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Was born at 1 January 1900 in Herne Hill, London, England, UK . Died at 5 January 1954, Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA

English silent screen siren Lillian Rich was 19 when she arrived in NewYork, courtesy of her Canadian husband Lionel Edward Nicholson. Thecouple had met while "Leo" was on active duty as a fighter pilot withthe Royal Naval Air Service during World War I. He came from awell-to-do middle-class family and was both able and keen to bankrollLillian's entry into Hollywood with a stake of $1000. Prior to enteringfilms, the dimple-chinned, auburn-haired Londoner had briefly made aname in musical comedy on the stage.

In 1919, she started out on thescreen playing sultry leads in westerns opposite stalwart sagebrushheroes like 'Jack Hoxie' and 'Harry Carey (I)' . By the end of1922, Lillian had already amassed 19 feature film credits on herresume. Following a divorce from Leo, she took a year's sabbatical fromthe screen before resuming her career with renewed vigor in 1924. Thenext year she was cast by the ever-extravagant 'Cecil B. DeMille' in her defining role, as an aristocratic social-climbing, impecuniousvamp in Paramount's The Golden Bed (1925) .

Attired in sables andbedecked with diamond bracelets, Lillian added to the general opulence(and excess) of the proceedings. She then gave what is considered herother notable performance, opposite 'H. B. Warner' in the westernrailroad drama Whispering Smith (1926) . There was also a minorChristie comedy, Seven Days (1925) , a crime thriller with'Boris Karloff (I)' and a host of low-budget B-pictures forindependent producers and Poverty Row outfits like Chesterfield andTiffany.

Between 1928 and 1930, Lillian unsuccessfully attempted a comeback insound pictures, filming in England at Beaconsfield and at NettlefoldStudios (Walton-on-Thames, Surrey). Alas, these low-budget "quotaquickies" were made for the mass market and did nothing to reboot hercareer. Back in the States she found herself relegated to the bottom ofthe bill in "Our Gang" shorts. She saw out the rest of the 1930's inuncredited, no-name bits as "nurse", "nun", "telephone operator", andso on, before fading into relative obscurity. .

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There is the list of movies, where Lillian Rich was taked part:
1 Arsène Lupin Returns movie Arsène Lupin Returns 1938 as Telephone Operator
2 Birthday Blues movie Birthday Blues 1932 as Lillian, the kids' mother
3 Exclusive Rights movie Exclusive Rights 1926 as Catherine Courtwright
4 Half a Chance movie Half a Chance 1920 as Jocelyn Wray, 20 years old
5 She Married Her Boss movie She Married Her Boss 1935 as Telephone Operator
6 The Ruse of the Rattler movie The Ruse of the Rattler 1921 as Helen Sanderson
7 A Kiss in the Dark movie A Kiss in the Dark 1925 as Betty King
8 A Lad an a Lamp movie A Lad an a Lamp 1932 as Introductory narrator
9 Afraid to Fight movie Afraid to Fight 1922 as Harriet Monroe
10 Beyond movie Beyond 1921 as Bessie Ackroyd
11 Braveheart movie Braveheart 1925 as Dorothy Nelson
12 Catch My Smoke movie Catch My Smoke 1922 as Mary Thorne
13 Cheap Kisses movie Cheap Kisses 1924 as Ardell Kendall
14 Dancing Days movie Dancing Days 1926 as Lillian Loring
15 Dangerous Intrigue movie Dangerous Intrigue 1936 as Wagner's Nurse
16 Dice of Destiny movie Dice of Destiny 1920 as Nancy Preston
17 Dr. Kildares Crisis movie Dr. Kildares Crisis 1940 as Nurse in Lobby
18 Empty Hearts movie Empty Hearts 1924 as Madeline
19 Felix ODay movie Felix ODay 1920 as Annette Borney
20 Free Wheeling movie Free Wheeling 1932 as Dickie's Mother
21 Go Straight movie Go Straight 1921 as Hope Gibbs
22 Gods Great Wilderness movie Gods Great Wilderness 1927 as Mary Goodheart
23 Grief Street movie Grief Street 1931 as Pamela Gregory
24 Her Social Value movie Her Social Value 1921 as Gwendolyn Shipley
25 High Seas movie High Seas 1929 as Faith Jeffrey
26 Man to Man movie Man to Man 1922 as Terry Temple
27 Mark of the Spur movie Mark of the Spur 1932 as Alice - Beckett's Adopted Daughter
28 Never Say Die movie Never Say Die 1924 as Violet Stevenson
29 On the Front Page movie On the Front Page 1926 as Countess Polasky
30 Once a Lady movie Once a Lady 1931 as Jane Vernon
31 One Hour Before Dawn movie One Hour Before Dawn 1920 as Dorothy
32 One Wonderful Night movie One Wonderful Night 1922 as Hermione Fane
33 Rascal Dazzle movie Rascal Dazzle 1980 as Lillian
34 Red Pearls movie Red Pearls 1930 as Sylvia Radshaw
35 Riptide movie Riptide 1934 as Girl
36 San Francisco movie San Francisco 1936 as Nun
37 Seven Days movie Seven Days 1925 as Kit Eclair
38 Ship of Souls movie Ship of Souls 1925 as Christine Garth
39 Simon the Jester movie Simon the Jester 1925 as Lola Brandt
40 Snowbound movie Snowbound 1927 as Alice Blake
There is the list of some articles of Lillian Rich:
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