Kyle Adahl

as Sheriff in the movie Believers

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Kyle was very active in sports growing up and had always wanted to be aprofessional athlete, playing either basketball or football. He had amajor injury occur his sophomore year of high school while running the100 meter dash at a track meet. As he came out of the starting blockshe broke his hip, and had to spend the next week in bed with his legelevated, and the next six months on crutches. The doctors told him hecould play sports again but if he was to get hit just right again onhis hip it could cause permanent damage.

It's not his manner to give uphe played on in high school, and in his last football game as a seniorwas hit with a helmet on his bad hip and he was unable to run afterthat. The injury was enough to keep him out of his senior year ofbasketball too. He never did play organized sports again, and began to wonder about anacting career. He was always involved in drama in high school andcollege, but never thought about it as a career. He went on to get adegree in computer science and began working directly after college.

Heworked the typical office job from 8-5 for six years before realizingthat his dream was out there and he was not doing anything about it. Hedecided to leave the steady paycheck and take off for California topursue his dream of acting. He always said if he can't play profootball maybe he can get paid to pretend he is a pro football player. He has been working hard at his dream and he is starting to have somesuccess, with just the right break the world will see what they havebeen missing out on. .

There is some small facts about Kyle Adahl:
  • Kyle has done photo double work for Josh Duhamel on the hit television show Las Vegas. He also grew up 2 hours from Josh in a small town called Devils Lake, North Dakota.
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There is the list of movies, where Kyle Adahl was taked part:
1 Believers movie Believers 2007 as Sheriff
2 Cougar Club movie Cougar Club 2007 as Police Officer
3 Lovelock, CA movie Lovelock, CA 2011 as Officer Smith
4 The Coverup movie The Coverup 2008 as Accused Officer
There is the list of some quotes of Kyle Adahl:
  • We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.
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