Seka Aleksic

as Smokvica in the movie A3 - RocknRoll uzvraca udarac

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Real name is Svetlana Aleksic
Was born at 23 April 1981 (now is 37 years old) in Zvornik, Bosnia and Herzegovina
There is some small facts about Seka Aleksic:
  • Has one younger brother, Nedzad.
  • Her parents are divorced. Her father, Milorad, is a Bosnian Serb and her mother, Ibrima, is Bosniak.
  • Has her own clothing line called "Rich Bitch". The second clothing line is called "Queen".
  • Broke up with her boyfriend and manager of five years, Zoran Kovacevic.
Also look some video clip about Seka Aleksic:
There is the list of movies, where Seka Aleksic was taked part:
1 A3 - RocknRoll uzvraca udarac movie A3 - RocknRoll uzvraca udarac 2006 as Smokvica
2 Ljubav, navika, panika movie Ljubav, navika, panika 2005 as Vrela Nela
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