931 as Angela
8 El cuerpo del delito movie El cuerpo del delito 1930 as Señorita Delroy
9 El código penal movie El código penal 1931 as Mary Brady
10 Flirting with Danger movie Flirting with Danger 1934 as Rosita
11 Goldie movie Goldie 1931 as Dolores
12 Great God Gold movie Great God Gold 1935 as Elena Nitto
13 Hells Heroes movie Hells Heroes 1929 as Carmelita
14 Hypnotized movie Hypnotized 1932 as Princess Mitzi
15 Joy Street movie Joy Street 1929 as Agnes
16 Just a Gigolo movie Just a Gigolo 1931 as A French Wife
17 Kiss of Araby movie Kiss of Araby 1933 as Dolores Mendez
18 La fuerza del querer movie La fuerza del querer 1930 as Shirley
19 La ley del harem movie La ley del harem 1931 as Fatima
20 Los que danzan movie Los que danzan 1930 as Norma Brady
21 Mr. Robinson Crusoe movie Mr. Robinson Crusoe 1932 as Saturday
22 Olimpia movie Olimpia 1930 as Princess Olimpia
23 Road House movie Road House 1928 as Spanish Marla
24 Su última noche movie Su última noche 1931 as Elena Desano
25 West of the Pecos movie West of the Pecos 1934 as Dolores
There is the list of some articles of Maria Alba:
  • "Classic Images" (USA), May 2000, Iss. 299, pg. 56, by: Harris Lentz III, "Maria Alba, 89"
  • "Moving Picture World" (USA), 2 May 1927, pg. 785, ill, "'Miss Spain' Here for Beauty Trials and Fox Contract"
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