Alta Allen

as Betty - Hi's Fiancée in the movie Seven Years Bad Luck

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Real name is Alta Crowin
Was born at 5 November 1904 in Oakland, California, USA . Died at 20 November 1976, Bakersfield, Kern, California, USA
There is some small facts about Alta Allen:
  • She had her first professional acting job as Beth in "Little Women" at age 10 at the Bishop's (later Fulton) Theatre in Oakland. She later worked in ingenue parts in the Fairmont Follies in San Francisco.
  • Her mother was born in Scotland, and her father was a well known "character man" on the West Coast.
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There is the list of movies, where Alta Allen was taked part:
1 Seven Years Bad Luck movie Seven Years Bad Luck 1921 as Betty - Hi's Fiancée
2 A Self-Made Failure movie A Self-Made Failure 1924 as Mrs. Spike Malone
3 A Shocking Night movie A Shocking Night 1921 as Bessie Lane
4 Be My Wife movie Be My Wife 1921 as Mary, the Girl
5 Daring Chances movie Daring Chances 1924 as Agnes Rushton
6 Raggedy Rose movie Raggedy Rose 1926 as Rose's former co-worker
7 The Marriage Chance movie The Marriage Chance 1922 as Eleannor Douglas
8 The Set-Up movie The Set-Up 1926 as Thora Barton
There is the list of some articles of Alta Allen:
  • "Moving Picture World" (USA), 18 December 1920, pg. 889, "Hampton Del Ruth Weds"
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