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as Uplifter in the movie Intolerance: Loves Struggle Throughout the Ages

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Real name is Mary Maguire Alden
Was born at 18 June 1883 in New York City, New York, USA . Died at 2 July 1946, Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA

Mary Maguire Alden was born in New York City on June 18, 1883. Sheappeared in her first film when she was 31 years old in the productionof The Second Mrs. Roebuck (1914) . From that point on, Mary waskept very busy in the studios in New York.

When the film companiesmoved west, Mary went with them. She continued her torrid pace infilmmaking. Mary did make the switch from silent to sound movies, butshe retired from work in 1935 after The Great Hotel Murder (1935) . She died in Woodland Hills,California, on July 2, 1946. A graduate of New York's Art Students League, Mary Alden appeared inBroadway plays and other legitimate theater for several years beforeentering films.

Probably her most memorable part was as Lydia Brown,the mulatto housekeeper of the villain Stoneman, in'D. W. Griffith (I)' 's The Birth of a Nation (1915) . .

There is some small facts about Mary Alden:
  • Graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City in 1910. Among her classmates were director 'Paul Bern' (who was murdered by his first wife just after marrying 'Jean Harlow (I)' ) and actors 'Tom Powers (I)' and 'George Shelton' . 'William C. de Mille' , whose father named the Academy when he was a teacher there, spoke at the graduation ceremonies for the Class of 1910. He and his brother 'Cecil B. DeMille' also graduated from the Academy.
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There is the list of movies, where Mary Alden was taked part:
1 Intolerance: Loves Struggle Throughout the Ages movie Intolerance: Loves Struggle Throughout the Ages 1916 as Uplifter
2 The Battle of the Sexes movie The Battle of the Sexes 1914 as Mrs. Frank Andrews
3 The Double Knot movie The Double Knot 1914 as The Prospector's Sweetheart
4 The Second Mrs. Roebuck movie The Second Mrs. Roebuck 1914 as Katherine Roebuck
5 The Severed Thong movie The Severed Thong 1914 as Margaret MacDonald - the Trapper's Wife
6 When a Fellow Needs a Friend movie When a Fellow Needs a Friend 1932 as Mrs. Higgins
7 A Brass Button movie A Brass Button 1911 as Mrs. Lowden
8 A Dog-Gone Baron movie A Dog-Gone Baron 1913 as The Newspaper Reporter
9 A Fools Awakening movie A Fools Awakening 1924 as Myra
10 A Mans Prerogative movie A Mans Prerogative 1915 as Elizabeth Towne
11 A Red Mans Heart movie A Red Mans Heart 1914 as Dill's Squaw
12 A Woman Scorned movie A Woman Scorned 1914 as Mag - Mrs. Williams - the Woman Scorned
13 A Womans Woman movie A Womans Woman 1922 as Densie Plummer
14 Acquitted movie Acquitted 1916 as Mrs. Carter
15 An Innocent Magdalene movie An Innocent Magdalene 1916 as The Woman
16 Another Chance movie Another Chance 1914 as Mrs. Mason
17 April Fool movie April Fool 1926 as Amelia Rosen
18 Babbitt movie Babbitt 1924 as Mrs. Myra Babbitt
19 Brown of Harvard movie Brown of Harvard 1926 as Mrs. Brown
20 Career Woman movie Career Woman 1936 as Townswoman
21 Common Clay movie Common Clay 1919 as Mrs. Neal
22 Dads Outlaws movie Dads Outlaws 1914 as The Sheriff's Wife
23 Disposing of Mother movie Disposing of Mother 1922 as Mother Mansfield
24 Erstwhile Susan movie Erstwhile Susan 1919 as Erstwhile Susan
25 Faint Perfume movie Faint Perfume 1925 as Ma Crumb
26 Fools for Luck movie Fools for Luck 1928 as Mrs. Hunter
27 For the Sake of Kate movie For the Sake of Kate 1914 as Kate
28 Gentle Julia movie Gentle Julia 1936 as Aunt
29 Ghosts movie Ghosts 1915 as Helen Arling
30 Has the World Gone Mad! movie Has the World Gone Mad! 1923 as Mrs. Bell
31 Hells House movie Hells House 1932 as Lucy Mason
32 Hell-to-Pay Austin movie Hell-to-Pay Austin 1916 as Doris Valentine
33 Her Mothers Daughter movie Her Mothers Daughter 1915 as Marie's Mother
34 Home, Sweet Home movie Home, Sweet Home 1914 as The Mother
35 Honest Hutch movie Honest Hutch 1920 as Mrs. Hutchins
36 I Should Worry movie I Should Worry 1913 as Mary
37 In Fear of His Past movie In Fear of His Past 1914 as Mary Jennings
38 Ladies of the Mob movie Ladies of the Mob 1928 as Soft Annie
39 Legion of Terror movie Legion of Terror 1936 as Accident Onlooker
40 Less Than the Dust movie Less Than the Dust 1916 as Mrs. Bradshaw
There is the list of some articles of Mary Alden:
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There is the list of some quotes of Mary Alden:
  • If I had to stand up before an audience and be just Mary Alden, I should be helpless from embarrassment and self-consciousness. It's only because I can pretend to be someone else that I am able to play at all.
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