Vera Alentova

as Lidia Fyodorovna - teacher in the movie Dni lyotnye

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Real name is Vera Valentinovna Alentova
Was born at 21 February 1942 (now is 76 years old) in Kotlas, Arkhangelsk Oblast, Russian SFSR, USSR [now Russia]

Vera Alentova is among the most popular Soviet and Russian actresses,thanks to her wonderful performance in 'Vladimir Menshov' 'sinternationally acclaimed Moskva slezam ne verit (1980) . Born in1942 into a family of actors (the apple does not fall far from thetree!), she naturally started studying drama at the Moscow Theatre ArtStudio once she had graduated from high school. In 1962, aged 20, shemarried future director Vladimir Menshov, the man who would make herworld famous eighteen years later. Active in the theater in the firstyears of her career (she appeared in a single film in the 1960s), sheturned to television ("Rozhdenie", her first TV movie in 1977) and theseventh art.

Success was awaiting her in the latter medium, thanks tothe role of Katia, a modern free woman, in the already mentioned Moskva slezam ne verit (1980) . Seen by 84,400,000 people in theSoviet Union (wow!), she immediately became a star in her country. Shewas also noticed throughout the world after the film received the BestForeign Movie Award. Vera Alentova went on with her career, oftenplaying unsatisfied women coping with midlife crisis( Vremya zhelaniy (1984) ; Zavist bogov (2000) ). Unfortunately her films were little seen outside Russia, so the rest ofthe world has been deprived of her talent.

Too bad. .

There is some small facts about Vera Alentova:
  • Mother, with 'Vladimir Menshov' , of 'Yuliya Menshova'
Also look some video clip about Vera Alentova:
There is the list of movies, where Vera Alentova was taked part:
1 Dni lyotnye movie Dni lyotnye 1965 as Lidia Fyodorovna - teacher
2 S 8 marta, muzhchiny! movie S 8 marta, muzhchiny! 2014 as Galina Semenovna
3 Lyubov kak motiv movie Lyubov kak motiv 2009 as Galina Vasilyevna
4 Moskva slezam ne verit movie Moskva slezam ne verit 1980 as Katerina 'Katia' Tikhomirova
5 Shirli-myrli movie Shirli-myrli 1995 as Carol Abzats/Zemfira Almazova/Lusiena Krolikova/Whitney Crolikow
6 Vremya dlya razmyshleniy movie Vremya dlya razmyshleniy 1983 as Alla Borisovna (Alya)
7 Vremya zhelaniy movie Vremya zhelaniy 1984 as Svetlana Vasilyevna
8 Yerkunq movie Yerkunq 1977 as Olenina
9 Zavist bogov movie Zavist bogov 2000 as Sonya
10 Zavtra byla voyna movie Zavtra byla voyna 1987 as Valendra
11 Balzakovskiy vozrast, ili Vse muzhiki svo... movie Balzakovskiy vozrast, ili Vse muzhiki svo... 2004 as Zinaida Semyonovna
12 I vse-taki ya lyublyu... movie I vse-taki ya lyublyu... 2008 as Tatyana Bronislavovna
13 Serebryanaya svadba movie Serebryanaya svadba 2001 as Vera
14 Takaya korotkaya dolgaya zhizn movie Takaya korotkaya dolgaya zhizn 1975 as Nastya Ovchinnikova
15 Vecherniy Urgant movie Vecherniy Urgant 2012 as Herself
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