Rachel Alig

as Rochelle DuMont in the movie Beverly Hills Ghost Club

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Rachel believes acting is a language. It's the language she prefers andthe one she most cherishes. Through the art of acting, Rachel is ableto speak the same language with her fellow actors, directors, writers,viewers and everyone else who encompasses the team it takes to make TV,film, digital media, and various other forms of storytelling. Rachelintends to speak the language of acting for the rest of her life,develop it, foster it, and allow it to progress to its fullest, naturalform.

Rachel's passion for acting stems from her deep appreciation of humanconnection, storytelling, and the collaboration behind filmmaking. Shehas worked with a number of directors and actors who have described herwork as, 'soulful', 'so funny she sets the new standard for comedy',and 'powerful to the point of blowing anyone away'. As a full-time actress, Rachel is continually expanding her skill set onand off the job. She has studied her craft of acting at the LeeStrasberg Theatre and Film Institute of West Hollywood, Ivana ChubbuckStudios, and The Groundlings. Rachel is dedicated to a constant, honestevolution as an artist, as an actress, and as a person and surroundsherself with others who are committed to the same type of growth.


There is some small facts about Rachel Alig:
  • She graduated from Dixie Heights High School in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky with the Class of 2005 and the University of Cincinnati's College-Conservatory of Music with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Electronic Media and a specialization in Journalism in 2009.
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There is the list of movies, where Rachel Alig was taked part:
1 Beverly Hills Ghost Club movie Beverly Hills Ghost Club 2011 as Rochelle DuMont
2 Cleaver Family Reunion movie Cleaver Family Reunion 2013 as Amanda Castleberry
3 12/12/12 movie 12/12/12 2012 as Katherine
4 Axe: Dirtcathlon movie Axe: Dirtcathlon 2011 as Contestant
5 Bachelor Night movie Bachelor Night 2014 as Lauren
6 Bikini Spring Break movie Bikini Spring Break 2012 as Alice
7 Desperate Losers movie Desperate Losers 2015 as Jessica
8 Dhampyr movie Dhampyr 2016 as Madelyn
9 Drunk Love Letter movie Drunk Love Letter 2015 as Rose
10 Entice movie Entice 2015 as Diane
11 Ghostline movie Ghostline 2015 as Chelsea Watkins
12 Goddess of Love movie Goddess of Love 2015 as Gossip Girl #1
13 Good Karma Club movie Good Karma Club 2015 as Evelyn
14 Graces Room movie Graces Room 2016 as Billie
15 Grannys House movie Grannys House 2015 as Rebecca Torrance
16 Heavy Makeup movie Heavy Makeup 2015 as Adele
17 Heroes of the Street movie Heroes of the Street 2016 as Paramedic Bethany Esham
18 Ice Cream Rap movie Ice Cream Rap 2011 as Desiree Dream Girl
19 Insomniac Theatre movie Insomniac Theatre 2013 as Sara
20 Kill Me Once movie Kill Me Once 2016 as Ginger Hutson
21 King Saud movie King Saud 2016 as Carlucci
22 Last Call at Murrays movie Last Call at Murrays 2016 as Dawn
23 Live Nude Girls movie Live Nude Girls 2014 as Karma
24 Lori Sheedy, F*** You movie Lori Sheedy, F*** You 2015 as Sara Sasson
25 Mi Navidad movie Mi Navidad 2016 as Therese
26 Moose on the Loose II movie Moose on the Loose II 2016 as Roxy
27 Natural Born Pranksters movie Natural Born Pranksters 2016 as Accomplice #1
28 Rope movie Rope 2011 as Tammy
29 Schools Out movie Schools Out 2016 as Rachel
30 Sex and the Single Alien movie Sex and the Single Alien 2015 as Olivia Delamo
31 Shoefiti movie Shoefiti 2015 as Stacy
32 Siennas Choice movie Siennas Choice 2016 as Dr. Mayra Anders
33 The Cheerleader movie The Cheerleader 2015 as Tina
34 The Elisted movie The Elisted 2012 as Bambie
35 The Final Table movie The Final Table 2016 as Kelly Hooker
36 The Men Next Door movie The Men Next Door 2012 as Bambi
37 The Observer movie The Observer 2015 as Emily
38 Thirtyish movie Thirtyish 2013 as Sunshine
39 Varsity Punks movie Varsity Punks 2016 as Hot Nurse
40 Carbon Dating movie Carbon Dating 2015 as Tina
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