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Also known as AnnoulaGoddess
Was born at 20 December 1957 (now is 61 years old) in Larnaca, Cyprus

Anna Vissi was born on the beautiful, coastal town of Larnaca, on theisland of Cyprus, in the Eastern Mediterranean. Father, Nestor Vissisowned a small supermarket and mother Sophia was a housewife with a softspot for singing. She passed this strong love for music on to her threedaughters Lia, Anna and Nicki. Anna showed promise in singing at anearly age whereas her older sister 'Lia Vissi' showed considerabletalent as a pianist.

Together,in their teens, they formed "The Vissisisters" and toured Cyprus, singing at local festivals, singing mostlyGreek folk songs. Anna'organized by the Cyprus BroadcastingCorporation. Father Nestor closed his shop and moved his family toAthens where his three daughters finished their high-school educationand Anna signed her first recording contract at sixteen. Soon she wassinging with two of the biggest stars of the Greek music scene GeorgeDalaras s big break came in 1973 when she won a sing-a-song competitionfor young talents' and 'Haris Alexiou' . In 1983 she married rockcomposer Nikos Karvelas and through his influence, her career took acompletely different turn.

Gone were the days of the very clean andsomewhat square fresh-faced young girl from Cyprus. Anna suddenly beganshowing more leg and more cleavage and - most importantly - begansinging pop-ish songs. The nineties were really her decade as sheproduced one hit-album after another, usually with husband Nikos ascomposer-lyricist. She also appeared in two original Broadway-stylemusicals "Demons" and "Mala" (written by her husband as star-vehiclesfor her) with great success. After the death of Greek mega-star'Aliki Vougiouklaki' (in 1996), Anna became the darling of theGreek press who now dubbed her "mega-star", constantly appearing oncovers and in fashion spreads of the most important Greek magazines.


There is some small facts about Anna Vissi:
  • Her debut album (Lianotragouda) was poetry by acclaimed poet 'Giannis Ritsos' with music by 'Mikis Theodorakis' .
  • Lives for the past couple of years with male model Kostas Fragolias, eighteen years her junior.
  • Graduated from Kypseli 60th High School.
  • Daughter Sophia Karvelas is an actress and lives in New York City.
  • Released an album in English produced by 'Peter Asher' , 'Brian Rawlings' and 'Ric Wake' .
  • After a concert she gave in California one LA critic described her stage presence as "a cross between 'Madonna' , 'CĂ©line Dion' and 'Melina Mercouri' .".
  • She has a white maltese dog that travels everywhere with her called "Vanilla"
  • She only eats organic products, exercises daily, loves going to the movies and her only weakness is popcorn.
  • Good friends with "Sex and the City" (1998) costume designer 'Patricia Field' , who happens to be of Greek descent.
  • Her favorite song is "Logia Kai Siopes" from her 2005 album "Nylon".
  • Supports Panathinaikos.
  • (November 2005) In Athens, Greece, appearing live at "Votanikos", together with "Going Through", 'Dimitris Corgialas' and 'Despoina Olybiou' .
  • (January 2006) Back in Greece performing her sold out shows every Thursday - Sunday night at Club Botanikos in Athens.
  • (March 2005) living in New York, promoting her single "Call me".
  • (September 2005) Back in Greece now, promoting her new CD "Nylon" which is set to be the Dance Anthem of the year in Greece.
  • (October 2005) In New York City again, putting together her new English Album, which will be released in Spring 2006.
  • (February 2007) (February 2007) She appeared in the 79th Anual Academy Awards, with her girlfriend 'Patricia Field' .
  • (January 2007) (January 2007) She gave concerts in Australia, in Melbourne (Metro, Melbourne Showgrounds) & in Syndey (Entertainment Centre).
  • (April 2005) Now living in New York with her daughter, promoting her new hit single "Call Me".
  • (May 2006) Anna Vissi will represent Greece at the 51st Eurovision Song Contest which will take place in Athens, Greece.
  • (June 2006) Won three awards ("Best Female Singer", "Best selling Single for 'Call me'" and "Best Video Clip") at the first Cyprus Music Awards, which took place at G.S.P Stadium in Nicosia.
Also look some video clip about Anna Vissi:
There is the list of movies, where Anna Vissi was taked part:
1 89+1 movie 89+1 1989 as Herself
2 Balkan Music Awards movie Balkan Music Awards 2010 as Herself
3 Mad Video Music Awards 2009 movie Mad Video Music Awards 2009 2009 as Herself
4 MadWalk by Coca-Cola Light: The Fashion Music Project movie MadWalk by Coca-Cola Light: The Fashion Music Project 2013 as Herself
5 Olympic Games Athens 2004 movie Olympic Games Athens 2004 2004 as Herself
6 The Eurovision Song Contest movie The Eurovision Song Contest 1980 as Herself - Greek Entry: 13th Place
7 The Eurovision Song Contest movie The Eurovision Song Contest 1982 as Herself - Cyprian Entry: 5th Place
8 The Eurovision Song Contest movie The Eurovision Song Contest 2006 as Herself - Greek Entry: 9th Place
9 Anna Vissi: Oso eho foni movie Anna Vissi: Oso eho foni 2011 as Herself
10 Athens 2004: Games of the XXVIII Olympiad movie Athens 2004: Games of the XXVIII Olympiad 2004 as Herself
11 Lifestyle movie Lifestyle 2003 as Herself
12 MAD & the City movie MAD & the City 2008 as Herself
There is the list of interview of Anna Vissi:
  • "Radiotileorassi" (Greece), 20 May 2006, Iss. 1892, pg. 22-25, by: Emmanouela Argeiti, "On the record"
  • "Gossip" (Greece), 25 March 2006, Iss. 52, pg. 12, by: Yannis Vitsas, "Pondaro sti siginissi"
There is the list of some articles of Anna Vissi:
  • "Avanti" (Greece), 20 September 2006, Iss. 14, pg. 32-34, by: Yannis Vitsas, "Erotikes meres kai nihtes stin Kipro"
  • "Ola" (Greece), 28 May 2006, Iss. 66, pg. 9-11, by: Dimitris Kamenos, "Anna kouragio 12 i elpida mas kremastike"
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  • "Out of limits" (Greece), August 2000, Iss. 53, pg. 140-145, by: Alekos Markelos, "Essi superstar"
The image of was on the covers of these magazines:
  • "Avanti" (Greece), 13 September 2006, Iss. 13
  • "Ola" (Greece), 28 May 2006, Iss. 66
  • "Radiotileorassi" (Greece), 20 May 2006, Iss. 1892
  • "Gossip" (Greece), 20 August 2005, Iss. 21
  • "Popcorn" (Greece), August 2000
  • "Ciao" (Greece), 16 November 1999, Iss. 300
  • "Out of limits" (Greece), May 1996, Iss. 2
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