Sheree Ali

as Reporter in the movie All My Children: Behind the Scenes

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Also known as Bubbles
Was born at 23 June 1966 (now is 52 years old)

Sheree Ali, actress, writer, musical composer, philanthropist and loverof humanity warms souls in a new Hollywood tradition. Embarking uponher first major motion picture, Oops, Ups & Downs: The Murder Mysteryof Humpty Dumpty (2006), her production company Sparkle LightEntertainment, Inc. has received international acclaim from New Zealandto the European community. Fluent in the linguistic skills of Italian,French and Spanish; familiarity of Mandarin, and working knowledge ofRussian and German, she has awaken international alliances in the worldof motion picture dealmaking.

Sheree learned to filter life's peculiar journeys through the writing of12 fascinating screenplays; several sit-coms, poignant Movie of TheWeeks for television and a host of intriguing documentaries over thepast 12 years. Her product line of sci-fi, comedy, thrillers, periodpieces, children's animated features, romance and pyscho-dramas are ofthe many presentations she has at the forefront of acquisition. Ms. Alichooses various products for Development by partnering with specificartisans of Emmy, Tony and Oscar acclaim making her ideas a winningcommodity. Sheree has a vast and refined sensitivity, a mental acumen(IQ tested far above genius); which compels such Oscar wining directorsto take note.

Sparkle Light Entertainment, Inc. has pioneered innovative new conceptsdesigns for marketing digital media --cross platformed in each ofSheree's projects; like "Vision", :Kookieland", "Operation UnilateralIntercourse/ O. U. I. ", "OOPS"; and "Unforgiven Exposure", parlayingdistinct messages of humor, hope and love of humanity for the faint atheart.

A gifted cellist, violinist, flutist, pianist, and harp player, Shereehas performed to a full house at Carnegie Hall as last chair cellistwith the New York Philharmonic, at the young age of 16. She wasmentored by great legends like Bob Hope, Frank Sinatra, Flip Wilson,Maurice Hines and many more. As a young actress, she appeared in;commercials such as "Clouds Jeans", "Estee Lauder Skin Care", "7-Up","TSS Stores", "Hersheys Chocolate". In the 1980s she appeared in printads for "Riunite Wine", "McCall's Patterns", "Essence Magazine" and"Country Living". Sheree appeared in Latin American countries in a TVcommercial for "White Cloud" toilet paper/ "Papel Higienico".

She soonwas awarded acting roles in various seasons of "Saturday Nite Live",which brought her an interesting exposure to the legendary casts of theseries in the early eighties. Invariably, on the west coast, she wasdiscovered "again" with brief acting appearances in Hollywood, in TVsit-coms like "Cheers", "Married With Children", TV dramas like "HillSt. Blues", "Moonlighting", "ER", "Highway To Heaven", "Dynasty" andSoaps like "All My Children" and "One Life To Live". At that time,Sheree felt that acting was not academically challenging enough andgracefully turned away from co-starring roles in "New York Undercover",guest starring roles in episodes of "Law and Order" as well as asupporting role in the motion picture "The Rose". Journalism intrigued Sheree after college in Boston, and quite byhappenstance, she landed a career as a reporter in New York, NewJersey, Bahamas, Washington D.

C. , Philadelphia and as newswriter/researcher/editorial desk associate at ABC World News Tonight,NBC Nitely News, WOBM Radio, KISS-FM New York. She discovered thatreporting hard news conflicted with her genuine level of inner truthsbased on what she thought was an imperfect society; and what the factsfrom the news industry's reality actually were. During this time, whileat the United Nations, Sheree met international heads of state, fromthe Russian Embassy, African Kings from two nations, various sheiks,Crown Princes, and other international royal family members abroad andstate side. Later, her affiliation with congressmen and senators weremore than a chapter in the yellow brick road of life.

The embrace ofthese life-long alliances by far sparkled new perspectives, theexposure, and the opulence unveiled as a special "jpy". . . for her. In90's, without thought to the future, she abandoned journalism andentered the Hollywood community as a personal and executive assistantto high end moguls, CEOs, CFOs and lawyers of studio and TV networkentities.

There, the shoe seemed to fit because they loved andappreciated her cultural savvy, refined tastes, endeared loyalty andsmooth intellect often conveyed. It was at this point that she began towrite scripts, through her eyes, expressing hints of where life'sjourneyed places had taken her. Sparkle Light Entertainment, Inc. wasand still remains a true collaboration of special friends, leaps offaith and excruciating hard work. Sheree's screenplays are wellreceived, and have been the subject of Sparkle Light's funding talkswith Warner Bros.

, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Dreamworks, WarnerBros. Animation and CBS. Society Tea Parties, horseback riding, pleasure reading, polo, iceskating, yoga, world history, physics, mathematical theorems, exoticanimal training, fine arts and faith healing are some of Sheree'spassions. . A native New Yorker, daughter of NJ Evangelist, the lateRev.

Shirley Woods, cousin of Silver Olympic Medalist, Sheree continuesto hold her own in this Hollywood town. .

There is some small facts about Sheree Ali:
  • Her favorite movie of all time is "The Wizard of Oz".
  • Her favorite character in "The Wizard of Oz" is the Tin Man because truly man is nothing if he has no heart. It is a joy to smile with one's heart.
  • A bit of a "jungle" gal and a bit of a "lady"; she combines both aspects of life by hiking in the outbacks and natural, organic living.
  • Sheree has been a vegetarian for 27 years. She is currently a pescarian. Loves octopus!
  • As a New York debutant teen, she was presented to society at an official ball at the posh Waldorf Astoria Hotel. By permission; her family held Sheree's after party in Frank Sinatra's luxurious private suite; from which she and her escort skipped off without attending her own private party.
  • She learned how to spear fish without a fishing hook in the years she lived in the Bahamas; also learning the simplicity of life through the serenity of the ocean.
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There is the list of movies, where Sheree Ali was taked part:
1 All My Children: Behind the Scenes movie All My Children: Behind the Scenes 1994 as Reporter
2 Saturday Night Live: The Best of Eddie Murphy movie Saturday Night Live: The Best of Eddie Murphy 1998 as Gumby's Wife
3 Last Man Running movie Last Man Running 2003 as Entourage Girl
4 Lincoln movie Lincoln 2012 as Woman Shouter
5 Live from New York: The First 5 Years of Saturday Night Live movie Live from New York: The First 5 Years of Saturday Night Live 2005 as The Iguana Patron
6 Oops, Ups & Downs: The Murder Mystery of Humpty Dumpty movie Oops, Ups & Downs: The Murder Mystery of Humpty Dumpty 2007 as Mary Mary Quite Contrary
7 Oops, Ups & Downs: The Murder Mystery of Humpty Dumpty movie Oops, Ups & Downs: The Murder Mystery of Humpty Dumpty 2017 as Mary Mary Quite Contrary
8 Roll Call: Looking Back on Hill Street Blues movie Roll Call: Looking Back on Hill Street Blues 2006 as The bum
9 All My Children movie All My Children 1970 as Patient
10 Cheers movie Cheers 1982 as Bar Patron
11 Dynasty movie Dynasty 1981 as Doctor
12 ER movie ER 1994 as Nurse
13 One Life to Live movie One Life to Live 1968 as Court Reporter
14 Oooh, Grapevine! movie Oooh, Grapevine! 2015 as Sandy Bouzier
15 Saturday Night Live movie Saturday Night Live 1975 as Hospital Clerk
There is the list of some quotes of Sheree Ali:
  • It is far greater to have empathy for the human race, for... where they're at is where they're at! We possess a divinely great and blessed birthright, a responsibility to enlighten compassion for the designers of dark forces.
  • Mother Earth also needs nourishment; and care. As members of the human race, and caretakers of this planet, simply sustaining our physical environment is not enough; but let us ... rather sustain the consciousness of the "souls" which inhabit Mother Earth! ... Or ever so often, Mother Earth takes liberties to cleanse it herself... Is that why disasters happen!?
  • "Si guardi fuoco troppo longo, ti brucci" [Italian] Translated: If you watch a fire long enough, you'll get burned.
  • Fire is holy - a purifier and healing; yet the lack of its understanding can destroy us individually and as a people. Water is powerful; a major component of life force. Protect water, respect water. Blessings, my light warriors!
  • I love the art of loving.
  • Its lonely at the top; but too crowded at the bottom!
  • No matter what happens, always remains a lady.
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