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as Maria d'Alvarez Kirby in the movie Blind Alleys

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Real name is Grethe Ruzt-Nissen
Was born at 30 January 1905 in Oslo, Norway . Died at 15 May 1988, Montecito, California, USA (Parkinson's disease)

Greta Ruzt-Nissen was born in Oslo, Norway, on January 30, 1905. As ayoung girl she studied dance and had intended to make a career out ofit. For a while she did, but when she was 19 she appeared in her firstbig-screen production, The Wanderer (1925) . Afterwards she madeseveral more films, but she was one of those who lost much work due tothe advent of sound films.

One setback for her was when she was chosenfor the lead in Hell's Angels (1930) by 'Howard Hughes (I)' but then replaced by 'Jean Harlow (I)' because of her heavyNorwegian accent. The film shot Harlow to stardom. Throughout the 1930sGreta stayed fairly busy. Obviously some roles were better than others,but she never got the breakout role she wanted so badly. After Cafe Colette (1937) , Greta left the screen forever.

On May 17,1988, she died of Parkinson's disease. She was 83 years old. .

There is some small facts about Greta Nissen:
  • Studied ballet with the famed 'Mikhail Fokin' and had her debut on Broadway in the musical "Beggar On Horseback". She appeared with 'Florenz Ziegfeld Jr.' in the 1926 production of "No Foolin'". She was brought to the screen by 'Jesse Lasky' . Was replaced by 'Jean Harlow (I)' on Hell's Angels (1930) when producer 'Howard Hughes (I)' decided to make it a sound film, and Nissen's heavy Norwegian accent made much of her dialogue unintelligible.
  • Made $2500 a week when filming Hell's Angels (1969) in 1927/28. Was replaced when the film was made into sound and her replacement, 'Jean Harlow (I)' , worked for $250.
  • Replaced 'Greta Garbo' in The Love Thief (1926) .
  • Talked about, as one of the forgotten stars of the past, in an episode of "Burke's law", episode: "Who Killed Mr. X". aired September 27, 1963.
  • Celebrity spokesperson for Lux Toilet Soap (1931).
  • She was a protégé of the Queen of Norway, who was in charge of her education and had her placed in the Royal Opera House in Copenhagen. Before her fifth birthday she had danced at royal command in three European courts.
  • Although her first American feature was "Lady of Lyons," Jesse L. Lasky shelved it for his second release. Her American debut film was made opposite Adolph Menjou in William de Mille's "Lost - A wife" based on the French play "Banco" by Alfred Savoir.
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There is the list of movies, where Greta Nissen was taked part:
1 Norwegian Actresses in Hollywood movie Norwegian Actresses in Hollywood 2003 as Herself
2 On Secret Service movie On Secret Service 1933 as Marchesa Marcella Galdi
3 The King on Main Street movie The King on Main Street 1925 as Thérèse Manix
4 Ambassador Bill movie Ambassador Bill 1931 as Countess Ilka
5 Best of Enemies movie Best of Enemies 1933 as The Blonde
6 Blind Alleys movie Blind Alleys 1927 as Maria d'Alvarez Kirby
7 Blonde or Brunette movie Blonde or Brunette 1927 as Fanny
8 Cafe Colette movie Cafe Colette 1937 as Vanda Muroff
9 Daarskab, dyd og driverter movie Daarskab, dyd og driverter 1923 as Grethe
10 Fazil movie Fazil 1928 as Fabienne
11 Good Sport movie Good Sport 1931 as Peggy Bums
12 Hired Wife movie Hired Wife 1934 as Vivian Mathews
13 Honours Easy movie Honours Easy 1935 as Ursula Barton
14 In the Name of Love movie In the Name of Love 1925 as Marie Dufrayne
15 Life in the Raw movie Life in the Raw 1933 as Belle
16 Lille Lise let-paa-taa movie Lille Lise let-paa-taa 1924 as Lise
17 Lost: A Wife movie Lost: A Wife 1925 as Charlotte Randolph
18 Melody Cruise movie Melody Cruise 1933 as Elsa Von Rader
19 Rackety Rax movie Rackety Rax 1932 as Voine
20 Red Wagon movie Red Wagon 1933 as Zara
21 The Butter and Egg Man movie The Butter and Egg Man 1928 as Mary Martin
22 The Circus Queen Murder movie The Circus Queen Murder 1933 as Josie La Tour
23 The Lady of the Harem movie The Lady of the Harem 1926 as Pervaneh
24 The Love Thief movie The Love Thief 1926 as Princess Flavia Eugenia Marie
25 The Luck of a Sailor movie The Luck of a Sailor 1934 as Queen Helena
26 The Lucky Lady movie The Lucky Lady 1926 as Antoinette
27 The Popular Sin movie The Popular Sin 1926 as La Belle Toulaise
28 The Silent Witness movie The Silent Witness 1932 as Nora Selmer
29 The Unwritten Law movie The Unwritten Law 1932 as Fifi La Rue
30 The Wanderer movie The Wanderer 1925 as Tisha
31 Transatlantic movie Transatlantic 1931 as Sigrid Carline
32 Women of All Nations movie Women of All Nations 1931 as Elsa
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