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Lorielle New is an actress with more than 60 movie, TV, and short filmcredits credits to her name. Lorielle began her career working asMichelle Pfeiffer's photo-double and stand-in on three films. Lorielle's focus and commitment impressed director, Jon Avnet, whodecided to create her very first speaking role in his film, " Up Closeand Personal". Soon afterwards, through sheer determination, Loriellebegan booking her own acting jobs, starting with a provocativeguest-star role on David E.

Kelley's Emmy winning series, "ThePractice", in which she played a porn star on trial for murder. Over the years, she has become know for the many memorably quirky, andoften diabolical, characters in her vast resume of independent films-she's played everything from a werewolf, to a hypnotist, to porn-star,to a nerdy secretary. As well as Michelle Pfeiffer, Robert Redford, David E. Kelley, and JonAvnet, Lorielle has also been lucky enough to work with the likes ofRob Zombie, Stephen Jarchow, Mel Damski, Paul Colichman, Jeff Fahey,Henry Jaglom, Sam Irvin, Rolfe Kanefsky, and David De Coteau to justname a few. She is especially proud of her starring role in thelow-budget independent film, " Edgar Allen Poe's The Pit and thePendulum", which was directed by David De Coteau for RegentEntertainment/ Here! Network.

Her role as the diabolical JB Divay hasbeen described as a " delicious, entertaining, campy romp "In addition to her acting, Lorielle is involved with many philanthropicorganizations and is a committed supporter of Equality, LGBT,positivity for all peoples, and the ethical treatment of animals andthe environment. She is also a dedicated artist working in the mediumsof acrylic paints and reduction printing, and has sold several piecesto private collectors. She is in the process of mounting an exhibitionof her artwork. Currently (2014), Lorielle is developing several projects of her own, aswell as expanding the scope of her popular daily Internet talk showwhich has been running for over 5 years, and has had over 2 millionviewers during that time. .

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There is the list of movies, where Lorielle New was taked part:
1 Sex Sells: The Making of Touché movie Sex Sells: The Making of Touché 2005 as Candy/Girl at Audition
2 Up Close & Personal movie Up Close & Personal 1996 as Merino's Secretary
3 9 Full Moons movie 9 Full Moons 2013 as Lorielle
4 9mm Sunrise movie 9mm Sunrise 2006 as Blond Hitwoman
5 Alien 51 movie Alien 51 2004 as Nadia
6 Alone with a Stranger movie Alone with a Stranger 2001 as Crystal
7 American Virgin movie American Virgin 1999 as Tina
8 Annas Eve movie Annas Eve 2004 as Eve Duncan/Ghost
9 Armageddon Boulevard movie Armageddon Boulevard 1999 as Bikini Assassin
10 Big Top movie Big Top 2006 as Aunt Anna
11 Bit Players movie Bit Players 2000 as Actress in towel
12 Black Dahlia movie Black Dahlia 2006 as Brianne
13 Bleed 4 Me movie Bleed 4 Me 2011 as Rebecca
14 Bruno & Earlene Go to Vegas movie Bruno & Earlene Go to Vegas 2013 as Casey
15 Carman: The Champion movie Carman: The Champion 2001 as Anna
16 Chicano Blood movie Chicano Blood 2008 as Stenographer
17 Corpses movie Corpses 2004 as Babs
18 Dead Doll movie Dead Doll 2004 as Maria
19 Dirtyglitter 1: Damien movie Dirtyglitter 1: Damien 2005 as Svetlana
20 Dr. Moreaus House of Pain movie Dr. Moreaus House of Pain 2004 as Alliana
21 Farewell, My Love movie Farewell, My Love 2000 as Dahra
22 Forever Plaid movie Forever Plaid 2008 as Herself
23 Frankenstein Reborn movie Frankenstein Reborn 2005 as Candy
24 Freeze Out movie Freeze Out 2005 as Janice
25 Going Shopping movie Going Shopping 2005 as Shopper
26 Grindhouse movie Grindhouse 2007 as Werewolf Woman (segment "Werewolf Women of the SS")
27 Her Married Lover movie Her Married Lover 1999 as Fan
28 House of Fur movie House of Fur 2007 as The other woman
29 Living the Dream movie Living the Dream 2006 as Escort
30 Martas Sex Tape movie Martas Sex Tape 2006 as Brunetta du Jour
31 Miami Vice Uncensored! movie Miami Vice Uncensored! 2006 as Prostitute 1
32 My Life in Clothes movie My Life in Clothes 2000 as Claudia
33 Naked Killer movie Naked Killer 2008 as Candy
34 Nasty Piece of Work movie Nasty Piece of Work 2016 as Jenna the Cowgirl
35 Noirland movie Noirland 2016 as Polly
36 Orgy of Blood movie Orgy of Blood 2010 as Sabina
37 Orgy of the Damned movie Orgy of the Damned 2016 as Sabina
38 Past Obsessions movie Past Obsessions 2011 as Lorielle
39 Postal movie Postal 2007 as Starr
40 Shade of Pale movie Shade of Pale 2005 as Mrs. Kunnuntz
There is the list of some articles of Lorielle New:
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There is the list of some printed articles of New, Lorielle:
  • "Solo G" (Sweden), 12 December 2006, pg. 45, by: Johanna Soderlind, "Mode-Missar"
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