Cate (I) Allen

as Myrtle Proudhammer (news reporter) in the movie Beecher Baby Bouncer

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Cate Allen is an actress known for Jack Mormon (2013), Black Blood(2013), The Collins Device (2013) and Sundowner (2014). Working in LosAngeles, Salt Lake City, and Atlanta, she enjoys traveling the takingon challenging roles. As an expert talk radio show host, Cate is alsoknown for hosting Entertainment Minute, a TV entertainment news showsinterviewing entertainment professionals. .

There is some small facts about Cate (I) Allen:
  • Cate Allen was nominated for a 2013 Filmstock Film Festival Award for her role in Utah film making with Barry E Wallace Film Citizenship Award.
  • Cate Allen was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her role in Strain Z for the 2014 Filmed in Utah awards.
  • Cate Allen has been a live French interpreter for over 10 years.
  • Cate Allen is the film director/programmer for the 2014 Salt Lake Comic Con FanXperience Laugh Out Loud Comedy Film Festival.
  • Cate Allen is a panelist for her film expertise in the Women in Film panel at the Salt Lake Comic Con FanXperience.
  • Cate Allen was the Emcee for the Salt Lake Comic Con Laugh Out Loud Comedy Film Festival in 2014.
  • Cate Allen is a live radio show host on AM 630
  • Cate Allen was the Emcee for Salt Lake Comic Con Film Festival awards ceremony.
  • Cate Allen is nominated for 2014 Barry E. Wallace film citizenship award for her role in film making in Utah.
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There is the list of movies, where Cate (I) Allen was taked part:
1 Beecher Baby Bouncer movie Beecher Baby Bouncer 2013 as Myrtle Proudhammer (news reporter)
2 Hail, Caesar! movie Hail, Caesar! 2016 as Brown Derby Swing Dancer
3 Strain Z: A Zombie Film movie Strain Z: A Zombie Film 2013 as Jack's Mother
4 Toil of the Casualty movie Toil of the Casualty 2014 as Attorney Hansen
5 12 Til Dusk movie 12 Til Dusk 2014 as James' Sister
6 A Brief Romance movie A Brief Romance 2013 as Cate Allen
7 Adopting Trouble movie Adopting Trouble 2015 as Christine
8 Alienate movie Alienate 2016 as Dead Body
9 Black Blood movie Black Blood 2013 as Theo
10 Christmas Oranges movie Christmas Oranges 2012 as Walter's Mother
11 Down the Hole movie Down the Hole 2014 as Emily
12 Guided Missiles movie Guided Missiles 2015 as Tori
13 Heritage Arms movie Heritage Arms 2013 as Revengeful Spouse
14 Jack Mormon movie Jack Mormon 2013 as Molly
15 Jeb Finds God movie Jeb Finds God 2012 as Sharlott
16 K-9 Adventures: A Christmas Tale movie K-9 Adventures: A Christmas Tale 2013 as Officer Blaine
17 Love and Resentment movie Love and Resentment 2015 as Trish (Receptionist)
18 Merlins Magic movie Merlins Magic 2013 as Merlin's Mother
19 Mind and Skin movie Mind and Skin 2013 as Taylor Sinclair
20 Ono movie Ono 2014 as Friend #1
21 Pans of Justice movie Pans of Justice 2014 as Mrs. Fryzinskii
22 Planting Daisy movie Planting Daisy 2016 as Dena
23 Post Parcel movie Post Parcel 2013 as Woman at funeral
24 Saint Street movie Saint Street 2012 as Kate
25 Strangers at a Table movie Strangers at a Table 2015 as Judge #1
26 Sundowner movie Sundowner 2014 as Jessica
27 The Collins Device movie The Collins Device 2013 as Lady Collins
28 The Question: What Can One Man Do? movie The Question: What Can One Man Do? 2012 as Stacy Hernandez
29 Waffle Street movie Waffle Street 2015 as Janet Jefferson
30 Whip Brawler movie Whip Brawler 2013 as Goth Chick 2
31 4 Out of 5 Stars: Movie Minute movie 4 Out of 5 Stars: Movie Minute 2013 as Herself - Host
32 Eight Zero One movie Eight Zero One 2015 as Gale
33 Filmed in Utah movie Filmed in Utah 2011 as Herself
34 Granite Flats movie Granite Flats 2013 as Mrs. Jesperson
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