Liv Alexander

as Mary's Mother in the movie Butterflies in the Wind

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Liv Alexander was born and raised in Oslo, Norway. Her father was thevice-president of the largest telecommunications company in Norway. Hermother was an account executive in one of the major maritime shippingcompanies. Liv Alexander got her dramatic, artistic and musical talents from herpaternal side and her need for exploration from her maternal side,going all the way back to Eric the Red (the Viking).

She always likedto entertain; she saw her first play at the National Theater (HenrikIbsen House) in Oslo when she was five years old. The name of the playwas Trip to the Christmas Star. She took piano lessons and startedsinging in a choir, performing for, among others, the King of Norway,and later she did some musicals, plays, etc. But it was the movies thatreally got her attention. After meeting her husband in Norway, they moved to San Francisco, andlater close to Hollywood.

This was her dream and passion from early on,and here she's continuing her journey to star in movies. Of course, shewould love to star in a major movie, meanwhile she's working on a newmovie about alcohol and drug addiction. After Whitney Houston died so tragically, it inspired her to write ascreenplay about how to fight this battle against addiction, and howthe addiction process develops in people's brain. .

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There is the list of movies, where Liv Alexander was taked part:
1 Butterflies in the Wind movie Butterflies in the Wind 2006 as Mary's Mother
2 Alcohol and Drug Addiction movie Alcohol and Drug Addiction 2013 as Liv
3 Immortal One movie Immortal One 2016 as Sister Carmen
4 Shanty Town movie Shanty Town 2016 as Mrs. Guillebeau
5 The Red Queen movie The Red Queen 2009 as Red Queen
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