Elsa Albani

as La madre in the movie Sei personaggi in cerca dautore

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Real name is Elsa Lapini
Was born at 1 January 1921 in Genoa, Liguria, Italy . Died at 24 August 2004, Genova, Italy
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There is the list of movies, where Elsa Albani was taked part:
1 Sei personaggi in cerca dautore movie Sei personaggi in cerca dautore 1965 as La madre
2 Il padrone del villaggio movie Il padrone del villaggio 1965 as Tatiana Ivànovna
3 Come, quando, perché movie Come, quando, perché 1969 as Marco's mother
4 I sette fratelli Cervi movie I sette fratelli Cervi 1968 as Genoveffa Cocconi Cervi
5 La ragazza con la valigia movie La ragazza con la valigia 1961 as Lucia
6 La signora dalle camelie movie La signora dalle camelie 1971 as Gaudenzia
7 Le streghe movie Le streghe 1967 as Gossip (segment "Strega Bruciata Viva, La")
8 Lo sbarco di Anzio movie Lo sbarco di Anzio 1968 as Emilia
9 Per amore movie Per amore 1976 as Rosa - Alberto's sister
10 Venere imperiale movie Venere imperiale 1962 as Pianista
11 I miserabili movie I miserabili 1964 as Magloire
12 Il commissario De Vincenzi movie Il commissario De Vincenzi 1974 as Evelina
13 La cittadella movie La cittadella 1964 as Frau Schmidt
There is the list of some printed articles of Elsa Lapini:
  • "King" (Italy), March 1969, Iss. 1, pg. 97, by: Ery Vigorelli, "Teatro italiano"
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