Mari Aldon

as Dance Hall Hostess in the movie Tomorrow Is Another Day

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Was born at 17 November 1925 in Taurage, Lithuania . Died at 31 October 2004, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

A former ballet dancer, graceful Mari Aldon married Hollywood director'Tay Garnett' , who encouraged her to become an actress. She did,but did not leave a deep imprint on film history, with one exception,the role of Judy Beckett, a prisoner of the Seminoles and'Gary Cooper (I)' 's charming romantic interest in Distant Drums (1951) (1951). Besides this, she appeared in fewfeature films, and then only briefly in two major movies,'Joseph L. Mankiewicz' 's The Barefoot Contessa (1954) and'David Lean (I)' 's 'Summer Vacation' (1955).

The rest of hercareer was devoted to television. .

There is some small facts about Mari Aldon:
  • Trained as a ballet dancer for six years before going on to work on stage and in radio.
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There is the list of movies, where Mari Aldon was taked part:
1 Tomorrow Is Another Day movie Tomorrow Is Another Day 1951 as Dance Hall Hostess
2 General Electric Theater movie General Electric Theater 1953 as Rita's Roommate
3 A Womans Vengeance movie A Womans Vengeance 1948 as Girl
4 Distant Drums movie Distant Drums 1951 as Judy Beckett
5 Forever Amber movie Forever Amber 1947 as Minor Role
6 Inside the Walls of Folsom Prison movie Inside the Walls of Folsom Prison 1951 as Mrs. Daniels
7 Live a Little, Love a Little movie Live a Little, Love a Little 1968 as Minor Role
8 Mask of Dust movie Mask of Dust 1954 as Patricia Wells
9 Summertime movie Summertime 1955 as Phyl Yaeger
10 Tangier Incident movie Tangier Incident 1953 as Millicent
11 The Barefoot Contessa movie The Barefoot Contessa 1954 as Myrna
12 The Locket movie The Locket 1946 as Mary
13 The Tanks Are Coming movie The Tanks Are Coming 1951 as Patricia Kane
14 This Woman Is Dangerous movie This Woman Is Dangerous 1952 as Ann Jackson
15 Alcoa Premiere movie Alcoa Premiere 1961 as Martha
16 Bachelor Father movie Bachelor Father 1957 as Amanda Armstrong
17 BBC Sunday-Night Theatre movie BBC Sunday-Night Theatre 1950 as May Daniels
18 Biff Baker, U.S.A. movie Biff Baker, U.S.A. 1952 as Olga
19 Bonanza movie Bonanza 1959 as Ruby Kelly
20 Colgate Theatre movie Colgate Theatre 1958 as Sorita
21 Coronado 9 movie Coronado 9 1960 as Anne Matthews
22 Frances Farmer Presents movie Frances Farmer Presents 1958 as Sorita
23 Ichabod and Me movie Ichabod and Me 1961 as Jill Thorsen
24 Laramie movie Laramie 1959 as Celie Rawlins
25 Lux Playhouse movie Lux Playhouse 1958 as Donna
26 Meet McGraw movie Meet McGraw 1957 as Bernice Brown
27 Michael Shayne movie Michael Shayne 1960 as Holly Marshall
28 My Hero movie My Hero 1952 as Fifi
29 Perry Mason movie Perry Mason 1957 as Anne Brent
30 Sea Hunt movie Sea Hunt 1958 as Dr. Kate Marlow
31 Shotgun Slade movie Shotgun Slade 1959 as Marge
32 Tales of Wells Fargo movie Tales of Wells Fargo 1957 as Bess Hollister
33 The Deputy movie The Deputy 1959 as Priscilla Groat
34 The Man from Blackhawk movie The Man from Blackhawk 1959 as Mrs. Stoddard
35 The Millionaire movie The Millionaire 1955 as Madeleine Herbert
36 Tightrope movie Tightrope 1959 as Sally
37 Wagon Train movie Wagon Train 1957 as Hester Millikan
38 Yancy Derringer movie Yancy Derringer 1958 as Celeste Duval
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