Bianca Allaine

as Donna Parker - 1986 in the movie Die Die Delta Pi

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Real name is Bianca Allaine Constantino
Also known as Miss BBMiss Bianca
Was born at 26 August 1979 (now is 39 years old) in Garland, Texas, USA
There is some small facts about Bianca Allaine:
  • Her parents named her after Bianca Jagger.
  • Go-go dances under the guise "Susan Superstar".
  • Is of Italian, Irish, French Canadian, German, and English descent.
  • She is related to L.E. Bowers, Jr. (Lee Bowers, Jr.), a key witness to the assassination of John F. Kennedy in Dallas, Texas in 1963 who later died under mysterious circumstances.
  • Her favorite band is Alice in Chains with vocalist, Layne Staley.
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There is the list of movies, where Bianca Allaine was taked part:
1 Die Die Delta Pi movie Die Die Delta Pi 2013 as Donna Parker - 1986
2 Terrortory movie Terrortory 2016 as Lexi (segment "The Prowler")
3 Zombinatrix movie Zombinatrix 2016 as Zombinatrix/Mistress Tawny
4 Watch These Films movie Watch These Films 2013 as Herself - Host (2013)
5 Abaddon movie Abaddon 2017 as Heathen
6 Albino Farm movie Albino Farm 2009 as Pig Bitch
7 Canes movie Canes 2006 as Tree Demon
8 Craig movie Craig 2008 as Dream Girl
9 Cyclical Effect movie Cyclical Effect 2012 as Yvette - Viral #15
10 Dead Inside movie Dead Inside 2011 as Nurse/Orderly
11 Driven to Succeed movie Driven to Succeed 2015 as Clarice
12 In a Spiral State movie In a Spiral State 2009 as Marlena
13 Monster Mountain movie Monster Mountain 2012 as Allison
14 My Sucky Teen Romance movie My Sucky Teen Romance 2011 as Herself
15 Noirland movie Noirland 2016 as The Woman Downstairs
16 Terror 66 movie Terror 66 2016 as Past Victim
17 The Crawling Dead movie The Crawling Dead 2013 as Marjorie
18 The Devils Muse movie The Devils Muse 2007 as Rose
19 The Fear Chamber movie The Fear Chamber 2009 as Ghost Woman
20 The New Face of Fear movie The New Face of Fear 2010 as Herself
21 The Toy Box movie The Toy Box 2014 as Bianca
22 Welcome to My Darkside! movie Welcome to My Darkside! 2009 as Herself
23 According to Jim movie According to Jim 2001 as Angry Woman
24 Evil Kin movie Evil Kin 2013 as Margene Judge
25 Nightmare Next Door movie Nightmare Next Door 2011 as Paul's Wife
There is the list of some quotes of Bianca Allaine:
  • I'm not the girl you'd bring home to your mother, but I am the girl you'd bring home to your girlfriend.
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