Romy Rosemont

as Diane in the movie Beyond

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There is some small facts about Romy Rosemont:
  • Wife of 'Stephen Root (I)' .
Also look some video clip about Romy Rosemont:
There is the list of movies, where Romy Rosemont was taked part:
1 Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 movie Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 2011 as Min Pin Dog
2 Prison Break movie Prison Break 2005 as Detective Kathryn Slattery
3 The Brotherhood of Poland, New Hampshire movie The Brotherhood of Poland, New Hampshire 2003 as Andrea Morris
4 A Moving Romance movie A Moving Romance 2016 as Georgia
5 A Taste of Romance movie A Taste of Romance 2012 as Patsy Danvers
6 An American Crime movie An American Crime 2007 as Betty Likens
7 Another You movie Another You 1991 as Dental assistant
8 Back to You and Me movie Back to You and Me 2005 as Cheryl
9 Bad Dreams movie Bad Dreams 1988 as Nurse #3
10 Bob Funk movie Bob Funk 2009 as Ruthie
11 Congo movie Congo 1995 as Assistant
12 Cook-Off! movie Cook-Off! 2007 as Patty Pasternak
13 Dangerous Love movie Dangerous Love 1988 as Platt Receptionist
14 Door to Door movie Door to Door 2002 as Rhoda
15 Downwardly Mobile movie Downwardly Mobile 2012 as Sheila
16 Drew Peterson: Untouchable movie Drew Peterson: Untouchable 2012 as Sofia
17 Driving Me Crazy movie Driving Me Crazy 1991 as Receptionist
18 Five movie Five 2011 as Lynne
19 For All Time movie For All Time 2000 as Tracy
20 Friends with Money movie Friends with Money 2006 as Gretchen
21 Glee Encore movie Glee Encore 2011 as Carole Hudson
22 Glee: Directors Cut Pilot Episode movie Glee: Directors Cut Pilot Episode 2009 as Carole Hudson
23 Harmful Intent movie Harmful Intent 1993 as Monica Carver
24 Intruders movie Intruders 1992 as Neil's Daughter
25 John John in the Sky movie John John in the Sky 2000 as John's mother
26 Kings and Beggars movie Kings and Beggars 2013 as Kate
27 Kung Fu Panda 2 movie Kung Fu Panda 2 2011 as Pig Mother
28 Little Women, Big Cars movie Little Women, Big Cars 2012 as Connie
29 Long Road Home movie Long Road Home 1991 as Waitress
30 Lovely & Amazing movie Lovely & Amazing 2001 as Dr. Debbie Waldman
31 Martyrs movie Martyrs 2015 as Mom
32 Miles movie Miles 2016 as Marge Carlson
33 My Life movie My Life 1993 as Anya Stasiuk
34 Please Give movie Please Give 2010 as Carrie-Ann
35 See Jane Run movie See Jane Run 2001 as Road Rage Woman
36 Shadow of a Doubt movie Shadow of a Doubt 1991 as Waitress
37 Shopgirl movie Shopgirl 2005 as Loan Officer
38 Soul Mates movie Soul Mates 2003 as Nurse
39 The Avengers movie The Avengers 2012 as Shawna Lynde
40 The Bachelor movie The Bachelor 1999 as Rita
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