Megan Albertus

as Contestant #8/Finalist in the movie Beat the Blondes

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Real name is Megan Jean Albertus
Was born at 13 November 1981 (now is 37 years old) in Spokane, Washington, USA
There is some small facts about Megan Albertus:
  • Is a strict vegetarian.
  • Volunteers regularly at the Lange Animal Rescue Foundation.
  • Attended Washington State University, graduating in 2004 with degrees in Criminal Justice & Political Science.
  • Has a younger brother named Noah.
  • Raised by her mother, Nancy, after her father passed away in 1987.
  • Is the proud pet parent of 6 rescued cats.
Also look some video clip about Megan Albertus:
There is the list of movies, where Megan Albertus was taked part:
1 Beat the Blondes movie Beat the Blondes 2007 as Contestant #8/Finalist
2 Still Single? A Divorced Mans journey to understanding Women movie Still Single? A Divorced Mans journey to understanding Women 2015 as Herself
3 Boys Are Stupid, Girls Are Mean movie Boys Are Stupid, Girls Are Mean 2012 as Holly
4 96 Souls movie 96 Souls 2016 as Student
5 A Thousand Years of Good Prayers movie A Thousand Years of Good Prayers 2007 as Forensics Girl
6 Aim Away from Face movie Aim Away from Face 2008 as Amber
7 Bachelor Night movie Bachelor Night 2014 as Amanda
8 Boxgirl movie Boxgirl 2014 as Boxgirl
9 Come Clean Conditioner Kickstarter movie Come Clean Conditioner Kickstarter 2013 as Testimonial 2
10 High & Gruesome movie High & Gruesome 2014 as Pesticide Girl #1
11 In the Company of Strangers movie In the Company of Strangers 2014 as Dancer
12 Mantervention movie Mantervention 2014 as Tipsy Girl
13 Share the Dare movie Share the Dare 2013 as Meghan
14 The Dandies movie The Dandies 2015 as Cocktail Waitress
15 1000 Ways to Die movie 1000 Ways to Die 2008 as Farmer's Daughter
16 Baggage movie Baggage 2010 as Herself
17 Face Off movie Face Off 2011 as Herself
18 Mad Men movie Mad Men 2007 as Secretary
19 Man Jam movie Man Jam 2015 as Jeanya
20 Mommas Boys movie Mommas Boys 2008 as Herself
21 Movie Mob movie Movie Mob 2007 as Meowzers
22 True Blood movie True Blood 2008 as Faerie/Claude's Sister
23 Unusual Suspects movie Unusual Suspects 2010 as Abused Girlfriend
24 Wilfred movie Wilfred 2011 as Drunk Girl
There is the list of some articles of Megan Albertus:
  • "Spokesman-Review" (USA), 25 January 2009, by: Dan Webster, "Aspiring Spokane-born actress looks to bigger things after TV debut"
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